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  1. Wow does that look good!
  2. You just need to lean on the handle a bit. Make sure you have a cooler within reach or someone reliable to bring you beer.
  3. Comforting to hear!
  4. I forgot to mention, I used gorilla glue to hold the magnets in which was a bit of a mess because it foams and expands. I might suggest trying superglue.
  5. I have been using a HeaterMeter with a RotoDamper RD3 to control the Pit Boss and it works very well, but it was a bit of a pain to get the RD3 on and off with all of the gasket material I was using to get a good seal on the bottom damper. With crap weather today I went out to the barn to play with power tools and make something better. First up was a second sliding door with a big hole in it. This is to take the place of the screen missing on the 2016 models. Next I made a smaller steel rectangle to fit between the rails and gave it a slightly smaller hole that the pipe connector can screw into. I put gasket felt around the outside and glued in 4 small rare earth magnets. Now I can just stick the controller on and the magnets hold it tightly sealed, but it pulls right off when done. Further, with the two sliders I get a much better fit with less gasket material so they slide and seal easier for manual control or closing down to kill the fire. Materials used: scrap 22 gauge steel sheet, some extra gasket scraps, 4 extra strong magnets ($4 for a six pack at Home Despot). Tools: Grinder with metal cutoff disk, drill with harbor freight step bit, file, and a vice. Total cost $4 plus scraps. Time to do, about 20 min.
  6. In a kamado either will work for medium and higher temps. The fan units struggle more with low temps because too much air can leak by the fan even when it is off. The downside of the Smobot is that the damper they have designed is going to be very specific to the top caps it will work with. That shouldn't be a deal killer though as it shouldn't be too hard for them to come up with additional damper designs to go with the controller. If they don't, servos are widely available and you should be able to rig something up for virtually any grill with modest fabricating skills. If that is too hard, you could also use it to control the intake air with a cheap 3D printed damper of which several designs already exist. In short, for a kamado, I would definitely go with a servo unit over a fan only system.
  7. If you are handy, the HeaterMeter and one of the servo controlled damper units will do that for you today (and has been around for a while). I use one with a RotoDamper which combine servo control and a fan, just on the input instead of the output damper. You need to set the output damper in the ballpark (low, medium, hot) and it does the rest. The fan is not really needed at all, but it helps stoke the fire at startup or after a slow cook to get ready for a reverse sear. Combining the grill temp control with meat probes lets you do some pretty cool things with alarms and notifications, or more direct automation. For example, you can have it automatically raise the grill temp when the meat hits a certain point (stall?) or when it gets close to done, drop the temp and hold. I would guess a more polished, simple, out of the box solution like this is what BB has in mind.
  8. Also, I'll up my Big for the big Joe to $250, plus I'll smoke a lamb for you. (You provide the lamb).
  9. Horizontal offset smoker. I think I could fit two in the Lang 84.
  10. I'll open the bidding at $200 and I wont even ask you to deliver it!
  11. Did you get them yet? Any comments on how they are working out?
  12. Ahh, diameter wise they should fit. The upper grate legs may be an issue correctly lining up with anything but the vision/Auplex lower grate spacing, but if you are slightly handy you should be able to make something work.
  13. You can order whatever size and labeling you want from Auplex if you have special needs. The pricing is surprisingly good even for small numbers, but you won't get the warranty and support you get from the domestic brands.
  14. Too bad it didn't have the $29 Weber Smokey Joe tag on it!
  15. What information presented by whom and where? You said you were put off by the companies misrepresenting grill size when it is appears to be a camera shop selling grills through Amazon that is responsible. I agree that the Amazon seller is not being forthright with the size and I left a review on their listing with the accurate measurements last Spring. I have no complaints with how Dansens/Pit Boss or Costco are marketing the grill because they do not call it 24" anywhere I can see. On topic, my firebowl that cracked last year has not had any further cracking or any issues with the original crack. It seems like a non-issue. They should just deliver them as 2 pieces (or more) to begin with so people don't get worried by something that is normal.