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  1. JDubU

    Trouble with 24" pit boss

    I've been using disposable paper bowls (20 oz. Dixie brand from Costco) to scoop out the ash from above. I squeeze the bowl to conform to the shape of the curve in the bottom of the firebox and dump each scoop into a small (wastebasket size) garbage bag. When done, the dirty bowl gets thrown away with the ash. Works well for me. I never liked using the ash tool that comes with the kamado. I find it awkward and messy -- the ash gets in the lower vent slide channel and on the patio below.
  2. JDubU

    Cracked pizza stone.

    Is a kiln shelf known to be food safe?
  3. JDubU

    Pit Boss Gen2

    I asked a Pit Boss rep early on about it and she said that they had to leave out the inner screen due to a patent/IP dispute with another company (I assumed she was referring to Vision since their products are OEM'd from the same factory). The looseness of the lower slide is definitely due to the omitted inner screen since the vent frame had not been redesigned for a single slide.
  4. JDubU

    Pitboss K22 at Amazon for $439.50 !!

    Readers should be aware that this is not the same Pit Boss as the one from Costco that is being discussed in this forum. The Costco Pit Boss is the K24 not the K22. The Amazon Prime K24 costs $737.58 compared to $599.00 when purchased from Costco warehouses (later marked down to $399.00 and then discontinued at the yearly close of the bbq selling season)
  5. JDubU

    How terrible is the thermometer?

    HUH???!!!...smh! Why not just boil in water and do an ice bath test. You can adjust for altitude and barometric pressure. I already know that water boils at 210.x*F where I live: http://www.csgnetwork.com/h2oboilcalc.html That assumes that the temperature response curve of the dome thermometer is linear throughout its range of actual cooking temperatures. This cannot be assumed. You can easily have two thermometers that are identical at 32F and 212F but wildly different at 400F.
  6. JDubU

    How terrible is the thermometer?

    If you want to verify the accuracy of your dome thermometer and you have a known accurate BBQ compatible thermometer, thermally join the two probes together and compare the readings. For example you could wire them together so that the metal probe surfaces have as large an area of tight contact as possible. Adding some cooking oil to the interface between them would also improve the thermal connection.
  7. JDubU

    Temp control...

    Unlike your metal drum, Kamados have a lot of thermal inertia -- the ceramic holds heat and it takes a relatively long time to heat up and even longer time to cool down. The trick is to not try and "chase" a target temperature by making adjustments to the vents too often. With experience, you will get to know where the vents need to be for each temperature setting. Set them and wait for the temperature to fully stabilize before making another change. Its like steering a cargo ship verses a ski boat. Also, the primary temperature control vent is the top one. The bottom vent is set for a general range of temperatures (low, medium, or high). It's primary purpose is to prevent temperature spikes (with excessive ceramic heat absorption) when the lid is opened and the top vent is no longer limiting air flow. It is also essential for fully extinguishing the lump at the end of the cook, which is why it must be made as air tight as possible when closed.
  8. JDubU

    Stuff you've cooked recently...

    Take a look at this thread: http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/27239-review-of-24-inch-pit-boss-kamado/page-2
  9. JDubU

    Pitboss with a BBQ guru for temp control?

    This weekend, I used my BBQ guru to smoke three racks of spareribs (plus trimmings) in a "3-2-1" cook. Worked well. Details: 225 degree regulated pit temp using first generation BBQ Guru "Competitor" with modified "Ceramic Adapter" Coconut extruded lump charcoal Fist sized chunk of dry grapevine trunk for smoking wood Ash Kicker basket (large BGE size) 15" carbon steel paella pan used as indirect heat deflector Ribs set vertically in rib rack on parchment lined, half sheet pan, set on main Pit Boss grill (half sheet pan does not fit on upper grill) Photos:
  10. JDubU

    Top Vent Seized

    The pivot screw that holds the two pieces together from the bottom is a Philips head screw, not a nut. Is that what you removed? If that screw is removed, you could try taking out the entire vent assembly and heat just the top half in boiling water. The difference in thermal expansion along with the solvent action of the hot water might break the bonded surfaces apart.
  11. JDubU

    Odd smell during first cure?

    Be sure to tighten all of the bolts associated with the bands and hinge. The first cure cook can cause things to shift a bit. The hinge should not noticeably wobble.
  12. JDubU

    Cleaning ash

    I find it far easier to clean the ashes from the top. I use latex gloved hands, a small plastic cup (used as a scoop), and a garbage bag. Just takes a few minutes. Only need to do it when the ash gets high enough, after many cooks, to impede air flow.
  13. JDubU

    Canada - New Pit Boss, heat deflector

    Hi mate Thank you for posting Paella Pan is a heat deflector pics, I am based in Australia I bought PB 24" recently, would interested to know how was the result using pan heat deflector ? I am also very keen to buy carbon steel paella pan to use as a deflector, just wondering if I am cooking on for 6-9 hours on high temperature 500 - 600 will this pan melt ? or change its shape ? Don't know about 500 - 600 degrees, but paella pans are traditionally used over an open fire.
  14. JDubU

    Spider Web hairline cracks

    It's perfectly normal. Mine has it too. The surface glaze material has a different thermal expansion rate than that of the underlying ceramic. If you exchange it, the new one will most likely end up being exactly the same. The user's manual even talks about it (page 12, second to last paragraph).
  15. JDubU

    How terrible is the thermometer?

    If it's too long, it could end up being a meat thermometer!