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  1. check here: http://www.costco.com/kamado-joe-schedule.html If there's a roadshow around your area, you can get a big joe for 1199 or a classic for 779. Go early enough and you can try to get the demo deal (big joe + joe jr for 1199, or classic + wok + griddle for 779). I have no experience with a pit boss and I'm sure you can get good results with either, but Kamado Joe has probably the best warranty among all the ceramic kamados. It's important because ceramics do break and some are costly or near impossible to replace.
  2. Not sure where in California you are but have you checked out Kamado Joes? They sell them at certain Costcos (location varies and rotates). http://www.costco.com/kamado-joe-schedule.html
  3. I was referring to the Akorn lighting deal on amazon. The deal's dead now. It's not the best price you can get it for but it is available for anyone to order. The cheaper deals I've seen are usually local in-store sales.
  4. I was there this past weekend. The sales rep told me that the extra "deals" are pretty much standard. If purchased from costco, they all come with a cover and firestarter, except the Joe Jr doesn't come with a cover. Big Joe is 1199.99 Joe Classic is 779.99 Joe Jr is 399.99 They will give you the demo version of the Joe Jr if you buy the demo version of the Big Joe at $1199.99 (instead of one the new and unopened ones). You will only be able to pick it up on the last day of the roadshow. They will give you an extra cast iron wok and something else that I can't remember (maybe pizza stone or cast iron grates) cast iron griddle. Like the Big Joe, you will only be able to pick it up on the last day of the road show. The demo versions go quick. The best deal is probably the big joe demo + joe jr demo for 1199.99. If anything, you can sell the Joe Jr and basically end up with a Big Joe for less than the retail price of a Joe Classic. They are unable to throw in other accessories as the only accessories they bring are the cover and firestarter and they only bring enough for 1 set per grill. Everything else (nest, D&C, ash tool, grill gripper, heat deflector, side tables, etc.) is packaged inside the box and is pretty much "standard" when you buy the kamado. If you want extra accessories like the grill extender, pizza stone, etc, you will need to get it somewhere else. About the only "extra" he is allowed to throw in is lump coal. He was willing to throw in an extra bag or two for me if I bought a Joe Jr with the Big Joe. I declined. This is what I learned. It seems believable to me.
  5. Thanks guys. It was able to fit it into the SUV. I originally didn't think it'd fit but they were able to get it in horizontally. It was actually easier to unload horizontally as all my wife and I had to do was slide it off the car and onto the cart. Already fired it up and made 3 racks of ribs. Had a few temperature spikes because of very high wind in my area but it was still pretty easy to correct. Compared to the 18inch WSM i was using, the KJ is a luxury.
  6. http://www.costco.com/kamado-joe-schedule.html
  7. Thanks for all the input guys. I'm hoping I can get one but I'll do the wise thing and take a look in person to see if my wife and I can manage it. I'll post an update if I do manage to get one home safely.
  8. Yikes... 210 lbs for the shell alone? Is that together with the lid? Is it easy to separate the lid?
  9. So I'm planning on getting a Big Joe this weekend at costco. The roadshow they're at is about 1.5 hrs away from me. I know the kamado itself is 250lbs, and the entire crate is listed at 300lbs. I could probably get someone at costco to help me load it onto a truck that I'd have to rent ... but unloading it from the truck might be a problem. Nobody I know nearby has available time this weekend to help me so I only have the help of one other person.. my wife. My question is, how heavy is the shell of the Big Joe? Is this something we can unload off the truck piece by piece? Or should I just wait until the next roadshow... whenever it will be
  10. I know these were on sale last month for the same price but sold out quickly.. They just restocked their inventories. $40 - (use BBQ30) Rebadged Maverick ET-733 http://www.skymall.com/Extended-Range-Wireless-Cooking-Thermometer-Dual-Probe-Remote-BBQ-Smoker-Grill-Oven-Meat-Thermometer-Monitor-Food-Up-To-325-Away.html $35 - (use BBQ25) Rebadged Maverick ET-732. http://www.skymall.com/Ivation-Long-Range-Wireless-BBQ-Thermometer-Set/IVAWLTHERMGRP.html Credit: http://slickdeals.net/f/8619474-ivation-extended-range-wireless-bbq-thermometer-35-more-free-s-h
  11. Hi. I'm new to these forums but have had my costco membership for 15+ years. I know this information is a bit late but hopefully it helps those on the future. You actually don't need to get a costco membership to buy things from costco. All you need is a costco gift card and they will let you in the door with it. You can ask a friend with a membership order a gift card for you online (or ask them to purchase you a few in stores). You only need the lowest demonition ($25) and you can pay the rest with your amex (soon to be visa) or debit card. I do this for the friends and family members that only go to costco 3 or 4 times a year. It's much easier (and faster) than having to buy a costco membership, then canceling after you buy 1 item.
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