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  1. Hobbies other than cooking DIY I have uploaded some photos of my previous projects here. I enjoy Woodturning (I'm still learning) and I also enjoy riding my motorcycle which my friend has just finished a complete overhaul/rebuild on for me
  2. I usually put my hand in the smoke coming out of my top vent and then smell that. I gives a good indication of what the meat will taste of
  3. I don't think it antique I think it's from either the 60's or 70's. If you are planning to use it I would not be looking to go over 300f as the ceramic that it is made from won't take those temperatures. If you have a look through the treads here there are some rebuild threads with very similar kamados featured
  4. If you take off the back plate off the hinge then remove the springs (easiest done when the lid is open) you need someone holding the handle to make sure the lid doesn't slam down. Then with the lid closed as best you can you should be able to loosen the band's enough to adjust the hinge band's so the lid will close. Then tighten up the bands replace the springs and the back plate and you should be good to go. I wouldn't advise adjusting the bands in place without taking the springs off the hinge. I have heared they can move with some force.
  5. Something like this would hold the fire box together and it's adjustable if it loosens off
  6. I would do the same as most of the kamados on here do and add a layer to your lid as well it should help even out the differences between the lid and base
  7. hi i wouldn't purposely break the kamado base just to glue the sections together. I have seen people on here use fibre glass matting and the type of fire cement you have to glue up fire boxes that have cracked. you have to make sure the inside of the kamado is spotlessly clean even if that means sanding the inside, either side of the crack and scraping out where the crack is and driving in the fire cement with a scraper into the crack from the inside. then apply the fibre glass matting then apply the fire cement over the top and smooth out. leave this to dry out for a few day
  8. if you put another layer of nomex on the top you wont have any problems again with the top vent . you may have a bit of fun getting the top vent settled down on it but after that and a few cooks it beds in and wont fall off i did this mod as mine was loose
  9. I would love to but I'm the wrong side of the Atlantic
  10. I have e decided this is the last time I'm going through this process to fix up this keg kamado. its not that i dont use it, i do its just that the time and effort and money i have spent on re-making the interior each year i could buy a mini ceramic kamado and get the same use of it. Right after looking carefully at the damage i could see the insulating concre was too soft to support the stress of the fire cement being knocked together when the lid was closing. With that i mind i decided to firm up the concrete with water glass (Sodum silicate) before re applying the fire cement.
  11. Have a look at this thread to see what can go wrong if this is the kamado I think it is
  12. That looks like the older Richard Johnson kamado to me so might not be worth that much. Someone who knows more than me hopefully will be along soon. Check the top cap to see if it moves and is free, CAREFULLY check the inside for evidence of cracking and the outside for lifting tiles. If all of the above is ok you might be able to snap a bargain
  13. ndg_2000

    KJ Charcoal

    looks like its time to google Golden boys charcoal and see if there are any UK suppliers EDIT: looks like its a sunflower seed bag so no go there then
  14. @endou_kenji it was me I would be investing in some kamado gasket material so you get a good seal on the lid to the base. Then looking at the spout on the lid to see if you can start controling the hot air flow out of the claymado before worrying about how the air gets in that is the easiest part as there are holes allready
  15. That looks great how do you regulate the temperature? Do you have any air flow control? Is the base a hollow tube?
  16. yes it's become a labour of love to keep it going but if I hadn't made it I wouldn't have my Pitt boss so I owe it some time and attention just for that.
  17. Not great .....the issues I'm having are to do with the perlite cement I am waiting to get some water glass (sodium silicate) to paint on the areas that have crumbled and dusted up. This should stabilise the bad areas and solidify any issues before I build anything back up.i will continue to update this thread as I'm doing it
  18. Try and speak to the guys behind yunni kamado at kamado.co.uk . Take some measurements and give them a ring I have read on another forum they have one that fits the Louisiana/Pitt boss 24 inch. I have the older Pitt boss 24 inch but have not felt I needed a D&C
  19. There is nothing wrong with pallet wood if you have the time to spend on the deconstruction of the pallets. I made my wood store/prep table out of it and it's great .
  20. @Inkbird Thanks for posting your sales on here for the small number of us that are in the UK. There are UK based sites devoted to BBQ.
  21. Where is the fat catching fire? in your drip pan or is it making it past your drip pan to the charcoal?
  22. Funny you should say that that's where I got the idea from. Saw some YouTube videos of crucible furnaces so decided to make a kamado as I couldn't justify over £1000 on a grill; then eventually came across a Pitt Boss in Costco UK and bought one
  23. Not with clay I did it with asbestos free fire cement and some chicken wire for my DIY keg kamado and it worked well. Had a dish about the diameter I needed lined it with tinfoil put fire cement in and a piece of chicken wire to give it some strength then rammed in more fire cement on top. Baked it in the dish gently to set it then used it at increasing temperatures in the kamado. I will add a photo.
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