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  1. Unfortunately a lot of the rubs you guys use are not available here in the UK so I either make my own or sometimes look for something similar or based on the same flavour. Unfortunately not seen any plowboys rubs here. Will post when I do it
  2. That looks great stangely my pizza stone split in half last weekend so actually I can do the same as you and use half a stone to bank the fire. As long as I have a spell of dry weather this weekend I will give your method a go. This was just what I needed many thanks
  3. We love lamb at our house that sounds like a plan. Looking to do a chicken to start but that's on my to do list.
  4. Wow what a find. These are not made of the same material as modern kamados I have read on here not to let them go over 400f. Is there a top vent with it as in the picture as this will make it easier to control temps. If not a big green egg vent may fit
  5. Hi I have just got my rotisserie attachment sorted out for the kamado As I have not cooked with a rotisserie before I was looking for tips/cooking temperature advice for a whole chicken as a starter so I can get a feel for it. Also some other cooks that a rotisserie is well suited for. Thanks in advance Nigel
  6. Wrong thread
  7. In all honesty if I'm doing low and slow I will bring the temp up slowly to where I want it e.g. 250f using the dome thermometer and then let it stabilise at the temp I want it at for half an hour before I put on the meat with a meat thermometer in it then close the lid and then stop looking at temps on the dome. I will then just be looking at my meat thermometer and checking the dome temp just to make sure the fire is still burning and not gone out. My thinking is if the grill is stable at say 250f for half an hour cold meat will cool the kamado and won't really properly recover until the meat gets hot.
  8. Hi If you have never owned a kamado before it is a good idea to have a dry run and play with the vent settings just to get used to how the kamado behaves and see how far you need to open each vent for different temperatures. You can start low and work your way through the different temperatures then at the end when you are up in the high temps either Sear a steak or add another pizza stone and cook a pizza. Good luck and enjoy your purchase. P. S. Actually don't add a pizza stone it may crack due to being added to a hot grill Sear some steaks
  9. ndg_2000

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    @Tiki Joe Hi I have the same Kamado as you have a look in the threads for the Pitt Boss about some possible minor mods you may like to make. Also keep the spanners handy and check all the nuts and bolts on the hinge regularly, as they can work loose and cause issues with the lid closing. It's a great Kamado and you will produce some wonderful food on it.
  10. Sorry for the resurrection of an old thread but I have finally fitted the rotisserie to my Pitt Boss 24. As I'm not using the side shelves I have been able to use one of the mounts for the rotisserie motor. As the post above a new bar was made for me by a friend with a lathe. Here is it all in place P. S. The last photo is of the rotisserie on one of the other shelf brackets but I does show how well the seal copes with the 4mm bar through the gaskets.
  11. @John Setzler The hyperbolic insert looks great for large pieces of meat. Have you done any cooks consisting lots of small pieces of meat eg. chicken wings where the cooking grates are full and may interfere with the air flow of the insert? Possibly thinking this might be its achilies heel.
  12. Congratulations hope you enjoy the kamado. You had a great deal there.
  13. Dusted off both of my kamado's ready for the summer had chicken last night on the Pitt Boss. Small kamado is having a cleaning burn as it has been in the shed over winter and got a little mould in it. Will be using both tomorrow as its a beautiful 20c here in the UK on the Bank Holiday weekend.
  14. Where I live in the UK there is no cable TV coverage. Netflix etc (over the Internet TV) is available but the broadband speeds can be too slow and buffers a lot. The only way I can get a subscription based TV service other than those is sky TV which is a satellite based subscription service. We used to have it but after looking at our TV usage we didn't watch the channels we were paying for as all of the TV we watched was available free to air so cancelled our subscription.
  15. If you don't the crust will burn. The first one acts as a deflector for the radient heat from the fire and will be considerably hotter than the top stone. The second one is at the same temperature as the air that gets up into the top of the kamado.
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