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  1. Our kitchen lighting stinks for photos, but this was a beautiful plate last night.
  2. Looks delicious. How much sweetness does the sugar add to this? I love cornbread, and I REALLY love polenta, but I don't like for either to be sweet. Wondering if I should cut the sugar if/when I try this myself.
  3. Looks terrific. And it just so happens I got a bag of tomatoes from one of my coworkers today....
  4. Brick Pig


    I've had good luck with everything I've tried on mine, but by far my favorite is still chicken. It's just simply amazing how juicy and tender they turn out on the Joetisserie.
  5. I have the Tilley LTM6 Airflow. I was pretty reluctant about buying it due to the price, but I've been using it for probably 7 years now and would buy another in a skinny minute if something happened to this one. Takes an amazing amount of punishment. I flatten it out in my suitcase, stuff it (literally) into my backpack, roll it up and cram it into my back pocket, etc., and run it thru the washer every six months or so, and it still looks as new as the day I bought it. Worth every penny.
  6. My dad always had a great time with spam callers. I remember once hearing him say, in an overly enthusiastic voice, "REALLY!? You're offering me a credit card!? Oh, I'm so glad you called. I just got out of prison and found out all my other cards have been canceled because I didn't pay them. This is just GREAT news!" And another time, way back when long distance calls were still charged by the minute, he said to one of the companies offering him a discount, "No sir. I believe you get what you pay for, and I want the best service I can get, so I want to pay absolute top dollar for my phone service. I don't go cut rate on ANYthing."
  7. I guess I'll be the Devil's advocate and say I'm perfectly happy with my 732. I've never done an overnight cook, but I've had it running 12+ hours straight during the day without battery failure. But the truth is the Big Joe is so rock solid on temps that I don't hardly ever use a remote system any more, anyway. I guess I would if I were to do an overnight, though.
  8. Been meaning to post this since Sunday. Hot & fast, ~400F, RO lump, 2 small chunks of hickory, just a smidge over 4.5 hours. Served up with slaw and some "imported from NC" hushpuppies. The puppies are a little misshapen from my mom vacuum-sealing them and mailing them to me, but they were still plenty tasty.
  9. I have not used the boxed stuff yet, but to me the bagged Big Block very definitely smells much more ... I don't know the right word ... chemical-ly? ... than RO lump when it's first lit. I still prefer the KJ, especially for long cooks, because I feel like it burns longer than the RO. (Purely anecdotal speculation on my part.) But when I use the KJ, I do let it burn longer than the RO before I put any meat in. I always wait until I'm completely sure I don't smell any of the volatiles. With the RO, that smell goes away in a very short time.
  10. I don't have any grates other than the ones that came with my original purchase, but all the accessories I do have (boxes of firestarter cubes, "beercan" chicken stands, JoeTisserie motor & spit, grill brushes, etc., etc.) are in a kitchen size plastic garbage bin that stays in an enclosed cabinet on my mud porch. In that same cabinet have a second bin just like it that holds one bag of charcoal. I'd prefer a deck box, but a) I haven't found one I like yet and b) I'm a procrastinator, especially when I already have a working solution to the problem I'm addressing.
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