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  1. Sorry to have missed out on that. Will make up for it with beers on da beach.
  2. Seen the Akorn Jr in action a few times camping with my buddy. It holds temps well. Transitions quicker between low and slow and high temp. Never had it go out on us either. Would recommend to anyone considering it, and at 146$ it provides great value.
  3. always feel the same way about everything I cook, regardless of any rave reviews I get.
  4. Thank you. They get better every time.
  5. Spare ribs prepped with a modification of Memphis Dust. Cooking at 250 so they'll be ready by dinner. 3 hours at 250, 1 hour wrapped, bout 35mins more after application of sweet baby rays. Very tender and now I'm way to full.
  6. Steaks, potato, bacon wrapped asparagus.......it was amazing. The Big Joe is on point.
  7. And they are done. Me and the kids just killed half of it. Mr. Lilly's rub is very nice.
  8. Just hit 180 internal. Usually I would call it a day, they were pretty tender. Following this website, wrap for 1 hour. and stay on grill. We will see how it turns out. Kids will be home just in time for some smoked amazingness. http://www.smoking-meat.com/july-11-2013-smoked-pork-country-style-ribs
  9. I wouldn't kick her out of bed, but seriously, look great.
  10. 180, then wrap and sit on the grill at 240 for 1hr.
  11. Hit the stall, it always seems these smaller cuts of fatty pork struggle more with this? Seems illogical but just my personal experience....anybody else?
  12. No you won't, but they'll be one here for ya!
  13. A little spritz at about the half way point. On track for a great mid afternoon snack.
  14. With it being 11lbs, and wanting to do it during the day, I would cook it closer to 275 or higher to speed up cook time. Don't skimp on the rest time either, so you'll have to figure out how to balance both in order to get a great product. The best part is these cuts of meat are typically very forgiving and a good place to learn the ropes.
  15. This whole post is great, I will own one in the near future as well.
  16. Yes, he is a friend of mine. We go back way back to Army times in Okinawa.
  17. Super cheap country style pork ribs on the menu for today. These usually come out pretty good with a bit of prep, (insert rubbing joke here). Going to use Chris Lilly's Championship Pork Rub, it is readily available all over the internet. I also mixed up the injection but then my injector decided to break, so I stabbed some holes in the meat as I poured a bit on. Let it sit for an hour like that in the fridge while I got the grill going. I saved some of the injection and am now going to spritz since I didn't really get much in the meat. Oooohhhh just look at them bad boys, I rubbed them so good. My first overall impression of the rub was that it was an explosion of flavor. It had so much going on that I am interested to see how it turns out during the cooking process. Just put them on, now its time to find something else to do. As the wise Merle Haggard once said "I think I'll just stay here and drink". More to follow................
  18. My buddy has a jr, thinking I need one as well after seeing it in action. Gets to temp quickly, great for transition from low and slow to sear, and holds temps a bit better than it's big brother. Also easy to pack up and take camping with us.
  19. Thanks. Was very happy with the final product.
  20. Off the grill and ready to rest. It's everything I dreamed of.
  21. I would love to have that meat in my mouth.
  22. @Likes Big Butts This was all his work, but I did stand around while he did stuff. I also helped to apply the rub (picture the movie ghost, he was Demi, I was Swayze). Came out great on the Akorn Jr. Really may have to get one off these things. Quick to get up to temps, hold temps, and is great for going from low and slow to searing. Love my Akorn Senior, just takes a bit longer to get up to temps from low and slow to sear for certain applications. Overall, a great group of grills, highly recommenced for those in the market at this price point.
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