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  1. Congratulations.
  2. Congrats on the big Joe. It's funny, I stopped in today to see if any of the rotisserie's came in and was talking to David and he showed the pick of yours. I have to wait until Sunday to pick mine up.
  3. They have BJII in Woodbridge, thats where I got mine. The Classic was last years though not the new version. They also had the new bags of lump, I work up in the area and plan on stopping by in the next day or so and see if they got any rotisseries in.
  4. Congrats on the new grill. I started with a Akorn and after my first over night cook started eyeing ceramics and pulled the triger on a KJ.
  5. Thanks....really excited but really sucks I can't pick it up until after 5 on Sunday, by the time I get it home and set up it'll be to late cook.
  6. I would go with a Weber or something similar ( better yet a small gas grill) and get a auger type tie down and small peice of chain from someplace like Tractor Supply so you can keep it in one place. I have rented places before and you can see where people have moved the grills around even up on the deck. If you go with charcoal pick up a small galvanized can and paint "ashes" on it, you don't want them cleaning up and dumping ashes in the reg trash.
  7. They didn't have them at the show I went to today but the rep did say he had another truck coming....he only had the Big Joe on display and 2 others still in boxes and like 3-4 Classic Joe's and a couple pallets of lump.
  8. 1399. for the Big Joe in VA
  9. 1399.99 sticker price. haven't opened it yet but from what I have read this is supposed to be larger/ denser chunks.
  10. They have 30# bags for 21.99 I will probably snag a couple more this week.Thats almost as cheap as the Frontier at BJs
  11. Good part, Scored the demo deal for the Big Joe ( new model) + Little Joe . Also picked up a couple of bags of the new lump. Bad part.....have to wait until next Sunday to pick it up.
  12. I've been using my Akorn 2-5 times a week for a little over a year and about a month ago my wife told me I ought to go ahead and get a KJ since I've been talking about it since end of summer.
  13. It's 9 am and I'm sitting in front of the main door at Costco, been here since 830, hope they still offer the deal on the demo big joe and Jr. If not will going home with a Big Joe anyways...... Would really rather have to come back at the end of the week and take both home.
  14. Starting or Low and Slow - Definitive This is the method I have used since the first time I read it when I first got my Akorn. I have never really been able to keep my Akorn below 240 or so with out constant fiddling with the vents, 250-260 not so hard.
  15. The recipe I have makes around a little over a cup or so (I think) so what I don't use I store in a old shaker bottle.