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  1. I do believe that you are all correct and frying may be the ticket. I have been trying to replicate the general flavor on the smoker and it might not be possible.
  2. So a while back I had some Nashville Hot Chicken from a KFC and I really enjoyed it. I have tried a few times to duplicate the recipe on my smoker without much success. The chicken always came out well and was worth the cook, but I just haven't been able to nail it. So I am asking the experts. If you have ever tried this and been successful I would love some pointers.
  3. The rub was pretty simple. I didn't measure anything, just dumped, mixed and tasted until it was where I liked it. The brown sugar did account for about half of the rubs total volume. I did a very light canola oil rub prior to applying the dry rub. Then on the egg at 350 for 100 minutes. Brown Sugar Granulated Garlic Onion Powder Cayenne Chili Powder Black Pepper Paprika Cumin
  4. The result was fantastic! This might have been the best chicken I have ever had.
  5. I should elaborate that was a bit vague. I have done some research, but was curious if the dry rub or marinade/glaze was your preferred method. Also, there appears to be a bit of debate on the appropriate cooking temp and time for the whole bird. I have never done a chicken on my BGE egg yet so don't be afraid to spell out what might be assumed to be obvious.
  6. I have a Big Green Egg and I have a whole chicken. I'm either thinking of a beer can chicken or possibly a spatchcock style bird. Lend me your wisdom and knowledge!
  7. He didn't use the egg very much and the house they moved into didn't have a very good place for it. So I was happy to give it a new home!
  8. My father in-law gave me his Big Green Egg about 2 weeks ago and after a few trial and error pizzas, I thought it was time to make the leap to some low and slow cooking. My first ever pork butt came out great! I followed the pinned "How to cook a Boston Butt" method posted here and it worked out great. I made my own rub from what I found in the spice cupboard and although it turned out a bit salty for my taste it was still great. I used some hickory chunks for extra smoke and loved the flavor. I think the pork stalled on the cooking around 165 degrees and I ended up have to wrap the pork
  9. Thanks so much for all the great advice! You are all very helpful and very knowledgeable. I did fill the firebox and had no issues getting the fire hot. It worked great! The wife and I are enjoying this so much we are already talking about building a table set up for the egg. Along with the egg came a bunch of accessories and now we need somewhere to store them so the table sounds like a good idea.
  10. I recently acquired a Large Big Green Egg. I have only cooked on it twice and so far I love it. The first time I cooked pizzas, and on a recommendation, I used very little charcoal and could not get the grill over 350 degrees. The second time I also cooked pizzas and I doubled the charcoal and got it to 525 degrees and no more. On both cooks I had the bottom vent wide open and the daisy wheel wide open. My question is this - should I just dump in a ton of charcoal and try to control the heat by adjusting the vents or is there a magical amount of charcoal that I just have not discovered ye
  11. Thanks for all the advice. I do think I will go with stainless steel for now and look into the GrillGrates in the future. Another question, the BGE appeared to be the vacation home for a family of mice at some point. I was wondering if there is any method of cleaning that you might recommend or go with the tried and true "KILL IT WITH FIRE" method?
  12. Thanks, I have never used a ceramic grill before and I am excited to try it out. I have a feeling this is going to be a big learning experience.
  13. Yesterday my father-in-law gave me is barely used Big Green Egg. He is moving and basically didn't want to move it. The grill overall is in really good condition, however, the stainless steel grill grate is in rough shape and needs replaced. I was looking around the web and saw that you can get the new grates in stainless or cast iron. I was curious which is better and why. I have never had a cast iron gill grate and therefore don't know its pros and cons. Anyway any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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