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  1. I first want to thank the Kamado Guru community for all the information that has been posted - I have learned so much and expect to learn so much more! I attempted my first smoked pork shoulder and beef brisket today. Rubbed both the brisket and shoulder last night with some salt, pepper, and garlic powder and left them in the fridge overnight. Early this morning, fired up the Akorn and got it coasting around 225 and threw both on. It stayed around 225 for the first several hours, then started climbing up to 250, then 275, then came back down to 250s. All in all, the 4-5 lb pork shoulder took about 7 hours to get to internal temp of 200, and the 5-6 lb brisket (packer) took about 9 hours to get to the "magical" internal temp of 203. Hopefully this is the first of many more to come.
  2. Thanks! I will give that a try!
  3. How about the front door. Most front doors are usually the widest door in a house with a typical opening of 36". My Akorn cart model rolled in and out my front door without issue. My side/back door only has an opening of 32".Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk The cart should be able to get through the front door without difficulty, but we're in a row home with no access to the back porch except through the back door.
  4. @jackjumper101, @CeramicChef, and @retfr8flyr, thanks! Soooooo, not sure if this has happened before to anybody, but my wife and I just put together the Akorn Kamado with cart tonight in our kitchen to find out after it was all done that it won't fit through the back door to the porch. I'm going to take measurements and see if maybe taking the wheels off or potentially minimally disassembling the Akorn will allow it to fit through the door. Anybody ever have to do that? Also, is it safe to unbolt the different parts of the Akorn? Also if we have to go through this process after using it for some time, is that also safe/possible? Thanks for any help/suggestions/advice!
  5. I was glad I found this forum and in reading through quite a few posts, I was even more confident that I wanted to get an Akorn Kamado for my first grill! Excited and a little nervous because although I have enjoyed and appreciated many a BBQ/grilled meal, I have never really cooked from start to finish on a grill. Looking to learn a lot more on this forum!
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