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  1. I'd go with the Classic for sure. The Jr is cool and all, but it's a tad limited. My Classic is my workhorse.
  2. Ive had that in Santa Cruz...not a fan either.
  3. Looks perfect to me. Great idea on the staves.
  4. I dont foil much, but when I do, the dollar store foil.
  5. Its a wash. Too much emphasis is put on what thickness a ceramic is. It really doesnt matter.
  6. I have never had real mustard BBQ sauce. BBQ-Brethren Pat Attack was kind enough to send me a sample, that's what I thought! He sent me a years supply at least! 4 bottles of Melvins BBQ sauce and a bottle of rub too! Thanks Pat, appreciate it very much! Haven't had a chance to use it on some Q till today. Just tossed a pork butt that was butchered sloppy, so I just cut it into two pieces. I have got to say that the mustard sauce may be my go-to favorite for pulled pork sammys here on out!!! SWMBO who is a mustard hater, absolutely loved it!
  7. Rain aint going to hurt her! Baptize that baby!
  8. Not so much for flavor. But for the equisite aroma.
  9. If I recall that cook was a reverse sear. So I probably had it parked between 250-300 before ramping it up. Maybe 5 minutes to ramp up. Not much at all.
  10. I got to 900F on my first cook on the Jr. This was using royal oak lump and 1 weber starter cube. http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/8852-inaugural-cook-on-the-kamado-joe-jr/
  11. I want to like grass fed but my tastes bud are rebels. I have tried it plenty of times but just cant get over what seems like a metallic flavor.
  12. It is viable on a KJ or any kamado.
  13. The very few times Ive needed customer support from BGE. Ive received great service dealing with HQ directly.
  14. No oil needed. Temp 400+. Preheat the CI. Yes you can use a skillet.
  15. Sounds great! Will probably order the ultra-flex tonight. I'm probably a week away from filling the tank with water. Here is a before shot from the CL ad. Finishing up painting/staining the stand today. Also having the tank drilled for the bulkhead today as well.
  16. Very kewl, post some pics and keep us updated. Will do! I'm just gathering everything together. Built my sump. Now trying to figure out the plumbing on drain/return lines. Thinking ultra flex pvc, but I want to use a ball valve on the return. So might go standard PVC on the return.
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