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  1. I like your video John. I just did the 600 degree cleaning cycle but I noticed it didn't really address some of the debris or drippings on the metal ring that holds the firebox petals together. Did I just not keep it hot enough for long enough?
  2. Hey BBQ_Princess, thanks for starting this thread!! It inspired me to do my first brisket this weekend. I hedged my bets though and only did a 6lb flat! Next time I will take do the whole brisket!
  3. Balin

    New KJ Owner!!

    I just ordered the basket from Atlanta Grill company but they do not deliver to Canada. I am having it shipped to my brother in law in North Carolina for him to bring up next time he visits. If I cannot wait he said he'd mail it to me which will cost a bit more! And I should add, I am really happy with my Classic. I am not changing vents or gaskets anytime soon. Though the newer vent might come in handy in the winter. @glenn3 How do you find the classic performs on those cold January nights?
  4. Balin

    New KJ Owner!!

    My Classic 1 arrived Tuesday evening and got the beast up on the deck and put together that night. I was nicely surprised that it shipped with the Classic II firebox so I guess I got a Classic 1.3, lol. I just need to change the chimney and gasket and then it will be a Classic II without the improved hinge!! I did a quick cure that night, got it running at 350 for a couple of hours. Made sausage for lunch and chicken souvlaki tonight. Even though my old Akorn had a 20 inch grill the souvlaki fit better on the Classic with an 18 inch grill maybe because of the dome? I also have more indirect cooking surface on the classic. I compared the heat deflectors and its about a half inch wider diameter on the KJ deflector compared to the Akorn. I was worried about my choice of size of KJ but I didn't want to shell out for a Big Joe and now I am glad I chose the Classic!! Now what to cook for tomorrow?!?
  5. Balin

    New KJ Owner!!

    Hmm, yeah by the time you get 5-6 people through the condiment line and down to eat the second set would be ready.
  6. Balin

    New KJ Owner!!

    Thanks Tex, I will pick up the extender rack prior to Sunday!
  7. I've been a long time lurker and wanted thank all the previous posters for the knowledge I have gleaned from this forum. My Kamado Joe Classic gets delivered tomorrow! Lowe's had the Classic I on sale which was $600 cheaper than the Classic II. I am moving over from an Akorn that rusted out this winter, and am concerned about the loss of grill space. I am having a burger day on Sunday for Mother's Day and hope to fit 10-12 burgers on it. Am concerned over nothing?
  8. I recently bought my first Kamado, the Akorn 6719. My brother inlaw in North Carolina turned me on to the smoker way of things. I had been using a 22 inch Weber, but wanted to try a Kamado to help with insulating temp during our cold Canadian winters. I have browsed here as a guest but wanted to join this community. It seems like a friendly place!
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