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  1. Here are the picture of last night. Topping were homade canadian bacon, mushrooms, ognons, red bell pepers, oilves, mozzarella and goat cheese. It was delicious. Thanks again for your help, now I can start tests to make it even better! Kinyo
  2. Thanks so much to everyone who helped me on my pizza issue! Pizza was amazing! I will post pictures tomorrow morning!
  3. Wow thanks everyone for those great advises. I will make dough tonight and give it an other try tomorow. I'll try to elevate my stone and the deflector. I'll keep you posted with the results tomorow night ! Kinyo
  4. Thanks everyone for your help. I really dont have any issue with lighting or maintening a constant temperature. I've been playing a lot with the KJ in the 3 last years but I'm starting doing pizzas. What I find really weird is why the temp will not rise with the deflector... I never had this problem because usually when I use the deflector, it is to cook low and slow food: ribs, chicken, pork butt, etc.. all done under 300F. Pizza is the only time I need a deflector and high heat. Next time, I'll clean really good the KJ. Fill it to the max level and let it come to temp for a good 1:30hr with both vent open all the way and we'll see.. I will throw my pie even if the dome is reading 415F. Mabye the deflector causes the temp gauge to show incorrect readings... Kinyo
  5. My basket was full and when I removed the deflector a good 1:15hr later all the coal in the basket was lit. This is why I really don't know why I wasn't able to go above 410..
  6. Hi everybody! Last night I tired pizza on my Kamado Joe classic for the 1st time. I have bought the KJ pizza stone. I read a lot of post on doing pizza before trying it the first time. My 1st attempt did not go so well... Pizza completly burn on the bottom and not cooked enough on the top. Firts thing i did was to light the KJ. After a good 15 minutes, I installed my deflector & put my pizza stone on the grill. I opened completly the top and bottom vent. I was targeting a 550F dome temp, but i was never able to get the temp above 410F at the dome with the deflector installed. After a good hour at 410F, I removed the deflector and I was able to get a 525F temp. Put my pizza on parchemin paper adnd slide it on the stone. Remove the paper after 2 minutes and cooked it for an other 3 minutes, Bottom was completly burnt and top was still not cooked all the way. Can you please give me your advise on my technique? What did I do wrong? I probably should not have removed the reflector. You help is much appreciated. I really want to be able to cook a good pie on the KJ! Thanks! Kinyo
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