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  1. Very nice pies! I hope you don't mind a naive question from a newbie who is still waiting for his Akorn to be ready for pick-up: For cooking pizza in a home oven, you sometimes read to use two stones so that the pizza gets sufficient heat from the bottom and from above. So, if I look at a set-up like this one here, I am wondering: If I added another pizza stone directly on the main grate, could I make 2 pizzas at the same time, one on top and one sandwiched between the two stones? Sorry if that is a stupid question... Stefan
  2. Hi, My name is Stefan, recently moved to just outside Philadelphia PA and now have a place rented where I can finally set up a grill. I had ogled the Akorn for a while, and when Lowes just had them on sale, I took that as a sign. Still waiting for them to put it together for me. Now I have all these questions - I am not a very experienced griller or smoker although I would be old enough... Looks like this is a good place to get some of them answered. Happy to contribute once I get the hang of things, although for a while certainly more with questions than solutions. Stefan
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