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  1. Any help with salmon?

    My go-to salmon method is to hit it with kosher salt, black pepper, and a fairly good drizzle of molasses or honey. Before grilling the salmon, heat a little oil in a frying pan over medium heat and sauté about a cup of frozen corn just until it's thawed and heated through. Then stir the corn into a jar of your favorite salsa. Grill the salmon to your desired doneness, and spoon the corn salsa over it when you plate it. We usually serve it with wild rice and steamed broccoli. It’s pretty to look at, tastes delicious, and looks like you went to a lot of trouble. Lots of bang for your cooking buck.
  2. Nothing but the money!

    Couple o’ chops, right out of the KJBJ.
  3. Improving a Cheap Lodge Cast Iron Pan

    I use my cast iron on the grill all the time with no noticeable problems. Given that a pan sits directly in the flame on a gas stovetop, I’m not understanding why sitting it on a grill grate would be any harder on the pan’s surface? (I’m asking, not arguing.)
  4. Big Joe transportation size/Costco Roadshow

    Like CentralTexBBQ said, you will definitely want help moving the Big Joe. I had two neighbors help me get mine out of the Element. All three of us are fairly stout boys, and we’d have been awfully glad to have had a fourth person if one had been available. I’ll say too, if I had it to do over, I’d rent a small truck from Home Depot. I didn’t really have any trouble with mine, but I’m 100% sure sliding it off the truck bed would have been a lot easier than getting it out the back of the car.
  5. Big Joe transportation size/Costco Roadshow

    It's been so long I can't remember the exact dimensions of the box, but it just barely did fit through the rear door of my Honda Element. Of course there was a little more clearance once it was actually inside the vehicle*, but there was only about 1/2" or 3/4" leeway getting it through the hatch. I don't know how the Element compares to the MKC, sizewise. *Probably goes without saying, but I had to completely remove the rear seats. Here's a link to a diagram showing all the dimensions of the Big Joe. I suppose you could add a few inches in each direction to get rough estimate of how big the box would be. http://www.kamadojoe.com/downloads_public/KJ_SPECS_BIGJOE.pdf
  6. Happy to share. No secrets in my kitchen. (BTW, sometimes if the cabbage seems a little more bitter than normal, I'll throw in a pinch of sugar as well.)
  7. Sea Bass With Garlic Salsa Verde

    That is one seriously gorgeous cook!
  8. Yep, the purple stuff is red cabbage slaw. Just cabbage, cider vinegar, salt & pepper.
  9. The random pictures thread...

    My neighborhood this morning.
  10. Thanks, I'm very pleased with how the beef turned out. I don't often cook that type of cut, but the last two times they've turned out really well.
  11. Way too busy for my own good lately, but I managed to arrange my weekend so I could basically cook all day this past Saturday. Early in the day I did a small Boston butt, and in the evening I did a London Broil (based on the recent Setzler video) for dinner. Prepped late Friday night: Sealed everything up and refrigerated overnight Did the pork late morning /early afternoon, to have a couple ready-to-go meals this week. London broil for Saturday night dinner. Sunday dinner. Thanks for looking!
  12. Beer brewing / keg / bar

    Been away from this site for awhile; just now seeing this. Sorry you got sidetracked. We used to get to Madison fairly regularly. My wife worked at St. Hubert's for a few years, and we used to go to Shanghai Jazz semi-regularly. We don't head over that way very much now that she works in West Caldwell.
  13. Beer brewing / keg / bar

    I started home brewing over 20 years ago. Always bottled, never kegged. Over the last 2 or 3 years I've almost stopped brewing altogether. When I started, you simply couldn't get a decent variety of beers in stores. The only way to get anything really interesting was to make it yourself. And it was relatively cheap. Nowadays, pretty much every wine shop, liquor store, and even some grocery stores, stock more kinds of beer than I could ever think of on my own. And the price of home-brew ingredients has gone up enough that it's not a whole heckuva lot of savings anymore, either. I still enjoy the process, of course, so I do still brew once in awhile. But whereas I once brewed very nearly 100% of the beer I drank, now I probably don't brew even 1% of it. I do wish, though, that my basement was such that I could put in a nice bar like the ones you guys are working on.
  14. Kamado Joe Lump Charcoal

    Sorry, I don't really keep a clock on it. I usually get my grill going before I even start prepping my meal, so by the time I get ready to put anything in, it's usually been stabilized at temp for a half hour, maybe 45 minutes. Sometimes longer. And as I say, I'm not sure I'm even right about the difference in the timing. It just seems to me like the white smoke lasts a little longer with the big block lump.