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  1. I've heard anywhere from 3 to 6 hrs for BB Ribs? I'm Maintaining 225-240 Do they start drying out or what is the downside to longer? Question 2 What is the Bend test? I'm not using Foil. Just like to smaoke em and let them go, But do Like them to pull off the bone! I'm trying to minimize opening The Akorn Thanks
  2. I have seasoned it as instructed but didn't see any instructions on how to clean it? Advise please
  3. I just purchased an Akorn from Lowes. I see pics and references of the baffles having fractional numbers. Mine only goes down to 1 and does't have the .25 increments? Are these different models? Add ons? Second question How do you clean a seasoned cast Iron Grate? I'm accutomed to cleaning my regular grills with a wire brush but concerned that's probably not right?? Thanks
  4. Is this how we do the inroductions? If not couldn't find instructions? Just put on Baby Back Rins on new Akorn Been following your advise for a few weeks now
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