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  1. If you search for either pittboss Dansons or Louisiana grills they are all the same company
  2. I have a cast iron lid I use for smash burgers I take the handle off and place it upsidedown straight on the cooking grate works perfectly for me. Or think about an all cast iron frying pan
  3. To be honest I would think of just putting felt on the feet of the firebox and returning it to the grill the weight of the firebox on the felt will compress the high spots and fill the low spots
  4. I'm not affiliated with them but kamado.co.uk do accessories that fit just look for the number on the website and give them a ring they will be able to help you find what you need I think it is the 23inch accessories for the costo Louisiana grill
  5. Yes I have bought a 7 inch steel deep pan pizza dish that I am going to cut to make a heat deflector. But in the mean time do exactly the same as you did for the chicken cook but I would have put the foil tray under your cooking grate to try and give yourself an air gap
  6. Hi I'm in the UK and have also bought a Lidl kamado to have a smaller kamado for quick grilling and cooks where my big kamado is just too big. I bought this cover for mine which has not yet arrived but I will add photos of it on the Lidl kamado when it does https://www.kamado.co.uk/YNNI-Universal-1314-inch-Kamado-Cover-14inch-No-Logo-TQAYBS2_p_260.html
  7. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Onlyfire-Cooking-System-Kettle-Similar/dp/B084RRCMWW Link to UK Amazon
  8. Just wondered do the original cooking grates fit back in with this Webber D&C
  9. I cut the hinge of the top rack on my 24 it offers the flexibility of only using half of the rack whilst cooking on the bottom rack also if you want all of it it's easy to reinstall. You don't need to worry about the rack falling either as the arms on the rear rack support it
  10. Please don't use the cheap Costco instant light stuff in your kamado it can leave a residue in the ceramic and a weird flavour in your food. It is impregnated with wax to help it burn and when lit in a ceramic kamado it can get into the ceramic. Just use the lump wood charcoal in your Pitt boss and keep the instant light stuff for metal grill type barbeque or a chiminea. If you have used it clean out all of the ash in the bottom of your kamado and I would do a high temperature cleaning burn to make sure you get rid of any residue.
  11. Yes this is what I do just invest in a good pair of BBQ gloves
  12. You may be better using brake caliper paint as it's formulation is for high temperature application
  13. Hi If you search the forum for Kinuurayaki pottery you may find a few threads here that will help nige
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