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  1. Hope he enjoys it, great looking table. Thanks for giving us a chance.
  2. Just looked and it doesn't seem Costco finds Mississippi worthy of opening any stores.
  3. If your planning on getting the Jr you may want to hold off for a Costco road show and try to get the big joe deal.
  4. Vary fair price, with the right gasket these will fit the JR also. Good luck
  5. Some really beautiful table.....keeping my fingers crossed.
  6. The probe on my grate is reading 253 and the dome is reading 240 on my Big Joe. Have you checked your probe in boiling water ? Usually the grate is hotter than higher in the dome, when I had my Akorn it was always about 30* different.
  7. Congrats on the addition to the family.
  8. Wish I had seen the sale at Ace, there's one close to the house, only Costco road show is a little over an hour away.
  9. Was watching an episode of DD&D and they had 3 or 4 of these set up under a grate cooking.
  10. If you don't get any offers here you might want to check Ace Hardware if there is one close, the one near me had new old style KJ classic for a little over 700.
  11. I'm in. Thanks for putting this on, great looking table.
  12. Sounds like the top vent may not have enough gasket around it. the top vent shouldn't pop off and it should be well below 200 the next morning unless you had it really hot and its hot where your at. When I had my Akorn and needed to seal it up I found a place locally that sold BGE and bought a roll of their gasket.
  13. That what I basically had to do to set it the factory stand, its a beast even with the firebox removed.
  14. I have the Tojiro 210 Gyuto and love it and it wont break the bank.
  15. I have had a lot of grills but when I began thinking about a kamado style I went with a Akorn because of price. After a year of cooking on that I knew I wanted to go all in and liked the KJ for the new features. I caught the Costco deal and got the Big joe and the JR. Having the JR is nice but if I hadn't gotten it that day I would have gotten the Big Joe because I knew I would have cussed every time I needed more room.
  16. JB58

    Leak finder?

    This. /\ Start some lump and get some wood chunks going really good and shut it down with the smoke rolling, should be able to see where it's coming out.
  17. Monty, just wanted let you know I gave this a try last weekend and it came out really good. I don't have a way to spin it yet so I did spatchcock and will be doing it again.
  18. I love pollo a la brasa and that looks about as good as any I have had, would you be willing to give up the measurements?
  19. Looking good. I like a chucky done slow.
  20. I think your upper part of the nest is the wrong part. From the top of my bottom vent to the ring is 3 1/4 inches and from the top of the sleeve to the ring is 7(your last pic) and I have a slight gap all the way around. Its almost like they packed a classic upper with the BJ lower base.
  21. We have been camping on the eastern shore this week and I have the Ozark 73 qt and a Coleman and the Ozark has blown the Coleman away as far as ice retention goes. My son in law has a Yeti and Rtic and his son has a Ozark all in the 50 something size and the Ozark is right up there with them. I would pick up another Ozark without hesitation, especially for under 2 bills.
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