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  1. m-fine

    2018 Costco Pit Boss

    As of Thursday my local Costco had 4 plus the display, still at $599. I will check this week to see if they go on sale after Father’s Day.
  2. m-fine

    New pit boss chemical smell

    I would try getting it really hot. Light a chimney of charcoal, or a small pile in the bottom. Then, dump more charcoal on top to fill it up with a good sized load. Once the fire gets going, close the lid and open the vents all the way and let it rip until the fire goes out. It should get to 800+ and hopefully air off any residual chemicals from the factory.
  3. m-fine

    CGA customer service issues. Am I crazy?

    Tom thanks for the reply. I guess I just don’t understand what makes it hard. Can’t you just tack on a $10 special request fee? Or maybe apply a partial discount to an ala cart order that gets you to the same place? I am not looking for a more expensive grate at the same price, I am happy to pay the price difference plus a bit more. If you change your mind or put together a different bundle, you can ping me here and if I haven’t purchased an alternative yet I’ll give it a try. Matt
  4. m-fine

    24" Pit Boss from Costco UK (2018)

    If you put an extre ring of felt around the top to seal the top vent, you don’t need the two screw to hold the vent to the pit boss, so you can use those holes to hold the rain cap on the the vent.
  5. m-fine

    2018 Costco Pit Boss

    Historically it has been February or March. I think they order a single batch each year, and around mid June they want them gone or they go on clearance. You can probably get one from Costco.com for an extra $150 to cover shipping.
  6. m-fine

    1st kamado got the PBk24

    I roll the dough onto parchment paper. Slide paper and all onto a hot stone and let it cook for a minute or two until the dough firms up and then the paper slides out.
  7. m-fine

    1st kamado got the PBk24

    Definitely loc-tite to solve that issue.
  8. m-fine

    Questions from a Newbie

    I’ll have to look up my settings when home at some point, but they are not too different from what people report using for BGE’s. You could run run with no fan at all up to 400+ so any fan is “enough” from most temperatures. For cooks in the 350+ range I run the fan at 100% for startup. Using a propane torch to light plus the fan, it gets to 400 and levels off in about 8 minutes which is faster than my old. gas grill. After startup, max fan is set at 30% or so which is more than enough to hold temps at 650. There was a recent bug fix that now make it more stable/reliable for high temps, so I don’t have a lot of experience with it higher than that yet. I have not had issues with overshoot, but I light the charcoal differently depending on my target. For lower temps I light only one or two small areas and let it come up slower. For higher temps I use a large propane torch and get it going faster. It still takes time to heat soak the ceramic so I think that dampens the overshoot.
  9. I have been a long fan of the products and designs from the Ceramic Grill Store. I was the first to buy one of their Spider's for the PB, buying a Vision version and modifying it myself before they offered one for the PB. And then I bought a second one when they added a Pitt Boss specific version to the line and I have frequently recomended them here and on other forums. I have been waiting patiently for them to produce an Adjustable Rig for the PB and I posted their videos and link here when I saw it was finally available. But then I tried to order. My first call, I pointed out that there were options shown in the videos but only one bundle I could order. They told me to check the web site in a couple of days. They did update the website, but still didn't offer the flexibility I was hoping for. They have a bundle for the AR rig with a 20" grate and an 18" grate for $149.99. I don't have a use for the 18" grate so I would like to swap it our for a second 20" grate or a 20"x16" oval. They sell the 18" grate for $49.99 and the 2 20" options for $52.99 each, listed elswhere on their site. Clearly, I should pay atleast $3 more for such a swap, and I would even be happy to pay $5 or maybe even $10 more for the option. Nope. To swap the $49 18" grate for a $52 20" grate, I would have to order ala-carte and pay $186 or $36 more. It is not like the stuff is made and bundled in China. They manufacture it and have all the components in stock. So I called a couple times, and sent an email and no one seemed at all interested in helping me or selling me anything. All I got were short, curt answers like we don't offer that option or we don't have a simple way to make that happen. They didn't even try to sell me the individual pieces. It seemed like they would rather I just go away than order anything from them at all. Weird. Do you guys think I am the crazy one with an unreasonable request? Has anyone else had issues with them lately? Is this the norm or did I hit them on several bad days?
  10. m-fine

    K24 Grates

    The AR rigs for the BGE were around long before the divide and conquer. The PB version is scaled up from the 18” LBGE rig but it currently lacks a lot of the add ons and features that the egg one has.
  11. m-fine


    Yep! I much prefer the 4 casters. Makes it much easier to position it how I want it and to maneuver around things.
  12. m-fine

    CGS Adjustable Rig

    Make sure you have vertical clearance to close the lid with a 20” grate 6-6.5” up, plus room for food on the top grate.
  13. m-fine

    Disappointed , is this normal?

    My K24 is a 2016 (bought in 2016) and has been great as well (other than the wood turning black), as were most of them, but the QC does seem to have gotten better.
  14. m-fine

    Disappointed , is this normal?

    Yours were the first run 2016 K22 models with the wood shelves which may not be all that representative of the 2018 K24 at Costco. The fact that Walmart had 2016 K22’s to sell you in 2018 also calls into question the history of those particular grills.
  15. m-fine

    CGS Adjustable Rig

    EDIT: I just spoke with them on the phone and they are going to add the other combo's and components to the web page in the next day or two.