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  1. I just picked up 4 bags of charcoal at the Woodbridge Costco roadshow. 30 pounds for $22 and it is the XL lump. Not sure how much longer they will be at the Woodbridge store. While I was in there I thought the salesman was trying to get me to sell a potential customer on the KJs - the salesman really wasn't doing a great job...
  2. Woodbridge, VA Costco Roadshow: Big Joe II: $1499 Classic: $779 Joe Jr: $399 Classic JoeTisserie: $185 30# XL Lump: $22 Man, that hinge on the Big Joe II is smoooth...
  3. Woodbridge, VA RoadShow: Big Joe II : $1499 (new vent, hinge and seal) Classic: $779 Joe Jr: $399 Classic JoeTisserie: $185 30 Pound XL Lump: $22
  4. Whatcha currently cooking on? Just a gas grill... This is a completely new venture for me. I looked into BGEs several years ago and was immediately turned off by the price - I think the mental conversation was something like, "Why would I want to fool around with charcoal and spend $1000 on something made of ceramic?" Fast forward a years and add in some education and kamado cooking is really pretty cool and much, much more versatile than I originally thought. I won't lie - YouTube videos definitely helped erase any concerns I had about the whole process and enlightened me to what can be done in a kamado grill. I "invested" in the book "Hot Coals" and have been reading it as well just trying to absorb knowledge. I originally wanted a BGE - strictly due to name recognition - and then looked seriously at Primos, Kamado Joes, Grill Domes and Vision. It came down to construction, warranty/customer service and price. From all accounts I've seen, KJ does a great job building their cookers, their warranty is comparable to others and their customer service is top notch. The price at the Costco Roadshow is what convinced me to go for it now. Spooky
  5. Wangjt - Thanks for the detailed run down - that covers ALL my questions. I think she'll just end up with the standard stuff but for $779 that's hard to beat from all my research!
  6. Hello, New to kamados and I have been researching and reading for several weeks now. Looks like I'll be able to pick up a Kamado Joe Classic from a Costco Roadshow this week. Very excited! I looked into kamado grills several years ago and immediately decided it wasn't practical due to cost... Unfortunately, I never really looked at all the things a kamado could do until recently - the cost is worth it in my mind now! Hope to start it up this summer! Cheers, Spooky
  7. The wife loves a good sale so that helped convince her. When she told a couple friends about what the plan was their reactions about kamado cookers helped seal the deal. She will get it on Thursday and might even get one for our friends! Do you think 2 Classics would fit in a full size pick up bed? I've heard the price for a Classic is about $780 with cover, nest with tables, fire starters, the divide/conquer, ash drawer, ash tool, grill gripper, and heat deflector. Maybe she can talk them into some extras... I think the first additions I might get are a pizza stone and the Kick Ash Bucket. Unfortunately I won't be able to test it out until this summer... Spooky
  8. I think the wifey is going to pick one up for me this weekend!
  9. What all did you get with the base price? Classic, nest, cover, fire starters?
  10. Just looking at kamados and found the Costco Roadshows. Even better, there is one only 25 miles or so away - right now! Does anyone know what accessories come with the Classic size at these events? Kamado Joe was in the top 3 of my purchase list (BGE, Grill Dome, KJ). Sounds like you can get a really good deal at these events - several hundred in savings...
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