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  1. 2017 Costco PitBoss 24 Questions

    Congrats on a great deal.
  2. Original gasket life...

    Here is the kit I bought. It is for the slightly larger BGE XL so you get a couple feet of extra after doing both the top and bottom. Note that this gasket is 7/8" wide and the kits for the Big Joe are 1 1/8" wide. The BGE size seemed like a better fit. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B004OVAYJ8/ref=sxts_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1502564459&sr=1&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65 It seems like a much more durable product that the factory felt and so far is holding up flawlessly and virtually looks new, but I will have a better idea about longevity next year. You can also try the Rutland gaskets that were popular on the BGE forum. That will cost you much less, but it is not made for the purpose or for cooking gear, and the install is a touch more involved.
  3. Original gasket life...

    The gasket is low quality just like you get or used to get on the pricy big name grills. The actual life span will depend on the temps you cook at at placement of deflectors or other items near the felt line. I replaced with High-Que Gold Standard High Heat Gasket. It hasn't been long enough to estimate the life of the new gasket.
  4. Need some help with pork shoulder cook!

    There is no reason to ever wrap a pork butt while it is cooking, but doubly so in a kamado. There is already low airflow and moisture loss so if you want a good bark leave the foil in the kitchen. Start the fire in one spot. Your biggest risk is getting the fire going too much to control, so start small and be quick to clamp down if it starts to get going too fast on startup. If you are using a digital thermometer you get much quicker response than the dome which is really helpful. If you want a darker bark, raise the cooking temp towards the end of the cook. The meat will be done a little faster but 275-325 is still slow cooking. I do not marinate or inject pork butts. If you get salt on them for too long they can start to cure and become hammy. I generally open the package, rinse and dry and then apply rub less than an hour before they go on. Cook until they are done texture wise. Internal temperatures are completely irrelevant for brisket and pork butt. Don't even bother checking them, it can only lead you to making a mistake. It is done when the meat is soft enough to pull easily. After you take it off, you can wrap in foil or butcher paper and pack them into a cooler to hold until ready to eat. They can be held for a LONG time depending on your cooler and how full it is, but usually at least 4-5 hours and often 12 or more. As long as the temp is 130* or higher they will remain safe. Once they drop below 130, bacteria can begin to grow so you will want to consume or refrigerate/freeze within 2-3 hours at that point.
  5. Pit Boss K22 question

    You can fill up to within a couple inches of the top of the firebowl. When done cooking, close all the vents and put the fire out so you can reuse the unburnt charcoal the next time. They generally run better with more charcoal than less.
  6. Pitt Boss K22

    I would have bought 4!
  7. Review of 24 Inch Pit Boss Kamado

    The top one is 20" and the bottom one 20.5" give or take.
  8. Review of 24 Inch Pit Boss Kamado

    Any kamado is very efficient so, no you will not use a lot of charcoa, plus they shut down well so any unburnt charcoal is saved for the next cook. The problem with smaller grills is large or large or long cuts don't fit.
  9. First cook with my Pit Boss (ribs)

    Never. Just cook a little longer. There is never a need nor a good time to foil ribs.
  10. Cast iron flat grate

    Baking steels are usually thicker than cast iron cookware and the thermal properties of cast iron and mild steel are close enough that the thickness is what matters.
  11. Water pan with stock deflector

    If the ceramic is hot enough the grease will smoke and add a horrible acrid smoke flavor, or worse catch fire. Or, if there is enough grease it will drip off the edges. Better to catch it n a pan/tray and get it out of there.
  12. Update

    BTW, when lighting, I light the left over charcoal first near the bottom, and then fill the bowl. Starting low gets the fire going faster than top down. Just make sure to clamp down the airflow for a low and slow cook as it can get away from you quicker too.
  13. Update

    1) There are no good briquettes that should be used in a Kamado. There isn't a single best lump but some are better than others. I really like the Kamado Joe big block lump, Rock Wood is highly regarded by many and there are a dozen more that could be on this list. I also use plenty of Royal Oak. It is not as consistent and sometimes you get pieces of non-charcoal in the bag, but it still cooks well. 2) Forget the starter cube. I have a TS4000 and an 8000 and both work great to start a small spot or two of charcoal directly. If you want to get it done quicker, Harbor Freight sells a 500,000 BTU weed burner with push button start. I use that with an adapter to a 1 lb tank as my main starter for the PB and other grills and fire starting needs. 3) fill it to the holes or higher. It will burn longer and or hotter. Shutdown and reuse what you didn't need. 4) Both. The top vent really benefits from a second felt layer. The 2017 bottom vent with screen is better but may need adjustment or felt. Some of you are reporting no silicone sealer on the bottom of the bottom vent bracket but my 2016 has both top and bottom sealed as did the 2017 I looked at. Perfectly air tight isn't necessary, especially for cooking, but it is nice to not waste lump. 5) I got it myself.
  14. real world owners manual

    Fill the bowl with more than you think you need. I usually go 2-3 inches below the rim. You a lot of charcoal so you don't need to refuel during long cooks and you need a lot to get super hot. Use a propane torch to start. A Bernzomatic with push button start that plumbers use to solder is a good choice. Depending on on how well they are lit, you can close the lid (vents wide open) or leave it open a couple minutes. No! The ash over thing is for Kingsford briquettes which give off a horrible stank smoke when first lit. You should only be using lump charcoal so no need to ash over briquettes, plus if you do you will never get the fire under control. Charcoal grills run fuel rich, low on air. The more oxygen (air) you allow to flow, the more combustion and heat you get. To run a PB in the 200-275 range for smoking, light a small part of the charcoal, close the lid and leave the vents open until it comes up to 150-200 or so and then close down to a sliver. Maybe 1/8" opening on the bottom vent. Just enough air to keep the fire going and hold a low temp. For a hot cook light more of the coals, and leave the vents more open to allow a bigger fire. If the target is 400, start clamping air down at 350, but leave a bigger opening. I leave the top vent slightly more open than the bottom so the bottom is my main control. If you can't get to 400 you either have the vents closed too much or not enough charcoal. To get really hot you need a deep bed of burning charcoal, not just a single layer. Yes you can reuse charcoal. Don't worry about waste and end up not putting in enough. Load it up, shut down when you are done and save what is left for the next cook.
  15. Put in the deflector. Put the double layer factory grates on top. Place a pizza stone on the top grate. That will give you the air gap you need and get your pizza higher in the dome where it is easier to cook the bottom and toppings more evenly.