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  1. Hah... Im such a dope. Great idea Thanks
  2. I decided to smoke a pork shoulder today and want to put a drip tray on the first rack filled with apple juice and cider etc... and the pork shoulder on the upper rack. I have no idea on how to hook the upper rack without having to angle the lower rack and doing so will spill the liquid in the tray. I have had this problem before and decided to ask here. Thanks in advance
  3. I was using the one built in to the vision pro and the one with bbq guru temp controller. The vision read 250 and the temp controller was reading 225. They were still yummy
  4. Smoked some ribs yesterday with a temp hovering between 225-250 and hey were done in 2 hrs. Is this normal ?
  5. Never did a big chicken of course I'm stressing
  6. Im going to cook a turkey for the first time on my Vision Pro S. I guess I'm reading to many articles on how long it will take. Some say a 20 pound turkey at 300 to 350 will take around 4 hrs and others say about 8 to 9 hrs. Can anyone please tell me how long it should generally take to get to 165 degrees Thanks in advance
  7. Heres mine. No over night cook because it was only 7 pounds
  8. That was my plan so I will do the same.
  9. This is mt first Brisket on a Kamado cooker. I am using the Pro S. I have smoked briskets before and usually wrap them at around 165 till its done. I am wondering if Ishould let it cook unwrapped till its ready then throw it wrapped in a cooler for an hr when its done
  10. I warn my neighbors the day before. I also have a fan outside to blow the smoke away from the houses. Buy a fan and point it in their direction
  11. Hello neighbor I'm in Staten Island. Bought my Pro S at HD a few months ago and only got to use it a few times. Nice day today so I fired it up and smoking some drumsticks and thighs. Where in NJ u located?
  12. Well I had ordered the DigiQ before I asked the question. I will try it out next weekend.
  13. I guess I should have asked my question before ordering it. LOL
  14. Wanted to know if anyone is using any of these temp control units like the ones sold by BBQ Guru and if you get good results or not Thanks
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