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  1. @BoaterThank you for your reply! Yes, I think I'd like to paint it. I Think this break caliper paint will work, I'm going to repaint my Weber Q portable camping grill and see how that goes. If it goes well, I think I will try it on the Weber kettle. And, if all that goes well I think I may used this paint to repair some nasty chips I have in the finish on my Louisiana Grills ceramic Kamado. Thanks again for your help! -SmokeMaker
  2. Hi guys! I have some high temp caliper paint (good to 900 degrees F) I’m going to try to repaint the lid of a Weber Q that I recently got for camping. I think I’m going to see how that comes out before I do the Weber kettle. I joined, but have not posted to, the Weber Kettle Club. I think the consensus of the true believers is that they prefer to keep them original and not repaint them. They regard fade as patina. My grill I think is still solid, but has rust around where the legs insert, and I think it could use a new coat of paint. And if I’m going to paint it anyway, I might as well paint it blue to match ny Kamado and my favorite color, right? Thanks for the help!
  3. Hey guys, thank you for the replies and suggestions. @TexasAlan, the adapter you linked to looks identical to the one provided with my InkBird controller. I’m attaching it to the lower vent exactly as it’s pictured in that link, but the fit is very loose, and it’s letting too much air in and running too hot. @just4fn, I may be missing something, but I think you’re kind of describing the bulkhead I have that came with the InkBird. I am thinking I’m going to have to make my own gasket of some kind. I had been thinking about a silicon baking mat or hot pot pad and trying to cut a piece to size. I may also consider the flue tape mentioned by @RoodyPooBBQ Thanks for the help! -SM
  4. Any thoughts at all? I asked on the Amazon page where I ordered the controller from, but it doesn't give you much more than a sentence or two to ask your question. I got all kinds of replies, but none really answered my question. I fully understand how the provided bulkhead slides into the "track" for the bottom vent dampers. My problem is that the fit is so loose, it's letting too much air in, and I am not able to run the grill any lower than about 275 degrees F. I think the bulkhead needs some kind of gasket or something. Has anyone else experienced this with the Inkbird or any other controller? Any ideas how to fix this? Thank you! -SM
  5. I am newly obsessed with these little pizza ovens! I've done some research, and I here's what I've come up with so far. Preface: some of this is going to depend on what kind of pizza you are trying to make. I am after the real deal Neapolitan pizzas, which are cooked hot and fast at upwards of 900 degrees F. If you're looking to cook at lower temps, your options may be different. I don't know much about the Cru, but from the link above I'm going to say that it's a middle of the road oven at best, and at $495 USD I think that's really over priced, I'm sorry to say. Right off the bat I would say that the oven door is not insulated, and would likely loose a lot of heat that way. It's a portable and it's maximum pizza size is 12" and if you're good with a 12" oven, I think you could get the same performance for a lot less, or better performance for the same or not much more money. Not to be a downer, but just off the top of my head, here's some features of the Ooni Karu that appear to be absent on the Cru: Insulated oven door Glass, see through oven door Baffle in vent pipe to control air/temp an included digital thermometer that reads the temp of the stone, not the air above it Option to add a gas burner for convince performance improvement (at additional cost) If you're looking for a high-end option, Ooni, Gozney and Roccbox are worth a look. On the budget end, I thought the Big Horn Outdoors look like a good buy at about $200, and likely very much on par with the Cru (unless I'm missing something about the Cru). Then I noticed that my local Walmart had a 15" Expert brand pizza oven for $137. For that size and price I purchased it on impulse lol! After using the Walmart Expert oven for half a dozen times I decided I want to return it and order the Ooni Karu 16. Yes, the Karu 16 is like 5 times the price of the Walmart pizza oven, so certainly not a fair comparison, but the Karu has every imaginable bell and whistle you could ask for on these pizza ovens. The problem I had with the Walmart oven is that I could get the thermometer to just about kiss 800 degrees F for a few minutes, but it would quickly fall back to 500-600 degrees F. And this is the air coming through the pizza oven at the top, the stone hasn't even come close to this temp yet. I tried it with good quality lump charcoal that I use in my Kamado, and I even tried a bag of the recommended Expert brand briquettes. This wasn't a case of having to add more charcoal, you simply couldn't fit more in there. I'd pull the firebox out and it would be jamb packed with flaming hot orange coals, yet the oven would be running at only 500 degrees F. And yes, I did plenty of testing keeping both the fire box door and the oven door closed, no pizza or anything, and it still won't get hot enough for my liking. This is where an insulated door can really help, I believe. The Karu states it will run at 950 degrees F, so we will see. There's a few more reasons that I don't care for the Walmart oven, though for the money it's probably a good fit for many people. If anyone wants to know more about that oven, please let me know as I don't mean to get too far off the original topic here. Side note, I ordered a Ooni Karu 16 from Amazon last week, I tried one that was "used, very good condition" for about a 10% discount. Well, that one arrived yesterday looking like it had fallen off a truck, it was smashed in two places. So that one is being picked up today, and I ordered a brand new one that should be here in a couple of days. What a disappointment yesterday was, I was so looking forward to cranking that oven up and making some pie lol! As said by ADM above, almost all of these pizza ovens have reviews that say you need to keep adding fuel (if using wood or charcoal) to maintain high heat. Some said it's almost a two person job - one tends to the pizza while one adds fuel. One reason I chose the Karu is the ability to use wood or charcoal, but you can also add a gas burner attachment, I'm just worried that gas won't give that real wood fired flavor. Keep in mind the pizza will need nearly constant attention with any of these ovens, they have to be watched and rotated carefully or they burn quickly. Sorry for the long post, but as I mentioned I'm kind of obsessed with these little oven right now lol! I hope you enjoy whatever you purchase and make some great pizza! -SmokeMaker
  6. Hi all! I have a 22" Louisiana Grills Kamado and I recently got an Inkbird BBQ controller for it. It didn't come with any instruction on how to physically hook it up to the Kamado. The Inkbird controller has a fan with a silicon hose that should connect to the bottom vent of the Kamado. One of the two included bulkheads seemed to fit my vent, I took out two screws on the side of the vent and slide the bulkhead in place. However, the bulkhead sits in the vent very loosely, and long story short, it's letting too much air in, and even with the Inkbird unit turned off I can't hold a temp bellow about 275 degrees F. The controller does seem to work well, and I like the idea of it, especially for extra long cooks like brisket; set it up and go back to bed lol! But if I can't figure out a better way to connect this thing I'm going to return it. Can anyone help me figure out a way to hook the hose up to my Kamado properly? I am thinking about trying to find a silicon something or other (like an oven mitt, hot pot pad, etc.) and trying to make some kind of gasket for the bulkhead. I know I don't want just a piece of foil or something like that, I'd actually want it to look good. Any ideas? Or if someone has done this themselves, a few pics would be much appreciated. Also, the Inkbird says it will fit *most* Kamado grills and lists a few of the big names, but did not specifically mention the Louisiana Grills version I have. But, it did specifically say that it will fit the Akorn Kamado. I have an Akorn too, and I couldn't figure out how the Inkbird would connect to the Akorn any better, so I feel like this is a *me* issue. Can anyone help me please? This is what I have: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08DK87Q33/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Thanks for your help! -SmokeMaker
  7. Hi all! I just posted asking about repainting an old Weber kettle grill, which is something I'm really interested in trying to do. But, I also have an Akorn steel keg Kamado, and I'm now wondering if it's possible to repaint these at all. I believe these are powder coated steel. Has anyone tried to repaint one of these, and if so what paint did you use, and how was the result? Thanks for your help! -SmokeMaker
  8. Hi guys! I'm posting here because I think this is a DIY question, but mods feel free to move this to the "non Kamado" section of the forum. I have a 1995 Weber kettle, it's been sitting unused for years now, and I'm considering trying to refurbish it since it's not in terrible condition. I would really like to repaint it. I have the obligatory black grill, I'd ideally like to paint it blue to match my Louisiana Grills Kamado (and my favorite color), but if not I'd like to redo the black. What is the best paint to use for this? For anyone who has done this before, any tips or suggestions for getting the best possible finish? Thank you for your help! -SmokeMaker Edit: I am really interested in repainting the Weber, and I know it can be done. But I am now wondering if it's possible to repaint an Akorn steel keg Kamado as well. If anyone has any thoughts on that, I'd appreciate your help here. Thanks again! -SM
  9. Just a follow up; I have used the grill several times now for low and slow cooks, and it seems to be doing well. I have not had the smoke leaking through the cracks as I saw the first time (at much higher temps). It would be ideal if Dansons had some touch up paint, but they really haven't been much help to me so far, so I am looking into paint myself. And I may still use the JB Weld high temp as a patch. So for now I guess I'm good, unless anyone has any further thoughts or advice. Thanks for your help! -SmokeMaker
  10. OK, now we're talking! JB Weld is something I am familiar with, though I didn't know that they have a high temp version. I will research this further tonight. Thank you for the replies! -SM
  11. Thank you for your reply! To be honest, I don't really think that they will do anything for me, but I am willing to try once more. I really started this thread hoping someone would be able to tell me how I can try to patch this so it doesn't get worse. Any thoughts? Thanks so much! -SM
  12. Is there maybe a Dansons rep that's active on this forum? I can post more than that one picture (if someone tells me how to lol!), but the damage is fairly severe. And again, I'm not looking for a new grill, I just would like either a new top or some paint or patch material to prevent this from getting worse. Does anyone know of a Dansons rep I may be able to reach out to directly? Thanks again everyone! -SM
  13. Thank you again for your reply. I'm not sure about what (if any) consumer rights laws we may have here that might help. I agree that the warranty said nothing about weather, I noticed that too. Unfortunately I do not have the original bill of sale and though I know the exact date of purchase (because I have pictures of us bringing it home and setting it up), my credit card company does not let me search back that far. But the grill is less than 3 years old, was covered, sits when not in use under the soffett of the house. It's not like it's out directly in the weather, and it's not like I live in Antarctica or someplace. And it was covered with their supplied cover. Also, this didn't happen over the winter, it was fnie earlier this Spring, this happened in relatively minor weather just this Spring. I have a friend that lives locally and he has the same grill just the Pit Boss version, his is many years older, and this didn't happen to his grill. And I've got damage on the inside that I don't see how could possible be from the weather. I'm going to try calling them again once more and see if they can help. I don't even want a new grill, but ideally I'd like them to replace just the top of my grill, or at the least get me some high temp paint or some way to patch this. So far they haven't been much help :-( Again, if anyone does have ideas on how to patch or repair these cracks and chips, I'd appreciate your suggestions. Thanks again! -SmokeMaker
  14. Yes, good advice, thank you! I had thought about that, but I've decided to roll the dice since my damage all seems to be in the top of the grill, the firebox and bottom seem fine. And I am right here today to closely watch things. But thank you for your suggestion! -SM
  15. Hi! Thank you for the reply! I actually just got off the phone with someone from Dansons, and it did not go well for me. I sent her several photos of the damage, I even have damage on the INSIDE of the grill I hadn't noticed before. I sent them several photos, but of course she said it's not covered because it's most likely weather related. Weather related on the INSIDE?? And it was covered with the cover they provided me lol! I guess Dansons makes grills that are not intended to be outdoors?? She also told me no one there has access to whether or not I registered the product back when I bought it (which I'm sure I did). That seems very strange to me, but she told me no one can look that up. Right now I am starting a fire in it, I am going to take a video of smoke coming all the way through the cracks from the inside to the outside, and I'm going to call back and send them that video. I believe that this is bad ceramic. I have a crack on the inside that I can just touch and the material crumbles. Maybe they will see it my way, I doubt it, but I'd like to try once more. And ideas for how to patch or fix this damage? I'd really like to get another season or two out of it if I can. Thank you all for the replies! -SM
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