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  1. A few weeks ago I was asking how you guys would go about spinning a bone-in ham on the Joetisserie. I know hams are already cooked, but I wanted to put some smoke to one. @John Setzler recommended not taking it any higher than ~130 degrees IT. @Bgosnell151 asked me to post pics. I finally got around to it yesterday, and here's how it went: 7.5 lb bone-in ham Royal Oak lump (red bag) 2 medium size chunks of hickory, 1 medium chunk of cherry First I brushed on some yellow mustard: Then coated the whole thing in course-ground black pepper: Brought the Big Joe up to about 325 degrees, threw in the smoking wood, and in she went: I checked the IT roughly every 20 minutes. At the one hour mark, I was getting wildly different readings from all over the ham, ranging from 87 - 192 degrees. Figuring it was better to pull it too soon than too late, I called it done: I forgot to take a plated photo before I had already started cutting up my steak: This ham was fattier than I'd have liked, but I got it free with points from my supermarket, so I suppose I can't really complain. In addition to last night's dinner, I was able to vacuum-seal and freeze portions for another 5 meals: It turned out very well, but in truth I don't imagine the results would have been much different if I had just smoked this on the grate like normal. On the other hand, I don't use the Joetisserie very often, and it's not that much more involved to get it set up, so it was nice to change things up a bit. Thanks for looking.
  2. Yes, and the firebox has multiple cracks in it, as well. You can see the most obvious ones in the photos, but there are others. I've had one of the new multi-piece fireboxes in my garage for at least 4 years waiting for the day this original one falls apart, but so far, so good. When I moved 4 years ago I was convinced the firebox wouldn't make it. Shows what I know.
  3. I thought of this thread when I was preparing my Big Joe for a cook on Sunday afternoon, and took a couple pics of my gasket. I'm still cooking with the same felt gasket --or more precisely, what's left of it-- that came on it when I bought it in 2016. A couple times a year I think to myself that I need to order a new one, but then I cook something again and the grill still works like a champ, so I never quite get around to replacing it.
  4. I don't know if it was a relatively new addition to the list, or if I just somehow missed seeing it in previous readings, but I ordered the "Sparkr Wick" lighter last week and used it for the first time yesterday. That little bugger is awesome! Thanks for the recommendation.
  5. I'm not sure this is helpful information, but my Joetisserie was a gift, and it is the perfect gift item. When I use it, I love it. But I don't use it enough to justify the cost. If something happened to it, I would dearly love for someone to gift me a replacement, but I doubt I would buy one for myself.
  6. Nothing to do with the cook, which does look delicious, but some years ago my Mom came from NC with my sister and brother-in-law to visit my wife and me in NJ. Despite what can only be described as lukewarm interest from the four of us "kids," she (my Mom) was positively determined to treat us all to a Broadway play. After lengthy deliberation, Wicked was the show we picked. My brother-in-law and I, especially, could not have been more skeptical, but in the end we all thought it was absolutely fantastic. Such a good show....
  7. I did this for over a year, and I still do it when I try a new technique or cook an item I've never cooked before. I save them in a note-taking app on my phone so they can be searched for future reference. I also spent a day learning the grill settings, as @len440 suggests. And for the first month or so, whenever my temps stabilized, I took a photo the bottom vent, top vent and dome thermometer so the next time I wanted to set up for that particular temp I'd have a visual reference of more or less where I needed to set my vents.
  8. This is one of the first things I tried when got my Joetisserie. Be absolutely sure you've burned all the volatiles off your charcoal before you put the pineapple on to spin. Mine went on too soon and ended up tasting like slightly sugary creosote. I've always wanted to do another one, but the first one was bad enough that I don't think I'll ever get my wife to give it a second try.
  9. I have not done it yet. My weekends have a way of unexpectedly filling up with other activities. I do still plan to get to it soon, and will gladly post some pics when I do.
  10. Right, it’s definitely already cooked. I just want to give it a bit of smoke. Thanks.
  11. I have a couple of bone-in hams I got with points from my supermarket. Been thinking about smoking one on my Joetisserie, and I’m wondering if any of you have done this, and if so, what was your method? I’m looking for time, cooking temp, internal temp, and any other tips you might have. I feel like I’ve read some about this here in the past, but for the life of me I can’t get the search function to return any results that include the word “ham.”
  12. I don't have a dog in this race, but just thought I would say that there's nothing wrong with the daisy wheel. I've been using it on my Big Joe I for years now, and it works just fine. Took a weekend when I first got it and burned a load of coal just to find out where to set it to get the temps I need most often (225, 350, 400, 450) and have never looked back. It's just air flow. As long as whatever you're using allows you to open up wide and close down small, it's all good.
  13. I'm not arguing for or against either model, but just for the sake of clarity, the BJ1 does have the divide & conquer system.
  14. I own a Big Joe 1, and I have looked at the more recent models with the air lift hinge. While I would most definitely prefer the air lift over mine, it is worth nowhere NEAR $1500 to me.
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