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  1. Adapter for the tiny fan. Here is another one for you to look at on the full size Akorn. https://myflameboss.com/cooks/80213?historical=1 And here is one where my meat probe failed near the beginning https://myflameboss.com/cooks/156360?historical=1 Trusted and went on to bed. 3 butts for an event.
  2. I don't remember. Note at bottom says meat on @ 1:am It probe in at 1:40. I usually start everything before putting meat on. You can make the graph smaller or bigger. Meat probe starts at 70 (likely outside temp in August) then drops to 32, probably 32 was when it was inserted. It is a killer way to do a butt. Put it on and go to bed.
  3. Here is a Jr. cook near 14 hours https://myflameboss.com/cooks/122521?historical=1
  4. just guessing the holes would even the heat flow blocked by the tabs. Found some longer bolts,
  5. Well, here is what I ended up with. Forgot about the grate being hinged. It'll be an easy fix with a clip welded to the bolt heads to catch the outer ring or just fasten the flap down. Thanks for the help and ideas. Using bolts gives infinite flexibility. I have enough 5/8" all-thread to take a pizza all the way to the top of the dome. Don't worry, I burned the galvanize off the bolts and nuts in a well drafted forge then sandblasted to the bare steel. And the plate is steel even if it looks like aluminum, just blasted and wire brushed.
  6. Phrede, That does help a lot. I'm not too far in to redesign. I'll take a look at how far I want the upper grill into the dome. Thinking Pizza. Just thinking if I thread the main plate, One could have more than one set of risers? It'll be just as easy to weld on a big nut as the feet I just cut out.
  7. Thanks Brickbat, I'm about half finished making one from 1/4 inch steel right now. Cut the inner circle at 14 inches and the outer at 18". It looks right to me. Got to go find something to make the feet, main motivation is to get the #1 grill raised up.
  8. Would anyone be kind enough to measure their deflector and post the dimensions? I have steel and a plasma cutter and intentions of making one. Thanks.
  9. Yeah, That burney cheese is killer. She just says the cheese gathers too much smoke. I think it takes pizza to the next level. I've had wood fired from a few places and they are nothing like the ones from my smokers. The Akorn jr. in the background makes the best 10 inch pizzas I've ever had.
  10. Pizza was good! Pre-cooked from a local shop. It's a half because the wife wants hers in kitchen oven.
  11. Yeah, Just lit her up for a test burn. Have a Pizza going on it later.
  12. Home Run, Got it, $169! Thanks for your advise.
  13. Thanks, good points. Good to know about the grate interchange. I haven't decided yet. The close ones are gone but still plenty in an area I have to drive through this week. Looks like they aren't going to see another cut!
  14. Thanks, Yeah, it's 1/4" steel plate, 11.75" round, I don't remember if I cut it that size or found it in my junk. I did sandblast it clean and season it. My process is light a nearly full chimney, go make the pizza. By the time I have the pizza ready, just dump the charcoal, put on the grate bricks and place the pizza. I like heavy toppings and have found if I use the plate not pre-heated more time is allowed for the top to cook and it all times out about right. I quit watching the temp. With a full load of screaming coals dumped in that tiny cooker it's going to get pretty hot pretty fast. The temp will drop from the cold plate and pizza, but will recover pretty fast. Seems to take 15 to 20 minutes cooking time. I'm ok with that, I haven't found a way to cook a heavy topping pizza faster. I have another rig (hillbilly engineered) that fits a weber kettle that will cook one faster but only if it's lightly topped. Here is one of them, I can't find a photo of the other one that fits the Weber.
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