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  1. Thank you all for your advice. I did build the fire wrong and I did get hung up on chasing the temp. Sleep finally gave in and I got a good 4 hour nap. when I got up I went out to check the roast. Fire had died down and temp was at around 175 or so. Pulled the roast off and double wrapped it in foil and let it set for a while. when I went to pull it apart we found it turned out beautiful. IT juicy and tender,nice bark on the outside with a about an 1/8 th of an inch of smoke ring. The wife and I couldn't stop snaking on it. Afterwards we sat down Watched the Packers beat the Browns and enjoyed our BBQ pulled pork sliders with some cold beers. Next week I will attempt to smoke some chicken thighs & legs. But I look forward to trying another pork butt in the near future.
  2. So last night i attempted My first Big smoking. i picked up a nice Pork butt to smoke. All went well until about four or five hours in. not sure if i made the fire to small, played with vents too much to try to control temps or what. I could never get them temp to stay at 225 as recommended. Temp went to high around 230/235 degrees or went to low to 205/210 degrees. stayed up most of the night trying to control it. finally about 5 hours in the temp went lower and lower until i realized the fire went out, or so it seemed. i had to take the pork off, pull out the diffuser to find all that was left was embers in the center and some lump and wood chunks on the outside(did not soak as recommended by others on this sight). So i rebuilt the fire and put everything back and basicaly start over. now the temp went up to 244 degrees. went outside about 20 mins ago and closed the lower vent to 1 and the top vent to just a crack. temp now reads 239/237 and hopefully dropping. At this point if i get it in the low 230's to high 220's I'll be happy. i hope the roast did not rest too much. meat temp seems to be holding at 144. not sure whats going on there.(using maverick ET-732) may use the old fashion meat therm later when cooking time is up. Been up most if not al night with this thing.(I'm tired.LOL) Please tell me it gets better. LOL. Not ready to throw in the towel yet, Just looking for tips and ideas. what did I do wrong? Any and all input would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Picture of success. pork Steaks came out great. Followed recipe from the manual for pork chops. looking forward to more great meals. yes it looks as if it could become an obsession. LOL
  4. So it's Mothers day and We will be using our new Akorn to grill some pork steaks. We seasoned the cooker this morning and will be grill later tonight. I have learned a lot already from this sight. So thank you. We will try grilling with Direct heat a couple of time before we Smoke with indirect heat. Already have the smoke stone. Still need to pick up the two probe thermostat and then we will start small with smoking a couple of chickens. And then maybe some ribs. When i smoke mu first brisket and rib roast i will know i am a pro. LOL. Any advise for a new user would be appreciative.
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