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  1. I actually have the pro xxl or something like that but still like the instapot and I love it. I do pot roast with carrots and potatoes in 60 minutes and it comes out falling apart. They don't recommend it for canning (the canning police) but I use it for pint size jars and we haven't died yet. Now that winter is setting in, I will use it more as we live in the Pacific Northwest and when it is raining hard I am not going out to the grill. I made a lot of potato salad and macaroni salad this summer and it went so quick. I will try Chili when it gets a little cooler.
  2. The ability to cook potatoes for mashed potatoes in 4 minutes or cooking them for potato salad (with the eggs on top) made it worth it for me. I can definitely say this will save me on Thanksgiving as it will free up a burner on my stove. A steamer basket with a handle is a must for this. I also want to make a cheesecake but since I only have a 6 qt., I need to find a smaller cheesecake pan.
  3. Hi Jerri. Haven't been on the forum in a long while. Your empanadas look scrumptious. I ate a lot of them when I lived in Panama. Don't remember chimichurri sauce but sounds delicious.
  4. I got an 11 lb pork belly at Costco.
  5. BSA


    Looks like something I have done before. Unfortunately it is a PIA.
  6. Is that a canning rack you are using? Ingenious. I have been looking for something to use for two surfaces.
  7. I think those pizza looked pretty charred on the bottom. I did like his stretching technique but my dough never seems that relaxed.
  8. I bought my Jr. At a Costco road show in early spring. I also have a Vision pro s. We are using the Jr. 5 nights out of 7. This grill is so easy to use, heats up much faster than the Vision so you aren't waiting an hour to cook. There are only two of us but I cooked burgers for 4 on Sunday with no problem. The burgers were 1/3 lb. you will love it!
  9. Paul, just build your pizza on a piece of parchment paper and slide it on your pizza stone paper and all. Cooks fine and the paper doesn't burn unless it is over the direct fire. Easy peasy.
  10. I've only done one and it was so chewed I threw it out. Always been afraid to cook another one. Maybe this is the impetus to try another.
  11. You can order a cast iron cap from Vision.
  12. BSA

    Joe jr stand

    A friend built this for me. I love it.
  13. Costco pork butts usually come 2 to a pack. You can always freeze one. I have three 6 lb ones in the freezer right now and they will fit nicely on the Jr. One at a time of course.
  14. My mom always grated American cheese, added pimentos, mayo and salt and pepper. Loved it. She was from North Carolina.
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