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  1. Happen to have a Jr stand in my garage. OD of the bottom ring / base is 19.25".
  2. Sorry! Mis read your request. I dont have the dimm's on the BJ II.
  3. I used this on my table build. Classic Joe Dimms.pdf
  4. Try this out: https://static.wixstatic.com/media/bb96df_b4a9a23245fd4a3085f5bcb069245581~mv2.jpg/v1/fill/w_669,h_906,al_c,q_85/bb96df_b4a9a23245fd4a3085f5bcb069245581~mv2.webp
  5. Heat resistant / welders gloves for handling hot grates and plates.
  6. I have one on my JC 1 too. I have to agree with SeaBrisket that it is a bit more finicky dialing in temps for a low and slow for some reason. On the other hand, I do like it on high heat cooks. Easy to pull the top off to get the inferno going......
  7. Congrats on the purchase! Make sure that you take a look at John Setzler's Kamado Book of Knowledge. Tons of great info, including what accessories to get ......
  8. I hit the one in Phoenix about three weeks ago. Picked up 8 30 lb bags. I think they were $22 each. I left 4 bags for others because I don't want to be accused of being a hoarder.....
  9. Joe Jr. compliments my Joe Classic quite well.
  10. I had the door that the iKamand fits in handy (should be same height) and it measures 3 1/8 inches high edge to edge / top to bottom.
  11. CAB (Certified Angus Beef) is a trademarked name that food distributor US Foods uses. It is not a grade, but a marketing tactic. Ms Chaluk used to work for them and I have had plenty of it. As far as quality or grade goes, I call it Choice Plus. Better than grocery store or big box choice, but not as good as prime. I'll take it over blade tenderized prime any day..... US Food's prime is as good as anybody's. PS: I picked up some grass fed beef from a local farm yesterday. Looking forward to firing up the Joe later on this week and trying....
  12. Two friends of mine had BGE's. I bought an Acorn to see if I liked the concept three years ago. Got hooked immediately. Picked up a Joe Classic and every accessory at the time. Added a Joe Jr. about a year ago. Not really interested in a DoJoe since I love the pie's my local pie place makes, plus enjoy the ambiance of the place. When i am home and we eat at home, we cook out about 90% of the time.
  13. If you are referring to the vent on the iKamand, i would put the vent at about 1/2 way and use the top vent for final general adjustment. If the top vent is open too much, the iKamand fan will never run because the temp is too high. Good luck getting it down! If closed too much, the fan will run all the time. Not good either. Find something in between!
  14. Yes! The V1 will update to the latest version firmware when you pair it to your network with internet access. Do that before you attempt your first cook and you will be at the same firmware version as a shiny new V2.
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