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  1. You and me both, I work all over NVA, I gotta start checking C'list more often.
  2. Probably thought it would be a convenance thing, you wouldn't have to look for a place to set the top down.
  3. Nice score. I want a slicer bad.
  4. Looks really good. Had a Shawarma up in Crystal City from one of the street venders and really liked it.
  5. Another vote for a butt. You could also do some apps like mini meatballs or some poppers.
  6. When I bought mine the they had the new Big Joe but last years Classic Joe. TheBig Joe started out at 1399 but was at 1499 a couple of days later, I think the classic was 779 but don't quote me on that as I was after the roadshow deal and didn't really pay attention to it.
  7. Thats what I was hoping, thanks
  8. Thinking about picking up a Kick Ash for my new Big Joe, is the new fire box the same dimensions as the old one ?
  9. For anyone that has a BJs nearby the have whole loins for 6.99 lb until 4/26
  10. I haven't used one since I bought my Akorn ( now have a KJ) but a easy way is to crumble up 2 sheets of news paper and stuff in the bottom and light from the sides.
  11. As long as the diameter will fit inside the the grill you should be fine, mine came from wally world before I bought the Big Joe.
  12. I convinced wife we "needed" a new umbrella to go with the new pub table, guess where the old one is That brisket looks like it in gonna make a fine dinner.
  13. Mine is the same way.....his idea of cooking is hitting the buttons on the microwave. I would have bought everyone of them for that price, it's more like 7.99- 9.99 or more around here. He did dinner up right.
  14. We buy whole tenderloins at Costco or BJ's and cut into steaks and have them fresh a couple of nights and then bag and vacuum seal. The only thing I do different is I will put them in the freezer for a couple of hours before I vacuum seal them. My only problem with doing this is remembering what I have in there.
  15. I've got some soaking in a jerk marinade right wait for my wife to get home. I've been taking so many good great recipes and ideas from here I'm starting to feel like a thief. Gotta love this place.