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  1. "The deflector is a nice design.. Although i cant work out a situation when legs down would be best as it puts the grate in a weird position, all but sat on the top of the deflector. Any ideas for the usage legs down? " if you install the deflector in with the legs down and an additional pizza stone on top of your grill grates this Kamado makes epic pizza welcome to the forum hope you are enjoying your new Kamado. P.S. Keep your spanners handy and check the hinge bolts regularly(the ones on the box at the back) as they do tend to work loose (some thread lock compound is a good idea on the bolts and nuts to keep them where they should be )
  2. ndg_2000

    2019 Costco Pit Boss

    the 2 brands Louisiana Grills and Pitt boss are owned by the same parent company Dansons. The Kamado is manufactured in china by AUPLEX Kamado who OEM for lots of different brands as above Pit Boss, Kong, Vision, Auplex(they do retail themselves) Ynni there are loads of brands that have slightly differing accessories and vent configurations but all manufactured in the same place Its the same grill with a different brand
  3. ndg_2000

    Monolith dilem

    jpp you didnt share what part of the world you are from
  4. ndg_2000

    The random pictures thread...

    Love it I think that's going to be the last one for Xmas eve lol
  5. Check the middle bolt on the hinge is tight I had to put some thread locking compound in mine as it loosened constantly
  6. ndg_2000

    The random pictures thread...

    Lol unfortunately that would go over the head of an 8 year old
  7. ndg_2000

    The random pictures thread...

    Talking about Xmas we are doing elf on the shelf for my daughter so here are a couple of the elf poses we have done so far
  8. ndg_2000

    We have the cheapest gas in the country

    Are we talking per gallon or liter here? In UK its at about £1.30 a litre over here
  9. ndg_2000

    BBQ Guru CyberQ Case

    Nice those pelican cases are great I have one for my laptop..... I love the warranty exclusions though Bear attack Shark attack Children under 5
  10. ndg_2000

    Disappointed , is this normal?

    Would love to hear how you upgraded the Pitt Boss 24" hinge. I haven't seen anything on the market.
  11. ndg_2000

    Antique work bench potential build

    I love this idea. I really like repurposing items they are then unique and made exactly to your requirements
  12. I use it exactly the way you do for low and slow. I have had no issues. I have cooked a pork butt for an overnight cook and 8 hours later it was still within 25 degrees of my target. And with a couple of tweeks to the vent settings went on to cook for a further 5 hours with fuel left over. My view is if it ain't broke don't worry about fixing it.
  13. ndg_2000

    Spin Spun Spam

    Love it we don't seem to have that large a range of Spam products over this side of the pond but it would be a great challenge LOL
  14. The only thing I can think of is to reduce the amount of fluid in the pan or maybe just do away with it all together and do your gravy from the giblets.
  15. The only thing I can think off is the quantity of fluid under the turkey acted as a heat sink and as it was boiling down kept the temp down on the dome thermometer