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  1. You may need to seal up the bottom and or top vent better. See the stickied review thread from 2016 and within the first few pages you should find some tips. Also, the top vent should be just a sliver open to maintain 200. The other thing is you definitely can’t let too much charcoal get lit or let the grill get too hot or it will take hours to cool back down. Don’t be discouraged though, with a little extra felt and the right technique it will hold low temps. Using a HeaterMeter controller with my Pit Boss, I had it running stable at 175 last week. That would be more of a challenge without a servo to open and close the bottom vent for precise control, but 200-225 should not be a problem.
  2. Part of the lower price compared to the KJ or BGE is the need to buy more extras. The plus side is you can buy what you want and get better stuff than what is bundled in and still have a lot of money left over for meat and charcoal.
  3. If you put enough charcoal in and open the stock vents fully, the PB will get above 900* F (thermocouple needed to measure). My guess is you are not filling it with charcoal if you can’t get it hot enough. Try starting with a chimney of lit charcoal on the bottom, then fill the bowl up to within an inch or two of the lower grate. It should get real hot, but the dome thermometer won’t necessarily be accurate. As for getting the top vent vent to hold without hardware, a second layer will do it on most grills, but the nature of ceramics means there is some unit to unit variation. I can’t answer why someone chose two controllers, but I can tell you that I chose the HeaterMeter as a controller because it includes a fan and a servo control. With the HM they are both on the bottom vent. The reason is ceramic kamados are very efficient, and the draft could pull too much air through a blower even with the fan off. The servo controller damper can shut down airflow completely when needed and can maintain lower temps. I ran mine at 175 a couple days ago.
  4. If CI gets too hot over a charcoal fire, the seasoning will burn off. If your “high heat” is 400 or below you won’t have a big issue, but if you heat it up for a quick sear you need to re-season or expect rust (in humid climates).
  5. The problem is that ALL sweeteners, artificial or natural, will cause an insulin response which then causes a chain of negative reactions. I have found it best and actually easiest (from a cravings perspective) to 100% avoid anything sweetened, no matter if it contains significant net carbs or not.
  6. To answer you last question, the reason why not is because cast iron is a lithe worst material choice for a grill grate. Unlike a cast iron pan or griddle, it won’t stay seasoned and it will not produce an even sear that maximizes flavor. Unless you are making food for the purpose of taking pictures, the high contrast grill marks they produce are a big negative.
  7. Do yourself a favor and don’t put the screws back in. Double up the felt until it is a friction fit and toss the screws in the trash.
  8. You can put a thread lock compound on to keep a loose nut from moving. In the US we have loctite brand in multiple strengths. You should have it in the UK or something equivalent. A bigger gap between deflector and the food will help, but a more direct fix is to make sure you measure your cooking temp at the cooking grate. The dome thermometer is at BEST just a guide.
  9. For low and slow, I use a Bernzomatic propane torch to light a little charcoal. For hotter cooks, I use a 500,000 btu propane torch from Harbor Freight to light most of the charcoal.
  10. They are made by the same factory. The Vision has the funky air control on many models now. The Pit Boss from Costco is usually a bigger grill for a lower price. Not much of a difference beyond that.
  11. If you cook on it long enough to heatsoak the ceramic, it takes a long time to cool. I almost never am able to put the cover on until the next morning even though mine is very well sealed.
  12. Does the party Q have an open lid function? The Heatermeter I use recognizes the rapid temp drop when you open the lid and shuts the fan off and closes the damper so the temp spikes less and recovers faster. While the PB is pretty stable most of the time without any add ons, I find I use the HM for the majority of my cooks because it just makes things so much easier and worry free. Just set the temp and it will run more stable than a home oven, and if something goes wrong it will tell me. For hotter cooks, the fan stoking the fire gets it up to temp faster with no risk of overshoot and I can be in the kitchen prepping food instead of watching it while it pre-heats. I do have to ask, why are you selling the spider and the kickash basket? Neither of those were intended to make temps more stable. The spider is a better more flexible deflector solution that will also hold a searing grate or wok, or can be used to raise the cooking grate. The KA basket makes cleaning out the ashes and reusing leftover charcoal much easier. I have both and use both in conjunction with the controller.
  13. If you double the felt on top to seal it better, you don’t need the screws to hold it in place. You can then slide it on and off for when you want to run wide open like a tandoor.
  14. Congrats on the 15 off! I actually take the opposite tack to weighing. I weigh every morning before eating or drinking anything to get the most consistent state I can, but also to see the ups and downs. I can usually see the negative impact of even minor cheating, so the daily weigh in keeps me motivated and focused.
  15. I wouldn’t do it. If you heat one side, you can expect the firebox to crack. Using half stone deflectors will give better two zone results with less risk.
  16. Yep, yep u have discovered exactly why I went with a servo controller damper on an efficient grill. I don’t think all hope is lost though. Try tape or if the FB is metal, a refrigerator magnet to cover most of the intake (depending on set temp). The top vent should be slightly open, maybe 1/32-1/16” per opening, and the fan intake covered enough that it won’t hold your set temp without the fan having to come on a bit.
  17. Down to one plus the display in Rochester NY. Still listed at $599.
  18. It will work much better if you add some brown sugar to the rub. It is really hard to notice the flavor from spritzing in a side by side test.
  19. No need to spritz in a kamado. Spritzing does very little to begin with, and a kamado is already a much moister environment than a high airflow stick burner. You are much better off leaving the lid closed as much as possible and putting the seasoning on before or after the cook.
  20. Yep, the main benefits of keto are getting your body into a fat burning metabolism and reducing hunger and cravings. You still need to burn more calories than you eat, and there are minimum safe calorie levels where you are likely to get all the nutrients you should be. Interval fasting can help a bit if you have plateaus, but adding exercise is extremely helpful. You don’t need to be a gym rat, just adding a walk of 2-3 miles per day which should take 40 minutes to an hour, maybe less, will make a huge difference. As you get lighter and more fit you can up the intensity or expand the workouts, but by far the number one exercise for people who have lost significant weight and held it off for 5+ years is walking.
  21. On an efficient Kamado, I think the variable fan speed will be a big deal. On many of my cooks with the HM the fan doesn’t come on at all after initial warm up and it just uses the servo damper for control. I imagine a fan pulsing full speed could be problematic for holding low temps. The Heatermeter is great but definitely not for everyone, so I have you find the FB to be a good solution for you.
  22. I use a HeaterMeter on mine. There is nothing special about the PB, so if there is an adapter that fits or you can make one, it should work pretty much exactly like it does in a BGE, Kamado Joe, Vision, or any other similar sized ceramic kamado. So, read reviews from any ceramic kamado owner and expect to see the same results on your PB.
  23. Well, I certainly intended to buy one, run it through it’s paces and post pictures and a review. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see eye to eye on a bundle that made sense for me, so I ended up taking a pass on it for now.
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