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  1. Looks really good! Would like to see some pics with it in use!
  2. Photo update. Putting on the stain but took a break to enjoy a Pliny
  3. I found a bone in pork shoulder coming in at 8lbs... I figured I'd put that beast in the Jr. I first soaked it for 2 days in orange juice, lemons, limes and oranges, a bay leaf and chipotle peppers. Brought the Jr to a steady 225. Seasoned the pork shoulder with some Merito's and 11 hrs later....Carnitas!
  4. Rob L


    I use a reliable set of Wustof Classic. A good choice if looking for a full tang knife. I also recommend a Kyocera ceramic knife for bread or for cutting acidic items. The cool thing about Kyocera? When they start looking shabby or getting dull, mail the knife to their Costa Mesa Ca location and they ship you a new one.
  5. First, amazed at how great that vacuum seal worked. Second, that steak was cooked phenomenally perfect! Finally, killer brew choice in the Red IPA, which I haven't tried that one yet.
  6. My brother in law caught a yellow fin tuna approx 40 miles off the So Cal coast, west of Avalon, Catalina Is. Figured I'd put a slab of it on the Jr.
  7. Everything g seemed to be checking off good until I read the RoyalOak part. Kamado Joe charcoal is far more sense than RO. I did a 12 hour cook recently at 250 and still had KJ charcoal leftover in which I used another day to dear some burgers.
  8. I had some left over charcoal(the KJ stuff is good!) so I threw some burgers on. I did add bacon to the ground beef for a flavor boost. One of the burgers had some arugula which works well with beef.
  9. Joe Jr is a great Kamado. Super efficient
  10. How cool is that! Jr is a workhorse. Birds look great
  11. Excellent smoke ring and I like the idea of the copper T's under the drip pan to create an air draft.
  12. This turned out great and I see you get your pizza high into the dome.
  13. I use the Just Food For Dogs recipe. It's a DIY where you use their nutrient powder and add it to 4 lbs thigh meat, livers, gizzards, green apples, spinach and carrots. Also long grain rice. You can order the nutrient powder online.
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