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  1. Random Sous Vide Question...

    I make the bags extra long and leave room for any air or released gasses to float up away from the meat which usually means I don’t need extra weight to hold it down. After the first hour or two, you are not transferring any significant heat to the meat, you are just holding it at temp waiting for the connective tissue to break down so no need to worry about the air interfering with the cooking process. Water, air, meat juices arc should all be at the same temp. Especially if you use a covered cooler.
  2. If the pit probe is overly shielded by the deflector, the fire may be getting too hot before the probe sees that in its sheltered location. The probe should be placed where it gets good airflow, not too close to cold meat or ceramic, and not sighing line of sight of the coals if you are doing an indirect cook (the IR from the coal bed with throw it off).
  3. Price match K24 costco - Lowes

    First, the different product number trick is done by the manufacturers to protect their other retail partners and has been going on for decades with Sam’s, BJ’s, Costco, Circuit City and other long gone retailers. As for the price, I would suggest waiting 2-4 months. When the new batch shows up in Costco warehouses this spring they will likely be $599 again for in store pickup and $749 with “free shipping” online. The K24 is a nice budget Kamado but there is no way it is worth $1340. At that price you should be getting a Kamado Joe!
  4. Direct fire brisket?

    A grease fire is a secondary concern. The main issue is that smoldering grease smoke tastes horrible compared to clean wood smoke.
  5. Broken Pit Boss Kamado

    I added the second layer of felt and tossed the screws in the trash. The lid stays on without them, it is easy to remove without the screws, and they aren't there to cause a break like that.
  6. First Sous Vide Cook!

    Try the chicken at 150 or even 145. to get a better sear, make sure you dry it as best you can before searing. A pat down with paper towels and a table top can works wonders. Also, do not put butter or other fats in the bag with meat. It seams counter intuitive, but it results in less flavor not more. The theory is that fat soluable flavors are diluted out of the meat into the butter. Add the butter or oil after the SV before or while you sear.
  7. Multiple requirements...?

    You can cook all the steaks ahead except the most rare and then reheat in the bath with while the rare ones cook. It is very hard if not impossible to tell in a blind test.
  8. Picked up a PartyQ for the K24

    I don't use the Party Q, but I do use a controller (Heatermeter) on most cooks. With the fan, it comes up to temp faster and with no worry of an overshoot, and it allows me to worry about other things. It is almost like using an oven, light a fire, set the temp, give it a few minutes to pre-heat and start cooking.
  9. Thoughts - PIT BOSS $350

    IMHO, it is worthless without a warranty. New ceramic may have a manufacturing issue that shows up in the first few cooks. You would want that covered.
  10. Very slow Cooldown after first cook

    I never put the holes back in. No need for the screws if the top fits snugly.
  11. K22 kick ash basket

    Removing it doesn't really improve airflow on its own, but it does help the ashes fall through.
  12. Which Sous Vide to buy?

    The Joule has a lot going for it, but the lack of onboard control is an absolute deal killer. If you have both next to each other on the counter, you will grab the Anova 99 times out of 100 just to avoid pulling out your phone and opening an app simply to set a temp and start a cook. With the Anova you spin the wheel to the temp you want and touch the play button. Way faster and more intuitive, and much more appropriate for a kitchen environment.
  13. K22 kick ash basket

    Can you zoom in and see the model number of the KAB in that photo? What is the diameter of the cast iron grate at the bottom the bottom of the K22? What is the inside diameter of the firebowl at the bottom corner and 4" up?
  14. K22 kick ash basket

    I would trust CGS on this, or you can measure your firebowl and I can tell you if the one I bought for the K24 will fit.
  15. 2017 Costco PitBoss 24 Questions

    Congrats on a great deal.