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  1. My Royal Oak supply is down to 8 full bags like yours plus 90% of a 9th bag in the kaddy. Luckily I have 300 lbs (10 bags) of the KJ I just picked up at the roadshow as a backup. Hopefully I have enough to get through July 4th week.
  2. The minor leaks at the intake (2016) and exhaust vents (2016-2017) are enough to make the grill slow to shut down and extinguish the fire completely, but they will not prevent you from keeping the grill at or below 225. The extra gasket saves charcoal. The OP's problem is not with the grill but with trying to operate it late a normal grill and not a kamado. The PB is too efficient to get a big fire going and dial back the temps. To cook at low temps you need to start a smaller amount of the charcoal and dial back the air before you reach target temps. The amount of open vent you need is much less than most are used to with a traditional grill. You need to reverse sear because it is easy to get hotter but slow to cool down. A sticky thread would be a great addition to this forum.
  3. Welding gloves, but not for meat.
  4. IMHO, cast iron is the worst grate material I have had over the years and stainless is the best. The only downside to stainless is price. Otherwise they are the longest lasting lowest maintenance grates I have had. Cast iron works indoors at lower heat, but on the grill the seasoning burns off requiring constant maintenance or causing constant rust. They are also super heavy and to combination of high heat mass and wide bars gives the worst searing performance of any material. You get exaggerated grill marks, but the marks tend to burn before the areas in between are fully seared. If I was buying a grill that came with CI, I would consider that a must replace item from day one.
  5. Vision, Grilla, Pit Boss and others are made by a company called Auplex. You can order a batch of grills from them yourself with your choice of features, colors and brand name.
  6. My replacement dome thermometer is surprisingly accurate and consistent. It is usually within 10 degrees of the grate temp when stabilized. It lags horrible when changing temps though so I only use it when approximate cooking temp is close enough. The HeaterMeter @chaliween already owns (but needs to assemble) is one of the most capable multi-probe thermometers you can buy. It can monitor up to four probes and can use Maverick probes, the superior thermoworks probes, or a few others. It has all sorts of configurable alarm options and can notify you with a beep, SMS (text) message, push notifications, and I think email. If the HM is connected to wifi, you can monitor it and change alarms from anywhere you have Internet connectivity. It graphs the cook and also monitors the rate of change for each probe to help predict when you will hit your target temp. It also is a great temp controller when paired with a fan and or damper. People have cooked for 10,000+ years without thermostats in their ovens too, but few people who have experience with a modern oven would give up temperature control. Sure you can fire up a kamado, watch it preheat, cut back before it overshoots, adjust as it heat saturates and stabilizes and then walk away, why not let a controller do all the work while you focus on food prep?
  7. @rchang72 If the pizzeria will sell you dough, ask them about how hot and for how long they cook it. Also, ask if they can tell you what type of flour and hydration they are using. Store bought dough is likely formulated for home ovens that reach 450-500, but you mentioned "wood fired" which could mean much hotter. If you are making dough, you would match it to the temp range you plan to cook it at. If you are buying the dough you need to use a cooking temp and method that is appropriate.
  8. That is my guess also. You may be getting to 250 and completely sterilizing with a big margin of error without having to do anything different. I am still not sure adding garlic would have any benefit over adding it fresh when you cook though.
  9. Do you know what temp the butter/ghee simmered at? I do do agree with your conclusion though. I don't think it is worth putting garlic in the ghee and worrying about it vs adding it to the cook.
  10. I believe you need to hit 250f for 3 minutes to kill botulism spores. The bacteria and any toxin will be destroyed long before that.
  11. 1) I got a drip pan from Ceramic Grill Store. It is actually a stainless steel serving tray that is the right size and shallow. 2) the thermometers this year seem to be better than last year. Mine was especially bad, but others seem pretty good. I use a HeaterMeter on mine often paired with a rotodamper. It is completely unnecessary, but once you learn how to use it, it makes your grill as easy to dial in as your oven. Actually more accurate and consistent than your oven. For me the biggest benefit is to be able to set a temp and walk away. Want to do some wings at 400? Fill with charcoal, light, start the HM and then head inside to do prep. The fan gets it up to temp fast with no worry of overshooting, and I don't need to check on it and make adjustments until dialed in like I would without it. Alarms, meat probes, graphs, automated temperature changes and all the other stuff is gravy. 3). I have only added felt to the vents and made an attachment for the HM to magnetically attach to. There is nothing wrong with the top vent except rain can get in if you don't have a roof over it. 4) I manually scoop. It's not that hard and you don't need it perfectly clean. 5) can't help, I don't have one.
  12. That is a trick question. The firebowl is (comes as) a single piece with a large stress relief slit that goes most of the way down one side. It doesn't take too long or high temps before many/most/all? will develop a crack from the end of the slit to the bottom making it effectively a two piece firebowl. Mine cracked very early on at around 300 while preheating for chicken or something like that. It lifts in and out as a single piece since the crack is still tight, but it would separate easily if I tried. Once the stress was relieved and it has the ability to expand, there has been no additional cracking or any signs of stress. I pull it out to clean the ashes so I get a good look at it often. I have not done that many sustained 900 degree cooks, but I get it raging hot for reverse searing for things I grill and for finishing stuff I sous vide, so the firebowl has had a lot of cycles to over 900 in the past year plus. Will it last another 20 years with that treatment? I have no idea.
  13. Brisket definitely does not need a sear. Maybe just a brief heating to dry out and firm the bark but not much more. Compared to a sear, I would try this higher off the fire and at a lower temp, maybe 350-400?
  14. I will wait for your video and give it a try.
  15. Auplex, in this case a Pit Boss, but also applies to other brands they make. The band is solidly between two ceramic ridges and would have to be very loose before coming off.