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  1. Spotted last year in a bin at a flea market: "Stick out chest a body"
  2. Yikes. I hate it when anything I get has shipping damage...
  3. Any pictures of the packaging damage? Just curious.
  4. I'm jelly! I haven't gotten a text from the shipping company yet.......arrrggghhhhh
  5. Just received the following message from AGC this morning...Sigh. Sounds like it could be up to another two weeks from the 7th? GIVEAWAY & Kamado Joe Classic & Big Joe III Preorder Update May 7, 2019 We would like to show our appreciation to all of our fans by giving away a Kamado Joe JOEtisserie (Classic OR Big Joe) to one lucky winner. To be entered for a chance to win, LIKE our Facebook page, here and tag a friend in a comment on the FB post, here. We will randomly select a winner from all entrants on May 20, 2019. Good luck! Thank you all for your patience in reference to the Kamado Joe Classic or Big Joe III preorders. If you have not received your order, hang tight. We are hopeful that the next shipment (estimated arrival within the next two weeks) will fulfill all of the remaining orders. All orders will be shipped ASAP as they arrive to KJ. The freight company will contact you when your order is ready to ship. Thank you for supporting Atlanta Grill Company and the Kamado Joe Brand!
  6. Hi - chiming in on this from (North) Pittsburgh PA area - I cut the cable years ago, I think 6 or 7. Wife and I just don't really watch that much TV and I'm not a big sports-on-tv watcher. We joined Netflix way back with the DVD option and just kept that, plus my wife and I have Amazon Prime. IMO, the content on Prime isn't as interesting for me or my kids, so Netflix Kids is on half of the time, and I spend the other half of the time trying to convince my 6 and 4 year old that the TV is tired and needs to take a nap... Anyway, we get about the same 40 or so channels yinz all seem to get. I have an active antenna in the attic and it does a pretty respectable job, but I'm thinking I may want to buy a newer one to see if it picks anything else up. Plus I bought a new Samsung 75" 4K tv at Costco last year, and it's picking up some channels above 1100 that are some odd, single-topic HD channels like "Surf" and "Minecraft" channels. But seriously not really anything that seems worth watching.
  7. I know, me too...when I wrote Gary at AGC, I started it by saying "I know you're probably getting a lot of emails asking about this..." LOL
  8. I just inquired with AGC about my BJ III and they told me there is a tentative ship date at the end of the month of April...
  9. About how long after you placed the order did you get a call from the freight company? I ordered mine March 26th, so it's been about a week and haven't heard anything, but my credit card has been charged the full amount...
  10. That's good to hear - all I know is the KJ website reports the "weight" as 487lbs, when you scroll all the way to the bottom of the BJ III page to the specs. Hopefully that's fully loaded plus skid and packaging...
  11. Appreciate the feedback - I was really, really torn, but I went with the KJ BJ III when I saw the preorder discount price. Plus I liked the 24" cooking area. But if I'm ever thinking of getting a second one I will definitely get the Blaze.
  12. Neato. Wonder how this would work in ceramic, probably similar...
  13. Good to know, thanks - website still says shipping starts April 8th. I just ordered the Big Joe last Tuesday the 26th, but the cover and grill expander showed up at my house on Friday the 29th. The guy on the phone at AGC did say those parts would come first. Waiting...waiting...waiting.........
  14. That is mighty pretty - I am waiting patiently for my notice of shipment from AGC...make that anxiously waiting...
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