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  1. spanks! That’s a monster grill. The 640 is huge. Can’t imagine how big then 1500 is!
  2. we were MFEO (made for each other)
  3. It’s pretty much my dream grill set up. Long time coming.
  4. Thanks! They are Papa Murphy’s take and bakes. I can’t claim credit for the perfect circular perfection They are so good. So cheap. And so easy. As we speak I’ve got two 9 pound pork butts on. One on the Yoder YS640s and one on the Big Joe with the Slō Roller. It’s a holiday weekend cook off.
  5. So, I finally sold my Weber Kettle with the Slow N Sear package and got the Big Joe I’ve been eyeing for four years. Just in time for the AZ summer heat. I bought a Yoder Ys640s Last summer and intended to buy the Big Joe shortly there after. A year later and...could pass up Atlanta Grill Companies deal along with free drop shipping. Two days in and two cooks later couldn’t be happier. Well worth the wait. Burgers and dogs last night, and pizzas with the DoJoe tonight. I’ve been lurking on here and YouTube for years. Helped a ton to hit the ground running. The Kamado has all the benefits of the Weber and none of the draw backs. It’s easier to light, easier to control the temps, easier to clean up, and WAY better looking. I love my Yoder pellet smoker, and it it makes amazing food, but to me, nothing beats the flavor imparted by charcoal, and I CAN even taste the difference between lump charcoal and briquettes. Anyway thanks for all the indirect help
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