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  1. m-fine

    How long to Sous Vide a roast?

    Here are some quick hit sources... this is is not academic, but note the first warning is to keep the time below a few hours or the temp above 130. Also note that he says the bacteria thrives up to 126. https://www.amazingfoodmadeeasy.com/info/exploring-sous-vide-email-course/more/is-sous-vide-safe-key-safety-guidelines Doug Baldwin: ”If the food is not being pasteurized (as is the case with fish and rare meat), it is important that the food come up to temperature and be served within four hours.” He has pasteurization tables, formulas used, and cited sources. http://www.douglasbaldwin.com/sous-vide.html#Cooking USDA guidelines. Note the tables start at 130 https://www.fsis.usda.gov/OPPDE/rdad/FRPubs/97-013P/COMPLIANCE GUIDELINES FOR RTE MEAT AND POULTRY.doc
  2. m-fine

    How long to Sous Vide a roast?

    Sous Vide is precise, and mostly consistent and repeatable so it is easy enough for those with the proper tools to test the impact of time and temperature on bacteria populations and for the rest of us to follow their guidelines to stay safe. I have a lot more confidence in my ability to read a temperature setting and set a timer correctly than I do in my ability to properly identify a wild fungus. That said, my confidence goes to zero when outside the range of published data tables.
  3. m-fine

    How long to Sous Vide a roast?

    If your research found a source that says cooking at 125 for more than 4 hours is safe, please share it. I am always looking to learn more and I welcome any data you have. So far everything I have found says either keep the time below 4 hours (or less) or keep the temp above 130, but I certainly haven’t read everything out there.
  4. m-fine

    How long to Sous Vide a roast?

    I cannot agree with that at all. Rare steak is not held in an anaerobic environment within the “danger zone” temperature range for many hours. Once you vacuum bag it and extend the cook time, the situation changes. Sous Vide done wrong is a perfect environment for botulism so caution is necessary.
  5. m-fine

    How long to Sous Vide a roast?

    He said 125 in the original post, which I believe is unsafe*. I add the extra degree to 130 because the internal temp of the meat lags the water temp even after several hours, and as a margin of safety for accuracy of the device. * I have looked for reliable sources on food safety (Government and University research etc.) and have not found anything that says a temp below 130 is safe or how long it takes to pastuerize at those temps. Lack of data doesn’t mean 125 is dangerous, but I don’t want to be a food safety researcher when I cook food for human consumption, and I wouldn’t recommend it to others.
  6. m-fine

    Keto Diet

    Yep! Work and travel makes dieting much harder. I try to do my best, and if I have to have a cheat day, you just have to be disciplined TD get back on it ASAP.
  7. m-fine

    How long to Sous Vide a roast?

    I think anything under 130 degrees risks not pasteurizating it completely so my minimum cook temp on a long cook would be 131. The more tender the meat is at the start, the less time you need, so I would go closer to 8-12 hours.
  8. m-fine

    Fuel regulating on higher temp cooks

    Yep, fill it up with charcoal. It runs best with too much charcoal and temp controlled by limiting air.
  9. m-fine

    How do y’all cook wings?

    If I want them crispy, double deep fried. Fried at a lower temp to pre-cook, cooled (can refrigerate for 15 minutes or for a few days, or freeze for weeks/months at this point) then finished with a hot fast deep fry to get them super crispy without over cooking the meat. This process will get you 99% there with using a grill or smoker for the first cook instead of the fryer with a cool down and deep fry finish. This will allow you to mix the Smokey grilled flavor and the deep fried crispy skin. The downside is once you nail it, you will never be satisfied with grilled wings or even standard deep fried fare. Also deep frying is a messy and expensive pain in the ... The next best suggestion I have is to coat the wings with a dry seasoning containing salt and baking powder and then spread them out on a cooling rack in the fridge for 12-24 hours. The combination of air drying and the chemical reactions with the salt and high PH baking powder will help them crisp up in a grill or oven. This makes a big difference, but too much will impact flavor, so be careful. You need to plan ahead and have fridge space to get the full benefit, but it is still a lot easier and neater than deep frying for most people and gives much better crisp than straight grilling.
  10. m-fine

    24" Pit Boss from Costco UK (2018)

    The side shelf brackets don’t need to be installed, so maybe 25” max width plus room for the hinge on the back and handle on the front.
  11. m-fine

    brisket is challenging.

    It is heating up faster because it is small and likely has little fat. Temperature means little with brisket. You need to cook it until it is tender, whatever internal temp it ends up at is irrelevant.
  12. m-fine

    Drill Master meets pork loin

    I took a new job this summer and went from a single story office with a charcoal grill to an office on the 8th floor and no hope of grilling. No problem, I have an Anova and a heat gun combo that puts out a darn good steak, rack of lamb, pork loin etc. without tripping any fire alarms. The heat gun wouldn’t be my first choice, but it works well enough and can be used where open flame or smoke is frowned upon.
  13. m-fine

    Sous Vide Brisket- coming soon

    At only 135, it will easily hold up for 72+ hours.
  14. m-fine

    Chip in lid

    Great to hear!
  15. m-fine

    Keto Diet

    Your statement was so far from reality it wasn’t worth a detailed reply, and it seems like you are going to stubbornly hold on to your position despite any evidence, so there is no point in educating or debating you. For others reading this thread with a sincere interest to learn, a long term successful keto diet involves significant amounts of vegetables, and after the early stage the addition of moderate amounts of lower sugar fruits. The fruits that work best also happen to be the ones that are nutrient dense so don’t buy into the ignorant fear mongering from those who don’t understand the diet, or the intentional FUD from those with a vested interest in discouraging it. No one diet is best for everyone, but a properly followed keto diet can be very effective for many people who need to lose weight.