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  1. 1st kamado got the PBk24

    The Spider comes from Ceramic Grill Store and will hold deflector stones, a wok, or a searing grate. I think it was $25-$30. The grate I used is the lower charcoal grate from a Weber 22” kettle that is about 17” across and just fits in the Spider. The Weber grates are available from Amazon or most big box stores for $10-$12.
  2. 1st kamado got the PBk24

    Not too far at all. With the ceramic kamado, it cooks differently. The top grate still gets all the heat and most of the IR when cooking direct, especially lid closed, but it reduces impact of hot spots and flare ups and is a lot easier to work on as far as tool access. For indirect cooks, it is further from the deflector and more even. The only time I want to be closer is for a quick sear. For the fastest possible sear, I want to be as close to the coals as possible, so I use the CGS spider and a $10 Weber charcoal grate that is lowered into the bowl. Typical reverse sear is cooked on the top grate, then I remove both grates as one piece, remove deflector if used, let the fire build to a raging inferno for 10 min, and then sear low down on the spider. When I build a modified system it will allow most cooking at or above the felt line as that is where I have found things cook best.
  3. 1st kamado got the PBk24

    The grate system is not well designed, but I find the top grate is at a better height for the vast majority of what I cook. The lower grate mostly just holds the top one up and occasionally handles (with unnecessary difficulty) the overflow on large cooks. I am am working on a few different solutions, but I have too many other projects right now so it will be a while.
  4. Disappointed , is this normal?

    What is the purpose of a gas conversion? A Kamado already has much better heat control than any gas grill and will run just as hands off as your home oven once you learn how to set it. Or If you are looking for an ease of use upgrade, get a digital controller and skip the gas. A controller fan will get my PB up to temp faster than my gas grill and the controller holds the temp with a couple degrees. Way better than any other grill I have or have had and better than any oven.
  5. New K22 user

    Yep, fill it up. If you are using the deflector, you are usually cooking at a lower temp and you will get plenty of time out of a load. 12+ hours easy, more if you go really low temp.
  6. 1st kamado got the PBk24

    Congrats! They always have had felt on top and the stand. The problem with the felt on top is that there isn't always enough. It is an easy and cheap fix if needed.
  7. The Perfect Rub

    Details are not required on spices and I also didn't look, but I found it... Ingredients: : Brown Sugar ((Sugar, Cane Syrups), Caramel may be added for color), Salt, Garlic, Paprika, Onion, Ground Ancho Chilies, Black Pepper, Ground Mustard, Ground Cumin, Cellulose (anti-caking agent), Ground Coriander
  8. The Perfect Rub

    I have no idea what is in it or what it tastes like but the name is calling me!
  9. New Pit Boss K24

    Congratulations. I was looking hard at the BGE and KJ’s a few years ago struggling to decide which one to plop down a big chunk of change on. Then I ran into the Pit Boss at Costco and figured it was worth giving it a try. It’s not quite a Big Joe, but the food tasts the same and I have no regrets.
  10. Hinge upgrade

    Thread lock is a good idea as temperature changes can losen the bolts. With the Pit Boss, the bands are in a ceramic groove so at least a loose band will not send your lid crashing to the ground like happens with the eggs.
  11. PitBoss KAMADO 22

    Try loosening all of the bolts on the hinge and bands. Set the lid flat and center and then re-tighten.
  12. Disappointed , is this normal?

    The K24 appeared in Costco in 2016 with bamboo handle and shelves and no lower screen. The 2017 version replaced the shelves and handle with black plastic and added the screen and included the plate setter style deflector. For 2018, they seem to be the same but added blue to the color choices. My impression is that the 2017 grills were put together a little better than the original batch. I have never seen a K22 around here so I don’t know their timeline of features or quality issues, but I wouldn’t be surprised if your wood shelf version was old stock. I would see if Walmart will take it back without the box, and if not, ask Dansens for a box. This is not something you can expect people to save the packaging for. If you have a Costco nearby, I would get a new K24 from them for the same $600 or double your budget and get a Kamado Joe which should have none of the issues the cheap grills have. The bamboo shelves on my 24 are looking pretty bad after just a couple years so I think you may be happier with the plastic, and I cannot see anyone not being happy with a KJ.
  13. How long does your Pitt Boss take to cool

    Ceramic has more heat mass. It takes longer to heat up, but also longer to cool down. That said, I think you probably have some air leaking if it is 100c after sitting closed up for 8+ hours. The easy way to tell is to shut it down overnight, and then open the lid and bottom vent in the AM. If it fires back up, you have too much air leaking. Check to make sure the lid is closing all the way around. The big review thread has pictures and info on using felt to help seal the bottom and top vents. Also, a few greasy cooks will help seal up the top vent.
  14. Disappointed , is this normal?

    The finish on mine wasn’t perfect, the hinge needed some adjustment, and my 2016 k24 also did not come with a lower vent screen like the newer k24’s. Yours may have more issues than normal, or it may be fixable with a few simple adjustments. Hard to say. When you buy a Pit Boss for less than half the price of the big guys in the market, you have to expect it is going to be less than perfect and might need some mods or adjustments. That said, if the lid won’t close that is a problem. You can try losening the hinge and bands to get the lid to sit flat. If it won’t, you have a dud and it will be hard to control the temps. That is something you cannot fix easily and would cause me to return it. FWIW, while the band is lose you should be able to tighten the handle. Sparks don’t come out of my lower vent since the airflow is going in and the vent is mostly closed off. Other than startup, my charcoal doesn’t really spark at all.
  15. Sous Vide Chuck Roast!

    Why no seasoning in the bag?