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  1. Hi I'm in Bridgend South Wales and here is my BBQ setup I have a Costco Pitt Boss 24 and a small Kamado I made from a Keg P.S Wasn't sure if you meant to comment on the Amazon link
  2. Hi I did have a look but was looking for something like a partyq or a ikammand but didn't see anything. Do you produce any?
  3. hi i looked on your website but could not find the temperature controller do you have a link? possibly better if you PM me as dont want you getting into trouble with the admins for promoting a product.
  4. that looks like a great grill and the beef looks amazing
  5. The KAB is great but if you are having issues with air flow and want a temporary fix to see if that is your issue get 2 cake stands with legs and make a grate like I did for my Pitt boss 24. Or just use a piece of expanded metal (top of a disposable grill) and replace the grate in the bottom of your kamado with it.
  6. Congratulations on your new kamado from a fellow UK resident
  7. Congratulations on you purchasing the Aldi kamado there is a learning curve but it is worth the effort even bad cooks taste good on a kamado. I'm also in the UK and opted for the Pitt Boss from Costco and haven't looked back.
  8. This is not going to be applicable to most on here but if you are in the UK and are looking for charcoal CPL Restaurant grade charcoal is very good i usually order 24kg form ebay for about £25. I was recommended it on here and dont use any other charcoal unless i run out then i use the £5.50 lumpwood charcoal from Tesco.
  9. Wecome and hope you enjoy your L-G 24
  10. Welcome and enjoy your new L-G 24
  11. @1875Check the outer metal of the slider body where it meets the ceramic of the kamado I had to seal mine as it was letting in air there. I put some felt around the hole in the ceramic and reattached the slider body and ths cured it.
  12. I have the pb24" that has a very similar deflector stone looks like I'm going to have to try your setup next time for pizza
  13. Do you think this could be reproduced on a horizontal spit (think spit roast Chicken) or after the marinade is the meat too tender?
  14. Oh that looks amazing.... great pizza
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