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  1. As above you have air getting in seal it up with some gasket material around the vent door and with a little practice you will be hitting 200 in no time
  2. There are 2 possible reasons why 1 air is getting in and the fire has run away with you. 2 you lit too much charcoal at the start. How did you start the fire?
  3. ndg_2000

    Menards $28.00 Rotisserie On a Pitt Boss K22

    Hi Have you turned down the spit rod or is it supplied at that thickness at that point?
  4. I don't know if anyone else knows about this but a lot of the content will be archived here https://archive.org/web/ https://web.archive.org/web/20180224071632/https://www.kamadoguru.com/ Hope this helps if there is content you may still need access to in the future It's a shame a notification of take down can't be passed to these guys just to make sure the full content doesn't dissappear forever
  5. Thank you for what I have personally learned and shared on the forum. I will be sorry to see it go. I used to have a fb profile but got sick of the persistent drivel that filled my "news feed" daily. I won't be rejoining fb.
  6. ndg_2000

    One thing I dislike about my vision

    Warning sticker is a great idea I have a pb 24......... It will be another thing to help the fire along
  7. Your only problem with the above is if it needs a refill of charcoal there's a lot of hot ceramic to move. But if you fill before firing no problem
  8. ndg_2000


    Wow if i could eat cheese I would be all over that like a kid in a sweet shop
  9. ndg_2000

    Review of 24 Inch Pit Boss Kamado

    The white smoke disappears when the balance between the oxygen (air) going through the kamado and the size of the fire lit is balanced so the oxygen is all burned as it passes the fire. It can take up to 1 hour for mine to settle depending on the temp I'm aiming for.
  10. ndg_2000

    DIY Stainless Steel Rain Cap

    That's my kind of engineering I have some stainless sheet I will have to measure it up to see if its big enough
  11. ndg_2000

    Hello from the Alabama Gulf Coast...

    Looking forward to seeing your cooks you sound like a pro
  12. ndg_2000

    Hello from NC.

    Welcome hope you enjoy the learning curve as much as I have
  13. ndg_2000

    First attempt at Welsh Cakes

    Good luck the bakestone doesn't need to be very hot as they will burn otherwise
  14. Hi first go at making Welsh cakes. We have been invited to a friends for a BBQ and were asked to bring something for after so my wife said she would bring Welsh cakes. We were going to buy them but as I had a bakestone we decided to make them following the recipe attached Hope you like the look of these https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/5569/welsh-cakes Edit. They don't need the extra sugar on top as they are sweet enough as they are.
  15. www.homearama.co.uk/hukka-carelian-soapstone-uunikko-cooking-pot.html Hi saw this on the net and wondered if anyone has ever used one. It's quite an investment for a pot. N