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  1. I do it all the time using my Joetisserie. I think you go to the Monitor tab. I just did it this weekend on some St. Louis spares and I can't remember what I did, other than NOT selecting a food type in that one screen.
  2. I am not in shape, unless you consider egg a shape. Lid is not heavy at all. Get the Classic I from HD and take the $$ you save and buy some accessories. CI grate, soapstone and a Jotisserie should take care of the leftover $$!
  3. Sounds to me like you are cooking them like a 1" thick steak or pork chop. In that case, I would do direct at 400 - 450.
  4. I use KJ Big Block in my Joe's and Best of the West Lump from Sam's Club in my MB 560. KJ Big Block gives me consistent temps. - with or without my iKamand. My 560 is nicknamed "Lump Hog" for a reason and I use Best of the West Lump at $9.98 / 20 lbs in it. I don't think about temp consistency in the 560 because it's built in controller is spot on.
  5. If you are not hell bent on the actual KJ ceramic feet, or can't wait that long, go to your local big box home improvement store and pick up some ceramic / clay pot planter feet.
  6. Spare ribs, prime rib and wings/veggies in a basket. I have the kabob skewers, but haven't spun those yet.
  7. I wound up buying a 560 based upon reviews from various FB groups and John's review and subsequent videos on the 1050. I was reading his post on the Fireboard 2 Drive and it dawned on me. The Fireboard 2 Drive is a great controller for your grill. Tons of bells and whistles, probe inputs, etc. I poked around and by the time you buy the fan and other accessories to make it control temp, you are north of $225. The 560 is on the market for anywhere from $499 down to $300. It has a controller built in. Granted the control system doesn't have the bells and whistles that the Firebo
  8. I used to call my Joe Jr. my second grill. I just recently picked up a MasterBuilt Gravity Feed 560. It is now my my second grill, sometimes my first depending on what I am cooking. I did do some chick 1/4's on on the Jr last night just to give her some love........
  9. Remember when you could pay 10 dollars for 2 good sized strip steaks!
  10. Now that is out of the way you can get to cookin. It took me 2 years before I added character to my shelves!
  11. KJO_Joe Jr_Spec Sheet_Final.pdf I don't have one together (my Jr is dropped in my table), but I do have the base collecting dust in my garage. It looks like the distance from the ground to the "platform" the Jr sits on on the base is 5.25". The attached spec sheet from KJ says the distance from the bottom of the Jr. to the felt line is 12.1875". My trusty TI calculator says that adds up to 17.4375" from the ground to the felt line.. Your mileage may vary.......
  12. Not from a gas station, but from the food trucks down the street from Costco. Delish!
  13. The ABC store by the place we stay at in Maui makes Spam musubi fresh daily. Your pics made me want it so bad I made reservations to go this October. I hope the mandatory 14 day quarantine is lifted by then, otherwise I will be eating Spam musubi for 14 days!
  14. Looks like an original Big Joe. It has the original fire box design. You are missing the grate system. Not sure if it came with the Divide and Conquer grate system, but that is what you should go for. I think the smaller circular piece is from another grill. Where to find parts? Google is your friend!
  15. Happen to have a Jr stand in my garage. OD of the bottom ring / base is 19.25".
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