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  1. I'd go with the Classic for sure. The Jr is cool and all, but it's a tad limited. My Classic is my workhorse.
  2. Ive had that in Santa Cruz...not a fan either.
  3. Looks perfect to me. Great idea on the staves.
  4. I dont foil much, but when I do, the dollar store foil.
  5. Its a wash. Too much emphasis is put on what thickness a ceramic is. It really doesnt matter.
  6. I have never had real mustard BBQ sauce. BBQ-Brethren Pat Attack was kind enough to send me a sample, that's what I thought! He sent me a years supply at least! 4 bottles of Melvins BBQ sauce and a bottle of rub too! Thanks Pat, appreciate it very much! Haven't had a chance to use it on some Q till today. Just tossed a pork butt that was butchered sloppy, so I just cut it into two pieces. I have got to say that the mustard sauce may be my go-to favorite for pulled pork sammys here on out!!! SWMBO who is a mustard hater, absolutely loved it!
  7. Rain aint going to hurt her! Baptize that baby!
  8. Not so much for flavor. But for the equisite aroma.
  9. If I recall that cook was a reverse sear. So I probably had it parked between 250-300 before ramping it up. Maybe 5 minutes to ramp up. Not much at all.
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