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  1. I say keep it simple for your first time. Look up the @ckreef artisan pizza dough tutorial. Start there.
  2. Nothing wrong with preferring a pellet grill for some things. I say do ribs on the pellet from now on. Nobody's judging. For me...I sold a competition smoker known as a great rib cooker after doing side-by-side with my KK. YMMV, and there's nothing wrong with that.
  3. Half a bottle of goo gone and some elbow grease and the sticker crud is gone. Fired it up. Very impressed. For $200, it's a no brainer. Went ahead and ordered the cover. Once assembled, there was zero doubt in my mind that a bird would be nesting in there before long. Depending on the type of bird, that could be seen as serendipitous.
  4. Yup. Moment has come and gone...until next time. Mine arrived today in good shape. Not exactly in the same class (or even part of my patio) as my KK's, and there's a giant sticker on the front that left a nice mark, but not complaining for $200.
  5. Wow! Now $185 at Walmart with the pickup discount. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Blackstone-Patio-Oven/39891205
  6. I caved. Couldn't take it anymore. Ordered from Amazon for $197. I am so weak.
  7. Walmart is still $209 when you factor in the pickup discount.
  8. Down to $209 at Walmart. Amazon will follow suit shortly. No idea why I'm following this...no intention of buying one...
  9. It's cheap again. Down to around $225 at Amazon.
  10. ...and now Walmart's deal is gone too. Move along. Nothing to see here.
  11. Still available at Walmart at this price if you pick up at store: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Blackstone-Patio-Oven/39891205
  12. My only hangup is I was dead set on getting a Pizza Party Passione, which is gas or wood fired, comes with an optional biscotto saputo floor (ideal for Neapolitan pizzas), and is highly, HIGHLY regarded by the pizzamaking.com elite. But it also costs around $2K.
  13. Now down to $197. Some folks at pizzamaking.com have been watching Amazon and Walmart go back and forth to outdo each other on price, probably driven by algorithms. Another day or two and I'll be able to get it for free.
  14. $201 at Amazon Never seen it this cheap before. http://a.co/f179dgq
  15. We're the same way. Almost never eat out anymore, and when we do we never order things I make at home.
  16. Disregard. Meaningless post. Mischief managed.
  17. I have, but... There's some discussion out there (places like pizzamaking.com) about this. From what I've seen, the consensus is that it isn't necessary in most cases. Depends on the flour, but most flours in the US contain malt, while Caputo 00 does not which is, in part, why it doesn't brown as easily as doughs made with other flours. I've done Caputo 00 doughs on a Kamado at high temp (800 degrees) that didn't brown well at all, and 00 doughs in my oven at 550 using Forkish's broiler method with a pizza steel that browned perfectly. It all comes down to heat transfer and how that translates to chemical reaction resulting in browning. My conclusion: try your dough without malt first and see if you have issues. If so, try adding malt. Regarding the two books: They offer two different perspectives. Gemignani seeks to replicate NY style pizza first, and his "master" dough recipes are pretty typical NY doughs at typical hydration. He branches out from there with varying degrees of success. His Chicago Deep Dish recipe is heretical (in this Chicagoan's eyes). Forkish, on the other hand, is widely regarded as a master of high hydration bread doughs. He extends the Tartine Bread techniques in very accessible ways. His pizza book, however, seeks to replicate Neapolitan style pizza first and then extends that to other styles. Neapolitan is <60% Hydration, 00 flour, high cook temps (90 second cook times). He's adapted that to home ovens very successfully. There are other differences, but this post is long enough. Time to check the turkey breast on the KK.
  18. Yup. I have that and the Forkish books and have cooked the heck out of them all. Also have the Roberta's book, but haven't tried anything there yet. Roberta's sourdough recipe is closer to Pizza Bible than Forkish.
  19. Just remembered that there was some discussion on the KK Cold Smoker in this thread. Some pics there for you:
  20. Agree with this. One other obvious point that bears mentioning -- the KK cold smoker can be used for both hot or cold smoking. Other devices like an A-Maze-N tube or tray are plenty good for straight cold smoking in just about anything from a cardboard box on up. One of the advantages of the KK device for hot smoking is that you can fully control the smoke for the duration of the cook. Dial the intensity up or down, reload mid-cook, etc. Very versatile device.
  21. I have the KK Cold Smoker to go along with my KK's. It works well and can recommend it. It's heavy, as are all things Dennis makes. The Guru Adaptor on a non-KK grill might need a bit of help holding it up. Otherwise, no issues. It will work for any grill with a guru adapter. Not to sound like a KK pusher, but there's obviously much more discussion of this device over at the KK forum where I and other KK Cold Smoker users hang out.
  22. Yes, this was in the oven on a baking steel using Forkish's broiler method. Since it was with 00 flour (which doesn't brown easily), I wanted to do it by the book before taking it to the KK for comparison. I've done other sourdough doughs with high protein (All Trumps) flour and have no problem getting similar browning using a pizza steel on my KK. If you don't have the book, his broiler method is: 1) Preheat the oven at 550 for an hour with the steel or stone 8" below the broiler 2) Ten minutes before baking, turn the broiler on high. 3) Put pizza on steel and turn the oven back to bake at 550 for 4-6 minutes. 4) Turn the broiler on high for the last 1-2 minutes.
  23. Not normally a fan of Kickstarters. In fact I've never funded one, but I'd fund yours.
  24. I'll have to try the second cook sauté with the leftovers. Hadn't heard of that. I'm convinced the OctoForks are the single best thing to add to a spit rod. Forget the forks it comes with. And forget the KK rotisserie cradle as well. @Keith OctoForks got it right with these. Extremely versatile. Keith: you should do a kickstarter to fund the other accessories you've got planned.
  25. Donair sauce seems to be a Canadian thing. I was tipped to it by a prolific Canadian on the KK forum. It's sweet, garlicky, tangy. My daughter loves it. I think I prefer garlic tahini sauce or tzatziki (cucumber mint yogurt). Here's the recipe. 2/3 cup sweetened condensed milk 1/4 cup white vinegar 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
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