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  1. Another vote for direct. I cook them just like a hotdog, moving them around fairly frequently for even color and to prevent burning. I've never checked a sausage for an internal temp, but I like them to be just starting to split so there's very little danger of me under-cooking one.
  2. Man, that looks fantastic. I’m going to have to try this.
  3. Oh, don’t misunderstand; there are very VERY few foods I say no to. That bird looks fantastic, and I’d be right in line to get my serving. It’s just not one of my favorites.
  4. I forgot I posted about this. Thing is, I don't ever buy turkey of any kind. As I said, neither my wife nor I care for it enough to seek it out. But every year my company gives one to every employee at Thanksgiving. And as it happened, this past Thanksgiving, we got another free one because of points we'd earned at our grocery store. To follow up on this particular cook, though, the bird turned out fine. I let it go just a shade longer than I would have wished, and the breast meat was not *quite* as juicy as it could have been. But my neighbors loved it, and my wife an
  5. This one was 17.25 lb. I think it turned out ok. Tasted a small bite when I cut it in half for the neighbor. We’ll see for sure when we have dinner.
  6. Funny you should say that. We’re not big fans of chocolate either.
  7. It occurred to me this week that I had two turkeys in my deep freeze, and when Thanksgiving rolls around my company will be giving me another one. My wife and I are not really wild about turkey, but I decided I need to cook at least one of these before the next one comes along, so earlier this week I told my neighbor I’d be delivering half a turkey to them tonight. I started prepping my bird yesterday, while I had a meatloaf smoking in the Joe. After one squirt, my kitchen syringe completely fell apart. I quickly drove over to the grocery store, but they didn’t have one. So I texted
  8. I think there's some classification confusion going on in this thread. The 18" grills are called the Classic, the Classic II, and the Classic III. The 24" grills are called the Big Joe, the Big Joe II, and the Big Joe III. (Which is to say, the "Big Joe Classic" is not a thing.)
  9. Thanks. Right. It was delicious. I just wish I had checked the temp about 5 minutes earlier than I did.
  10. Wow! That looks great! I can't believe I never thought to make this on the Joe. My wife LOVES lasagna. Mental note made....
  11. Recently I'm trying out some meats from a new-to-me local farm. I thought this was a pretty good-looking porterhouse (although I wish it had been just a smidge thicker), and I decided to do a reverse sear on it. I don't have a whole lot of reverse sear experience, and as a result I overshot my IT just a bit before the sear. Still, the flavor and tenderness were a wonder to behold. (It cooked up so tender, in fact, that the filet side fell apart at the end as I was taking it off the grill.) Anyway, here are a few pics: Just a good dusting of salt & pepper, and the ti
  12. I remember we told everybody the name of the debut album was Technicolor Barnyard.
  13. This is a great thread! In the '80s, the first job I could get my hands on after art school was selling video equipment in a mall. Unfortunately that mall was in a section of town where very, very few people could afford to buy video equipment, so the days were really long and uneventful. For reasons that now escape my memory (probably just pure boredom), my manager and I made up an obscure --and entirely fictitious-- band called Brick Pig, and somehow got quite a few of the other workers in the mall believing that they were missing out by not knowing about our great new find. Cut to
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