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  1. I just looked at the bag of Frontier I have and it is made by Royal Oak. I just started the second bag and for $17 for 34lbs at BJs I have been happy with it.
  2. That was $2.25 a pound while the chuck is around $4.00 a pound. was looking at price per pound cooked. The last butt I did was 8.5 lbs when I started and a hair over 5lbs of meat when done.
  3. I picked up a vent cap from Lowes for around 10.00, cut a notch in it and it has worked fine.
  4. My daughter and son in law are having a get together for our grandsons gradation and want to do a BBQ. I know with a butt you can lose up to half the weight and was wondering if anyone had weighed a chuck after cooking. I like the chuck better but with them having to feed about 30+ people we are looking at cost, around here butts are around 2.25 LB while a chuck roast is going around 4.00. the last time I cooked a chuck it didn't seem to lose as much. Joe
  5. Just jump in and start playing with it. I've had mine about a month now and have done ribs, burgers, chicken, pork chops, fish, pork butt and tonight did a rib roast. I've had gassers, offset smokers and reg charcoal grills, there is a little bit of a learning curve with temp control but it's not that hard to get the hang of. Get a good thermometer, i use 2 one for the meat and one for the grate temp. I love mine and except for when we go to the beach and I take my little Weber I cant see using anything else.
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    Outside of Culpeper.
  7. When I'm done cooking I let the temp crank up and give a quick brushing and then spray a little oil on and close it down. Have owned a few grills with CI grate and this has worked for me.
  8. Wanted to introduce myself, names Joe, been grilling since I was about 14 I'm 58 now and still learning. I started with a cast iron hibachi grill, everyone raise there hand that have started a bon fire in their back yard trying to cook on one of those. over the years I've no name charcoal grills, Webber's, gassers, Char griller with the offset and a couple of Brinkmann smokers along the way. I picked up a akorn about 3 weeks ago and am loving it. Been lurking around on the site since I picked the akorn and like the info and the people so I thought I would jump in and say hi.
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