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  1. I did the turkey on the Akorn this year for the first time. My wife was worried that her family wouldn’t approve, but they were all converted! I followed loosely the process from allthingsbbq on YouTube https://youtu.be/Je5cVaLGcaw The bird was so big that I could barely fit the tray in the Akorn, so that changed airflow. I had a probe at the back that I watched for 400F and that is where the dark meat end went. I put a small deflector at the front under the breast area and watched the dome for 350F. It all worked out well, so I would agree that watch the internal temps but also add that spatchcocking the turkey is the way to go.
  2. @dsarcher... I didn't think of it either. All my wife and daughter. They added bananas too. The wife also did one with apples on top of butter and brown sugar. That one was my favourite and I would recommend that for sure!
  3. As I mentioned on a previous post, I'm just getting started with the Kamado lifestyle and it is mostly due to the info and people on this site. I've been lurking for a few years and wanted to give a try to cooking this way, but couldn't justify the BGE $ and found alternatives here. For the past few weeks I've been getting my feet wet with my Akorn and am starting to feel fairly confident. So much so that my worn out gas grill will not be replaced (maybe ever!!). With the knowledge I've gained from just reading here, I've been able to hit every temp I've wanted, hold most of them easily, and because you all supply more than just instructions, I can also reason my way through some head scratchers. So a big thanks! Here are a few pics of the things I've attempted (except the wings I did today as they just disappeared too fast!) Some are rotated strangely, even though they are fine on my computer Sorry Pork Loin Some Pizzas (huge hit with my 9 year old daughter) My wife's S'more pizza! She loves this thing too My first reverse sear strip loins...Best steaks I have ever done. Grilled the veggies too as the Akorn was gaining temp for the sear. Anyway...BIG THANKS AGAIN. Definitely hooked. Wife and kid can't believe that things are coming out so good and so easy.
  4. Was thinking I would have to try some FOGO, so checked Amazon.ca (easy to see what ships to Canada). All the prices were high, but $278 a bag is a little much! I think I'll stick with my Nature's Own sugar maple ($24 CAD for 17lbs) for the time being as I get used to my new rig.
  5. Thanks for all the advice everyone. I finally got it all together and had a chance to do a cook. Nothing outrageous, just some chicken with a chili lime rub. Overall things went okay, but I am really going to have to play with this thing to get used to the differences from using a gas grill. I'm excited to try some steaks and ribs.
  6. Hello All, I've been reading this site for a couple of years. My gas grill finally quit and so I ordered an Akorn to start some kamado adventures. I'm waiting for it to arrive, but was wondering if there were any suggestions for the actual building/assembly of the cooker. I figure it may be easier to put those ideas into place first rather than after its built. Thanks!
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