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  1. ndg_2000

    Hello from New England

    Welcome hope you enjoy
  2. ndg_2000

    It bands

    Well Done Glad you made it and everything went to plan for you
  3. ndg_2000

    Breakfast Pizza

    that looks great and im glad syrup has been no where near it
  4. ndg_2000

    The random pictures thread...

    OH DEAR the village idiot has started installing fire alarms
  5. ndg_2000

    Homemade Burger Buns

    I've done that before making a wet sponge with normal yeast then make your bread the next day makes a wonderful yeasty bread...... Must get baking again now the colder months are on us
  6. ndg_2000

    Dansons customer service

    I have recently had to contact dansons due to a chip on my 24 ceramic shell to ask for some touch up paint. Unfortunately they have been unable to ship to the UK the blue paint needed (probably issues with air freight carriage) but they have been really good and are sending me some free rubs and sauces. I have been told they are setting up a distribution warehouse in France and this should be up and running in spring next year. So if anyone does have any warranty issues in Europe this should be able to be fulfilled in the near future. So if anyone has any recipe ideas I'm all ears, here are the rubs and sauces they are sending me. Pit Boss 5oz Chop House Steak Rub Spice Pit Boss 5oz Hickory Bacon Spice Louisiana Grill18oz Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce Louisiana Grills 18oz Georgia Style BBQ Sauce Louisiana Grills 5oz Caribbean Keylime Delight Spice
  7. This can be used to your advantage if you use the large lumps over the grate in the bottom of the kamado I have found it helps airflow
  8. Yes that's right but I haven't had any problems with capacity with mine yet. For $350 it's a great deal especially with all of the extras
  9. ndg_2000

    It bands

    I wouldn't over do the rolling twice a day until you feel them loosening is probably fine but if you over do it it can end up bruising the muscles you are trying to rehab.... Good luck
  10. ndg_2000

    Kamado Joe gasket

    Have you tried a smoke test again to see if it is still leaking at that point..... If it isn't I really wouldn't worry. Ceramic is not going to be perfectly flat unless the rims of the bowls are machined after firing. The thickness of the gasket should accommodate any variation
  11. ndg_2000

    Menards $28.00 Rotisserie On a Pitt Boss K22

    It will be photos I'm not one for videos I don't have the equipment... My Rotisserie kit arrived in the post today to be honest I only paid £20 for it and it shows. The quality is terrible I will have to run a tap through all of the threads just to get the supplied screws through. I will still do the mod and will add photos for your viewing pleasure.
  12. ndg_2000

    Menards $28.00 Rotisserie On a Pitt Boss K22

    I don't have a lathe to turn it down but I do have a bench grinder I'm thinking to mount the spit rod in a drill and grind whilst spinning the drill. I will let you know how it goes.
  13. ndg_2000

    It bands

    I had it band issues when starting training after a lengthy stop (12years lol) I got a hard dog ball and rolled my it bands. I added a minimum 2days rest a week in to my training and have not looked back. I still roll my It bands on the days I'm not training and have not had a reoccurrance. If I was you I would take a break to allow the sheething of your muscles to repair before you do the half marathon. You will be sore after but you will have done it good luck
  14. ndg_2000

    Fuel regulating on higher temp cooks

    On the Pitt Boss you can literally fill the bowl until it is level with the top of the bowl with no issues if you are setting up for an indirect cook. I will fill the bowl and then just stir up the charcoal and cook 3 maybe 4 times before I need to refill. When you load the bowl find the largest lumps in the bag and put them on the grate on the bottom then pour out till full.
  15. ndg_2000

    Broken thumb

    Nice to see you are on the mend and have found a way