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  1. I've done it both ways. I honestly don't notice any difference between cooks and its held up for me. I did recieve one that was shipped broken, so I do use a grate for that one when I cook on it (only 1/4 was broken and I got to keep it). So just use the grate if you want to just get rid of any concern
  2. Mine fits fine on the older joe. There is a small gap in the back of mine, but thats because I have a small gap in the back WITHOUT the joetiss in there. I've sucked at trying to figure out how to eliminate that gap lol. But it cooks wonderfully
  3. very nice idea. I just got the big joetisserie (need to try it out soon) and thats a great idea for corn/potatoes. I still have the old fire box without the metal, so I'll have to see if I can get this method to work for me.
  4. I'm honestly cool with them making this. I'm actually interested in it my self as the nights I get home from work I can use that to get the temp of the grill going, while I am busy corralling the kid and dog. So I'm very interested on how they get this to work. Would also be great for the over night cooks for extra precaution. I've never run into an issue yet, but it would be extra insurance. So I hope these do well and work as advertised cause I would deff consider one for those weeknight cooks that I do quite a bit to make life a little easier.
  5. Very nice and enjoy it! I've been holding off on buying it as I'm hopeing amazon has it sometime in the near future as I'm holding onto some GC's that will basically make it free for me. Not sure how long I can hold out. Let us know how you like it! with pics of course
  6. You did the smart thing sir! I have the Big Joe and the Jr....and I'm running into the problem to where there is a place relatively close to me selling the classic joe (older version) for $600 and I'm trying not to bite on that even though its a great deal and I could complete the collection! That and I'm sure my wife would love to see 3 kamado's on the deck lol
  7. Perfect thanks all. I figured it wouldn't be a problem, but rather play it safe!
  8. Hi all, I recently ordered the Big Joe Soapstone and it arrived broken! Which sucks but BBQguys is sending me a new one which should be here on saturday so can't complain. Anyways I'm wondering if this is still ok to cook on? I figured if it is safe to use the 2/3 thats not split off, then why not! But figured I'd double check from the more experienced people here just in case. Thanks for the help!
  9. Thanks for the heads up on the soapstone. Mine gets delievered tomorrow, so when I use it (prob this wkd) I'll throw it on top of the grate like you all have suggested
  10. https://www.costco.com/kamado-joe-schedule.html Right now they are in woodbridge and Chantilly. Go to the roadshows and stock up on the charcoal, thats what I do. I bought a bunch the first time, then each time they are near I'll go pick up a few bags to make sure my stock stays healthy. Its a new price for their charcoal since they changed it from previous deals (prices are listed somewhere here on a recent thread), but its still a great deal
  11. Thanks for the heads up on the Soapstone. I've been debating on buying that or a cast iron, but was leaning towards cast iron since all I can find the soapstone is for like 120. At $70 bucks for the big joe one, well worth the extra $15 dollars to have the ease of clean up and how this baby can cook. I hope I enjoy it, haven't really heard anything negative about the soapstones.
  12. Grats, can't wait to hear how they do. I think I'm waiting to see if they pop up on Amazon since I have $100 in gift cards to help with some of the cost.
  13. Yeah mine was first come first serve in may in Frederick, MD. But I showed up 30 min before doors opened, stood DIRECTLY in front of the entrance so nobody could pass me, and I went straight for the demo location which I could see near the beginning so I didn't have to search for it. They were all set up, they took my name right away as I said I wanted the demo units (big joe/jr), and then we chatted about the grill, the cool accessories, where to buy stuff from my local dealer (which I have and will continue to do). I ended up meeting I think it was the NE sales manager at the time, really cool guy. But if they parking lot negotiations went on, and I was the very first one in the door to the grills, I prob would of been pissed, so not a fan of that (but if you got it prop to you).
  14. Totally not the design I expected...but I'm digging it for sure. Especially at the price range you are looking at. But with all great ideas to add or tweak, typically increase the costs so got to watch out for that As mentioned above if things are waterproof, that would be fantastic to store some items that I use every day so it won't rust. Also the storage areas, I'd honestly do the most research there as that can make life SO much easier and efficient in storing items, or it can annoy people cause you can't fit very much (not expecting it to hold the entire kitchen). I agree with dropping the grill and getting rid of the ash bucket, save your self a few bucks there. Love the little granite on top to prepare foods. Whats the metal thing inside the middle cabinet? (edit: I read the other thread and saw its to hold the deflector plates and other gadgets while not in use, very nice. Would have to figure out what to do with my innovation grate racks lol) great call on the bottle opener, one of the most needed tools of a kamado joe. Also yay on the umbrella holder on the back it seems to be. So in summary, GREAT ideas, love the look of it esp for the targeted price range, but just be careful of costs adding in all of these cool ideas. Some ideas could be addons but not sure of the profitably on your end for those. In my opinion concentrate on making the storage as efficient as possible and I think you got one hell of an awesome product that I'm looking forward to potentially purchase. Oh, and what size grills is this made for? Maybe looked into some sort of attachment/adjustment you can make so you can produce one table to save costs, but it would for for a classic or a big joe (not sure on aesthetics on this). I'm figuring this isn't for the jr.
  15. How did it turn out? Any ideas on what to do better next time? And any difference between that pork butt and the ones you would do without the tiss? Just curious cause I'm still debating on getting the big joe Tiss when it comes out (honestly its not really a debate, I'm going to get it, esp after winning my fantasy football league so I got money to blow lol)
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