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  1. I just made two chickens last night at the same time. I've made 2 turkeys as well. I spatchcock them, cut out the spine and break the breast bone. Flattens out and makes it easier to cook evenly I hear. And it's just kind of fun. I mix my spices (currently just Lowry's Chicken Rub) in butter and slather it all over and under the skin. I cook around 225-250. Takes me about 1:15-1:30 for a 5-7lb chicken or 3 hours for a 20lb turkey to hit 160F at the breast. The last 3-5 degrees I crank up the temp 375-450 to crisp up the skin. All of it with a pizza pan on a grate over the coals. Have been using cherry wood chunks and Wegman's coal.
  2. Well...took just over 3 hours to hit 160. I waaaaaaay overestimated how long it took. Which is why this bird was for Friendsgiving and not family Christmas haha.
  3. Twenty pound bird, butter/lawry's chicken rub on/under the skin, spatchcocked, cherry chunks for smoke. On the Akorn ~260. Probe in the front of the breast in until I hit bone then backed out half an inch. It's up to 122 IT (at 220p) since 1220 (2 hours ago). People should be showing up ~5p. How do you guys think I'm doing on time?
  4. Hiya fellow new guy! Do your coals snuff out eventually? If yes, maybe your temps are rising because they're still catching up with the coals that are lit? What temp are you shooting for? What lighting method are you using? Does your latch line up right? For intake leaks you can just use a lighter with a big flame and move it around the obvious places. If they're leaking it'll pull the flame towards it. Read the sticky about "mods". Plenty in there about sealing up leaks.
  5. Everyone enjoyed it Ended up on for 10 and a half hours, pulled it off at an IT of 198. Wrapped it in foil and some towels and let it rest for a few hours then shredded it and took it to the lake. Tempted everyone with my savory meat and some eyebrow wiggles. Hoping next time to do a lower temp for a little longer but the bone pulled right out and it had a decent bark. Going to try my next one this week but use an actual pork rub instead of Montreal Steak Seasoning heh. How do I post pics?
  6. Dammmmn...already 90? I think it's 68 here with low humidity highs ~80. Good on you showing Mother Nature who's boss
  7. That looks quite tasty! From my limited knowledge and near zero experience, it looks like a good bark and smoke ring.
  8. Woke up and the grill temp was still reading 285. Moved my probe because I think I had it in too deep and now my IT is 189. I'm just sitting here chanting "I will not chase temps...I will not chase temps..." It's been on since 2230 and it's now 0700 Eastern Time. I'm figuring another few hours and hoping I can get the temps down a bit. It looked tasty though The bone doesn't wiggle yet so I think I still have plenty of time.
  9. I went around the seals with a lighter. No noticeable pulling on the flame. I've got the bottom vent like 3/16" open and the top like 1/8" but steadily climbing...270 degrees :/
  10. Trimmed the skin/gross fat off my 8ish pound butt and probably have 7ish left. Rubbed it nicely, stuck it in the fridge until the rain stopped. Now I'm at 200 degrees and still ticking up but have the top and bottom down to ~0.5 each. Really hoping this settles out in the 225 range. I used one cotton ball and Wegman Lump...the anticipation is killing me. Or maybe I'm just hungover from day drinking... 202 degrees...
  11. Bingo! This is what I've been looking for for the last hour :D
  12. New lid arrived yesterday. Went on easy enough. Had to fiddle with the top vent to get the o-ring sat but now it's good. However, my lid is almost an inch off and leaks horribly out of one side. I know there's a thread/post/reply somewhere with how to adjust the lid but I can't find it. Anyone know the one I'm talking about? I'd like to attempt adjusting it before I call them back. I'm fine with fixing small things but if it ends up actually being out of round I'd like to get a new one in the mail sooner rather than later. Thanks!
  13. I can't speak for their coolers but I have compared the RTIC 30oz tumber directly to the Yeti and they both held ice for 60 hours (filled both with ice and left on counter. 60 hours later there was still a cube floating in the top.). The Yeti coozie thing and the knock off Walmart look like the rolled off the same assembly line only changing the rollmark. I'd buy with confidence, and I intend to myself
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