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  1. Haha. Yeah. And "those stale biscuits that were tomb and grave to so many insects."
  2. Thanks. To clarify: my wife was entirely agreeable, too. The grill and the kitchen are completely my domain, as far as she's concerned.
  3. My spot “ain’t all that,” but I can absolutely guarantee that nobody here is happier with their spot than I am with mine. After 3 years of rolling this thing (and 15 years of rolling various other grills & smokers) in & out of the garage at my previous house, as soon as we looked at this house I said to my wife, “The space at the foot of back stairs in MINE!”
  4. I'll have to keep an eye out during our re-watch, but the only food I can remember on the show is Al with his canned peaches.
  5. My wife and I are doing a complete series re-watch before the movie. Can't wait.
  6. I bought a $300 Black & Decker cordless mower 4 years ago when my 14-year-old Craftsman gas mower wouldn't start. I couldn't possibly be more pleased with it. It's every bit the mower that the Craftsman was, at half the price. And half the noise. And none of the gas smell. Love it.
  7. Netflix is by far the service we use the most. We cut the cord about a year and half ago. I was very skeptical because my wife and I watch A LOT of TV and had been married to our cable channels (and more importantly, our TiVos) for our entire life together. But just on a lark, I bought an AppleTV to give it a go. We never looked back. We subscribe to Hulu (non-commercial streaming tier, not Hulu Live), HBO, and Showtime. We were already Netflix and Amazon Prime subscribers, so that portion of the cost did not change. The real beauty of cord-cutting, though, is that you can add and cancel subscriptions as much as you like. For example, our only sport is NHL hockey, and our only team is the NJ Devils. We subscribe to FuboTV during hockey season, and drop it otherwise. During hockey season, we save ~$60/month over what we were paying for cable. Outside of hockey season, our savings is ~$100/month.
  8. My wife and I were in Paris two months after the 9/11 attacks. I've never seen anything quite like Notre Dame Cathedral, before or since. In light of yesterday's news, I thought I'd share of few (not-very -good) photos. Front entrance Gargoyle on the first observation level This is the part that burned Looking out at the city from the top
  9. It’s a much better guitar than I am a guitar player, that’s for sure.
  10. Since taking my new job (after getting laid of a year ago yesterday), my workday takes 12 hours out of my day, including commute. But back when I had time, I played guitar. Spent about 10 years in a bluegrass band during high school & college, then years playing alone in restaurants & such. Played in a few of my friends' bands for awhile, and now (when I catch a few free minutes) just for my own pleasure. One of life's highlights was having a guitar hand-built to my specs. Ken Miller guitar # 139.
  11. I came to the KJBJ after a number of years using a cheap offset. For maybe a year, every time I did a low & slow it was a minor trauma trying to figure out how much attention to pay to which thermo. But John is right, the dome temp is all that's necessary. When I packed up my grilling equipment for our move in October, it was the first time I'd touched my digital probe thermometers in years. Another thing John (I think?) wrote once that really stuck with me is that there are really only four temperatures: low, medium, hot, and really hot. That's helped me a lot.
  12. My Bear Claws were included, unexpectedly, with the last Maverick thermometer I bought. I figured they were a gimmick, but I actually really like them.
  13. Aaaannd, like magic, my wife found the griddle pan. It somehow got shoved to the back of the pantry closet, sitting underneath a CI dutch oven I forgot I had. Life is good.
  14. Reading through this thread makes me realize I've lost a griddle pan in my recent move. A couple months before the move I found the pan in a neighbor's garbage while I was out walking our dog. I stripped it, but then I got covered up in getting the house ready to sell and didn't ever get around to seasoning it. But it was definitely in the cabinet with all my other CI pans. Can't imagine what happened to it. (We had the movers pack most of the kitchen stuff.) Hmm.... I know this is not exactly a valuable contribution to the thread, but I suddenly I felt the need to vent about it for a few seconds.
  15. Oh, I’m sure I could do it pretty easily. I’m pretty sure I could strip just the outside without screwing up the inside surface. I’m just not taking any chances on it.
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