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  1. You need to try it, drizzle with a little olive oil, sprinkle with a little salt/pepper/garlic and then a little parmesan when it comes off.
  2. Quick dinner looks good. First time I heard "grilled lettuce" I thought a friend was messing with me but tried it and now do it fairly often.
  3. My wife dosen't like a strong smoke flavor and I've used Royal Oak red bag with good results.
  4. If your shooting for around 12:00 you might want to start a little earlier on the butt, figure around 1 1/2hr per pound @225 to 235 = around 13 1/2 and you want to have time to let it rest before pulling so add another 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 hours with it resting in a cooler. You don't say what size KJ you have but I have a BJ and if I fill the the fire box 20-24 hr are doable.
  5. Looking good, will be hunting for some Lefty's.
  6. Second car was a 69 LTD, 3rd was a 70 LTD.
  7. Looking good. Where did you pick up the table, I like how it has plenty of storage yet can expand out when you need the room.
  8. I don't get anything from them but have ordered 4 knives and wouldn't hesitate to order more.........just don't tell my wife
  9. Tell Santa to do a little early shopping before these are gone. I picked one up and had only a few chances to try it but am happy so far. https://www.chefknivestogo.com/tomvssu27.html Also great people to deal with and fast shipping.
  10. Didn't realize you had 2 other Big Joes. I see where space would be an issue, but it would be a heck of a sight to see all three of those beasts fired up and smoking at the same time.
  11. You can always use the divider for smaller cooks,,,,,,,,, you can't make ceramic stretch. I have the Big Joe and love it.
  12. Congratulations, now throw some lump it and slap some meat on it and have fun.
  13. If space permits you could keep it and drill a couple of holes through the sides and have a dedicated rotisserie.
  14. My 2017 Big Joe fire bowl looks just like that. Start Grilling
  15. The paint came off mine after the first few cooks, I just scraped off the loose stuff and keep on grilling.
  16. I see one thing that you still have wrong.........it's too clean, time to dirty that thing up
  17. Thats not a bad price, 1399 at the one near me. Glad I got the Big Joe last year at Costco
  18. Been waiting all summer for these to go on sale and have been tied up the last couple of days and now it says out of stock.
  19. I work for the big utility in VA and waiting for orders where to go. This storm is no joke, while the winds are going to be strong it will be the storm surge along the coast and the massive amount of rain that is going to come down. With the ground so saturated the winds don't have to be that strong to cause trees to uproot. I will use a ratchet strap to secure mine to the deck railing in the corner.
  20. Excuse me while I go get a towel to wipe the drool off my keyboard........great looking dinner.
  21. Do a smoke test, get it going add some smoking wood once you have plenty of smoke rolling shut the vent and see where any smoke is leaking. Might just need some minor adjustments.
  22. Search in the recipe section for Reburg's no salt rubs also do a internet search for Meatheads Memphis Rub, both are pretty good.
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