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  1. Good info, thanks for the insight y'all. I'll make sure to post up some picture of the bird post cook, fingers crossed for a good outcome.
  2. I recently recieved a Joetisserie as a gift from my wife, and have decided to make our Thanksgiving turkey with it. In my limited time with it Ive done 3 chickens ( practice runs, so to speak), and a batch of Al Pastor for tacos. I was looking to see if anyone has any advice to offer in regards to turkeys on the Joetisserie specifically. I am sure that the turkey will have it's fair share of " challenges" given the size difference, as well as increased cook time, fat content, smoking wood. Here's a very, very brief run down of my gameplan as it stands: Turkey- 12 Lb young fresh (not brined) Injection- Melted butter Brine- Atlanta Grill Company "Brine Thyme" Rub- Atlanta Grill Company "Turkey Rub" Coals-Bank coals to one side (I'm split on drip pan usage on the empty side) Smoking wood- Maybe one fist sized chunk of Apple wood or Pecan, I dunno, just want a little extra flavor and color. Temp- 350* (worked for chickens so I imagine it's good for turkeys) Time- No idea, I need y'alls help on this one since I'm still pretty new to the whole Rotisserie thing, but I would obviously cook it until the breast is right about 160. Any advice is greatly appreciated, and good luck on your Thanksgiving cooks as well!
  3. Makes sense, I think i just may pick up the soap stone after all. Love the cast iron but as you said, the maintenance is a pain in the butt some times. Thanks for the reply John.
  4. I too am curious about the cast iron griddle. I would love to be able to get a full surface sear like this but i only have the cast iron griddle, rather than the soap stone. I have used it for a variety of cooks, but never for steaks. I always fear cooking my season off the griddle at the temperatures I normally sear steaks at so I have always just just done them on the grates cross hatch method normally with a dome temp of 700*. Any ideas what the temperature threshold is for the season? I assume these higher temperatures are the exact reason the soap stone was released. Thoughts?
  5. There's always a chance to find some foreign objects in your lump, regardless the brand. I've even found a large piece of concrete in a bag of KJ lump.
  6. I figured most would probably toss it, I didn't think about embers dropping down so it would probably be prudent from a safety stand point to empty the ash tray before you start a cook (I always do just for airflow's sake but this adds reason).
  7. So I finally picked up a Kick Ash Basket for my Classic Joe and so far so good. I have a question about what ya'll do with the thinner slivers of lump that fall through the bottom of the basket when you're giving it a good shake. Do ya'll pull them out of the ash drawer and stack them back on the lump in the basket, or just write it off as being reasonable loss of lump? I'm using Royal Oak at the moment so some of the pieces are already on the smaller side to begin with. Also am I correct in assuming the general consensus is that most people use the KAB without the cast iron grate in the bottom of the firebox?
  8. Nope, if it's not broken keep on cooking.
  9. It slightly more than just a recipe. A complete dough manipulation method too. But there are some really good concepts/techniques that can be used in other recipes even if you don't stick to this exact recipe.http://www.kamadoguru.com/index.php?/topic/29415-King-Arthur-Artisan-Pizza-Tutorial Reef's Bistro Thanks, i'll definitely be giving this a shot soon!
  10. If you dont't mind, could you post a link to the pizza dough recipe?
  11. Dang, that sounds like a ton of work, but holy hell does it look tasty!
  12. I like it for keeping up with a few folks I normally wouldn't otherwise, but in general I think it's a cesspool. Most social media is filled with narcissism, hate, and general stupidity. I mainly check it while on the john if we're being completely honest, and post something once in a blue moon.
  13. I love that McCormack jerk seasoning, I have been using for years and it's always on point. I'll have to give the Lowrys a shot though because those wing look awesome!
  14. John's voice is definitely distinctive! Fact. My wife and I will watch his videos together every now and then, so whenever I'm explaining what I'm doing on the grill, I imitate his voice. Gives us both a good chuckle. "Daisy H-Wheel"
  15. What's the texture like on the crust?
  16. It really is, I'll make a post of how to make it in a week or so when I get home from a business trip. Not being able to grill is killing me!
  17. Any word on when these are supposed to hit the market?
  18. I think this would be great. I've only done breakfast once on the Joe, used the cast iron griddle to make sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches with a side of hashbrowns. It was absolutely delicious and would love to be able to do more breakfasts on the grill. One that I have been dying to try is a sweet potato and chorizo breakfast scramble. It's one of my favorite and most simple breakfast recipes: dice sweet potatooties and an onion, spread chorizo on top, cook to delicious perfection for 40 minutes at 425, crack eggs over at the end. Pure excellence. I just havn't done it on the grill yet because I need to chop the handle off my 12 inch lodge cast iron to fit it in the Joe classic.
  19. Good to hear! let us know how it goes for you. Worked great. Kept 42+ beverages cold with 1 7lb bag of ice and still had some ice in it after 24 hours on a 75+F day. Open/closing it alot grabbing beers. Great to hear! Looking forward to mine coming whenever that is.
  20. What kind of pizza stone is that, enameled cast iron?
  21. Oh wow, I had no idea that I had a store like that so close by. Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely be making a trip over there as soon as I get a chance!
  22. Good to hear! let us know how it goes for you.
  23. I actually just ordered an RTIC 45 Cooler but the lead time is awful so I shouldnt get it until some time next month (hopefully). I have an old igloo cooler that I can use for resting/transporting briskets or butts, good advice though because i never really considered the smell absorbing into the the walls of the cooler. I'll definitely get some of the silicone gloves since I only have the welding type gloves to handle hot heat deflectors or pull the whole DaC system out, wouldnt want to get them covered in a bunch of crud! Thanks for the tips Sir.
  24. Thanks for all the replies everyone, man there are just so many options out there but I think I got a good idea of where to go from here.
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