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  1. I have a stovetop pressure cooker by Fagor I got at Macy's. It came with two sizes. Which is super handy. I usually use them on my induction countertop unit. I've used it for stock, chili, roasts you name it. Once every two weeks I make organic dog food in it to save on dog food and get more nutritious food into my pups. There's nothing to fear from stovetop units with a good lock and safety valves. Also there is less to break than a electronic type. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Shingen

    Mfg. rebate

    Yeah there were three or four at my Costco in Fairfax VA. I just went to the Costco website and there were a few negative reviews. I can't say enough good about my PB. Going to be cooking for 15 people tonight in fact.
  3. Shingen

    Mfg. rebate

    Just got home from Costco and got 200 back as well. I love Costco. If you are over the 30 days just talk to a manager. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Shingen

    Mfg. rebate

    End of grilling season. This happened with visions two years ago. End of grilling season? I didn't know there was a season. Just kidding... But if you go their website they are offering the same rebate but the starting price they are showing is 749 bringing the grill to 549 after rebate.
  5. This happened to me when I was trying to cook my first pizza. The cooker temp was upwards of 650 according to the temp gauage. Luckily I was wearing fire gloves. I did jump back though and let go of the lid... I was really worried I'd done damage but everything was fine.
  6. ^ What he said all day long and twice on Sunday. To the OP: The one thing I will add is that if you are a geek like me and many others here you won't mind modifying your PB to get the best results. Most of the DIY mods are very easy to do and can be done when setting up the grill, like adding high temp felt to the lower vent for instance. Part of the fun of not paying out the rear for a kamado is having the extra money to get it just right for you.
  7. Shingen

    New in AZ

    Welcome! I just got my PB not too long ago and haven't used anything else to cook a meal since. Well dinners at least. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I just placed an order for the spider and two half moon stones. I'm really excited to get this. Supposedly it will arrive by Friday! Just in time for the weekend. Planning some low and slow cooks in the near future. Also looking forward to using my Lodge cast iron wok soon.
  9. I too saw the same sale. I almost bought a bag or two, then decided not to. My wife will yell at me if I show up w/ more lump. I have "too much" according to her in my shed right now. Even my two daughters shake their heads regarding my stash of lump. picked up 3 bags... gonna have to hide them under the house. Fueling the lump fetish The RO was on sale where I live a few weeks ago. I bought 10 bags and I'm now down to 6. I told Mrs skreef last night that we should have bought 20.Reef's Bistro If the end of the world ever comes you're going to need at least a few dozen to get through the first few weeks, right? There's always the idea of making your own lump.
  10. Yeah! I actually thought of skewering the asparagus to save on room but was lazy and whipped out the grill basket instead. Still got everything to fit though.
  11. Best boneless skinless chicken breast of my life! TL:DR - Chicken was good. Asparagus most radical of edible plants. Last Thursday I had a desire to smoke a whole chicken on my Pit Boss. I called my wife to pull out a whole roaster we had frozen to defrost in the fridge. On Saturday I realized that she had pulled out the boneless skinless chicken breast we had by accident. Not the end of the world unless you're like me and have always over cooked chicken breast on a grill. (Also, I normally don't have BSCB but I did some bacon wrapped cordon bleu the prior weekend... That was also a good cook on the Pit Boss.) But this time I swore would be different! And now I have a Kamado! So, I quickly devised a plan to brine the chicken over Saturday night. I went to the pantry to locate the ingredients I'd need only to find that I was out of sugar. No matter, I thought. I'd improvise. I had a full jar of Korean Citron Tea. I read the ingredients on the label and it consists largely of honey and citron (basically citrus peels kinda like a marmalade you mix with hot water making a tea... really good if your sick by the way). Honey = sugar, and chicken loves citrus... or so my thinking went. I just followed my normal brine setup but added three heaps (scientific measurements here) of of the Citron Tea and I added a six or seven dried Thai chilies to boot and a few bay leafs and the requisite salt. I figured I was all in on the crazy train at this point, so why let off the gas. In my mind I was thinking, the marriage of spicy, sweet, and sour would work well, in theory. As it was boiling I tasted several times adjusting ingredients to the memory of what my previous brines have tasted like. After cooling I placed the concoction over the chicken in freezer bags, as you do. After 24 hours in the brine I drained and patted the chicken dry and put on some Pork Barrel All American rub. I cooked the chicken at around 400 degrees for about two beers (scientific measurements again) to an internal temp of 160-170 ish. My wife and inlaws dug into the chicken right away and I went to lay down, cooking is tough work. From the other room I could hear her parents raving about how good the chicken was. So I came out to see if it was true and try it for myself. The chicken was moist, not at all dried out and damn good. There was a slight citrus flavor but not overwhelmingly so and the heat from the chili came through but not crazily. I'll be doing this again for sure! Oh and I did some asparagus seasoned with Italian dressing. Because you're supposed to eat veggies or something.
  12. Yay a fellow Fairfaxite! I picked up at the Fairfax Circle Home Depot. Now, I just need to figure out where I can put all my bounty.
  13. Not sure if this is everywhere but I just scored 5 bags of Royal Oak for 9.95 a bag at home depot. Not a bad deal considering it is usually 15 for a bag. I'm their in store pickup option and will pick them up after work.
  14. One of the issues I see mentioned about the PB is the thermometer not being accurate. Have you checked to see if yours is accurate?
  15. I just added felt to the lower damper and upper damper and I have to say that I noticed that the next day there was considerable more used charcoal. Suppose that means that when it's closed off I'm getting a good seal. Hopefully I'll be saving on fuel cost now.
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