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  1. I have used a rib rack (or something similar) where I lay the brisket over the top until it cooks down enough to fit on the grill. Brisket looks like a tent! Don't use anything solid, like a brick. I want the surface of the brisket to be as open as possible to the smoke and heat.....
  2. The first thing I would do is take it out of the packaging and lay it out on a flat surface. Then you will know what you are dealing with. It looks like it could be folded over somehow.
  3. I did the same thing about 2 years ago. Haven't really noticed the standard cooking area difference. I did miss the Acorn's expansion rack once while doing a spatchcock chicken and some bacon wrapped jalapenos. Joe has options for that, but I haven't added one yet. The D & C grate system more than makes up for any shortcomings of cooking surface size or lack of standard expansion rack.
  4. There are lot of other options for light out there as mentioned in earlier posts. I have one of these on my Joe Classic and it does exactly what I want it to do. The mounting bracket will put light on the grill surface at the right angle every time. I don't have to lean a light against something or hold my phone under my chin when using two hands at the grill. Heaven forbid I ask for assistance while working my Joe! I leave mine in the bracket all the time, probably due to laziness.... No issues whatsoever with heat damage from flame or mother nature (I live in AZ) to the light. My ONLY issue is that i forget to turn it off sometimes after a cook and i look out my window later on that night and can see the base of my Joe lit up!
  5. No issues at all in the AZ heat. I leave mine in full sun most of the time. Makes it heat up a little quicker.............
  6. I'll go with B. The biggest difference is the flexibility of the D & C system. Maybe I was still learning to crawl with the Akorn, but i find myself being more creative with my meals with my Joe. The Akorn was great for a gnarly sear on a steak or a low n slow butt or brisket, but I ever did get the hang of cooking more than one item at a time on the Akorn.
  7. I have one and it works great. I am not concerned about it not being weatherproof. I don't leave it on my Joe Classic all the time.....
  8. I ditched the CI grate. I thought it was kinda like wearing a belt with suspenders........
  9. Yes it does track throughout the cook. Probably for as long as you leave the Smoke powered up and gateway connected.
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