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  1. Just started my second bag it defiantly lasts a lot longer than the smaller stuff I have previously been buying
  2. ndg_2000

    Advice for first BBQ

    After lusting over a BGE for a few years and getting fed up with a gas Bbq. My wife and I finally bought the Costco Pitt Boss I am very happy with it and have completed all of the cooks you describe above on it. It's a great cooker and have recommended it to anyone who would listen. There are a couple of minor things you need to be aware of when buying one but they are well documented in the Pitt boss forum
  3. ndg_2000

    Fire ban

    Glad you can start the kamado again (when the rain clears). P. S. Where I live in Wales we usually have the opposite problem LOL.
  4. ndg_2000

    Table for Kamado Joe Jr

    You mark out the circle with a pen and a piece of string then drill a hole through the stainless steel big enough for your metal jigsaw blade near the edge of the hole you want to make then you jigsaw around the line where you marked. It's easier if you drill several holes around the edge of the circle then you SLOWLY join the holes with the jigsaw. You then can file/sand/dermel the stainless back to your marked line. Hope this helps Nigel
  5. ndg_2000

    New pit boss chemical smell

    Great to hear you have sorted your problem
  6. ndg_2000

    Meat Grinder Feed Tray

    Great fix love it when someone puts a useful item back to work
  7. Re pork shoulder that sounds fine. I have a Pitt boss as well did an overnight cook of shoulder the temp started at 225 and gradually dropped to 190 overnight due to the Ash clogging the holes in the fire grate; in the morning I opened the vents a bit more and continued cooking. Turned out great. Sounds like you have plenty of practice with the webber.
  8. ndg_2000

    Smokinlicious Gourmet Smoking Wood

    I was surprised to see they have a UK website but unfortunately I won't be ordering as I have just realized the price @ nearly £66 for the small box including shipping its a stretch for smoking wood. I will have to find a good UK supplier
  9. ndg_2000

    Recent Buc-ee's haul

    OMG thank goodness they haven't made it to the UK yet otherwise I would be the size of a house I could spend a LOT of money in there.
  10. ndg_2000

    Custom Cedar Cart Table for Kamado Joe J.r

    Beautiful craftsmanship in that table
  11. ndg_2000

    50 cent yard sale find

    That's my kind of shopping well spotted
  12. ndg_2000

    Pide, Chicken and Lamb

    Now that my kind of meal Looks great
  13. ndg_2000

    New pit boss chemical smell

    @IndyNick Did you resolve your problem?
  14. ndg_2000

    Quick bangers and Salad

    Hi Yes it is re-purposed. I found an old plant stand in my shed that was exactly the right size and went with it.
  15. ndg_2000

    Quick bangers and Salad

    Thanks yes it was, trying to eat a bit heathier as my waistline has expanded in the last few years so more veg and salad and less of the stuff that we all know and love