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  1. I mean the chicken looks fantastic, and I wonder if there are plans to release one that would fit a BJ 2.
  2. Great looking bird, looks like it was done on a rotisserie. Do you know if there are any thing in the works for the BJ2 ?
  3. When i had my Akorn I used a TTT but mounted it on top of the stock vent and never had a problem snuffing the fire out. If yours is taking that long to go out you have air leaking in somewhere.
  4. Yeah it just fell over right.......we all know you pushed it so you could say " see honey now we really need a new grill"
  5. Can you order this from Costco for 999.99 or is it the road show price, seems like a fair deal for the Classic II. Lowes has the Classic 1 for 750.00 and I think for the hinge, gasket and top vent and not having to retro fit a 1 it's a no brainer if you cant hit a road show.
  6. Look at it this way, you buy a new F150, same size motor, same size bed, same tow package, now the only differance is the trim level XL, XLT, Lariet. They're both going to get from from point A to Point B, they are going to pull the same weight and haul the same amount. With that said with each trim level you step up with a few defferent stantard options (think hinge, vent cap, gasket). Now you only need to decide which options are you going to want for the long term.
  7. Nice table, looks like a cool spot to do some grilling.
  8. I can, "baby go get my gun out the car and tell your brother to light a fire under that old bath tub in his front yard, we're bringing dinner"
  9. Doing my first cook of " spring" also. But just to set the record stright I have brushing snow off and cooking all winter .
  10. I know this is late but Happy Birthday John.
  11. I'll be keeping taps on this thread also as I have lusted after a chamber sealer for a while. How much does this one weigh? I ask because counter space is limited and I would really rather keep it in the pantry instead of having to carry food to the basement and then back up to the freezer.
  12. Thanks for what you do. The extreme cold could be the temp difference, have you checked on ordering lump through wally world or Lowes on line?
  13. Real nice score, I need to hit a couple stores. I broke one of mine a while back.
  14. Congrates on the up grade, I used a Akorn for a little over a year and decided to give someone a good deal on it and picked up a Big Joe and never looked back. Happy grilling.
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