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  1. Everything Grill_Boy said including the bird-poop.
  2. I use the official. Fits and looks great.
  3. another way is to put your chunks on the sides away from where you light it.. then they will gradually start smoking away.. also I noticed you said 'chunks'. Probably dont want to add much more than 1 chunk for chicken as you'll oversmoke it quite quickly. It eats smoke like a sponge Yes I had 4-5 chunks. Good to know. I'm doing a whole chicken on Sunday.
  4. Rob, do you wait until there are no flames?
  5. First 2 weeks of using the AKORN have been great many thanks to this forum. One question. I was grilling some boneless chicken breasts and veggies and added some apple wood chucks when I lit the Lump Charcoal and it smoked like crazy. Not really what I was looking for. When is the best time to add the wood chunks? Thanks!
  6. Well my wife is a chicken only meat eater. So it will just be me and the pup! More for me
  7. Fantastic! Thank you everyone for the replies. It's nice to feel welcome. I look forward to engaging with this forum more once I get my grill in a few days!
  8. I'm about to purchase my first Akorn Kamado grill. I have a question on how hot the outside of the Akorn gets? I have a few places I want to place my grill including somewhat near my PVC privacy fence. I am purchasing the Akorn with the Cart. Thanks in advance!
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