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  1. There is nothing wrong with pallet wood if you have the time to spend on the deconstruction of the pallets. I made my wood store/prep table out of it and it's great .
  2. @Inkbird Thanks for posting your sales on here for the small number of us that are in the UK. There are UK based sites devoted to BBQ.
  3. Where is the fat catching fire? in your drip pan or is it making it past your drip pan to the charcoal?
  4. Funny you should say that that's where I got the idea from. Saw some YouTube videos of crucible furnaces so decided to make a kamado as I couldn't justify over £1000 on a grill; then eventually came across a Pitt Boss in Costco UK and bought one
  5. Not with clay I did it with asbestos free fire cement and some chicken wire for my DIY keg kamado and it worked well. Had a dish about the diameter I needed lined it with tinfoil put fire cement in and a piece of chicken wire to give it some strength then rammed in more fire cement on top. Baked it in the dish gently to set it then used it at increasing temperatures in the kamado. I will add a photo.
  6. Hi I got the inkbird IBT-4XS when they did the give away a few weeks ago and I'm thrilled with the thermometer it has 4 probes or put better 1 grill probe and 3 meat probes. It is great and also has a smart phone app to aid you in your grilling. The bluetooth connection is limited by the technology but is great when in line of sight. I will add some more photos when I get home I'm away on a business trip at the moment I have added the only photos I have of it on my phone at the moment
  7. I use a drip pan but no water
  8. Keeperovdeflame and I are thinking exactly the same thing... you have much less risk in cutting the legs off the heat deflector that way if anything was to go wrong the heat deflector is a much easier piece to replace with after market parts than the fire bowl. P.s. if the heat deflector you already have is metal it will be easier to cut than the ceramic is to notch
  9. great idea i used a cheap pizza stone placed on top of the grill grates supplied with the kamado then the pizza is higher in the dome and then you also benefit from the radiant heat from the dome, the only problem with that is after 6 uses it cracked in half so i spent £30 on a Kamado Joe pizza stone from Homebase which is twice as thick and haven't looked back. P.s. the 2 half pizza stones come in very handy for 2 zone cooking and deviding the fire box when using a rotisserie
  10. you had a bargain there.... if it were me i would treat this kamado to the full restoration it deserves. The removable fire box can be repaired by using either JBweld (there are high temperature variants) or after a good clean Fire cement. good luck and enjoy your restoration
  11. ndg_2000


    It's not the bands on this grill it's the hinge loosen off the bolts lift and lower the lid and give it a pull left and right and then add thread lock compound to the nut threads then tighten them until the nuts are just snug to the body of the hinge. Then open the lid and check the bolts in the middle of the hinge and do the same lift the lid pull the handle left and right then thread lock compound and tighten until just snug
  12. I've had my Pitt Boss for over a year and have not had any issue with the grate that came with the grill. Yes it does sit below the felt line but I have had no issue adding or removing food with the grill as designed. Tbh I think the cgs ring only really come into its own when you are looking to do a divided setup for say reverse sear steak but there are options to do that without it especially if you cut the hinge on the top rack and buy a half moon heat deflector.
  13. ndg_2000


    I own the pb24 from Costco I have had it a year and can't fault it. Only you can decide if the Big Joe is worth 3 LG kamados... just to make sure you know the LG has a 5 year guarantee on the ceramics so the warranty is not like for like with those 2
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