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  1. I was at Costco yesterday and they had this paddle. Sorry can't remember the exact name of it but it was $14.99.
  2. Our local Ace Hardware is now selling Big Green Eggs. I was perusing the display when I noticed a Big Green Egg Life Style Magazine. It was complimentary so I picked one up. It had a variety of recipes and of course product info but worth reading. You might check out your local Ace Hardware.
  3. What finish do you hav on your table? A friend is making me a table as we speak. I like the natural look.
  4. Congratulations John. As long as you have been talking about her, I say it's about time!
  5. Great job. Homemade bacon is the best.
  6. As I understand it, only the original owner has the warranty. I don't know what a CC roadshow is, but if you mean Costco the warranty is good.
  7. I have a '99 Acura Cl. That car has been a rock. Regular maintenance and runs like a top. Has 147000 on it and going strong. We also gave a 2009 Honda Odyessy. You can't beat Honda. Very happy.
  8. Did you try bending the tabs?
  9. I just ordered yesterday directly from Kamado Joe. $29.99 included shipping. She asked if I had a local dealer which I don't but said you could get them there. Good luck.
  10. I have been using the boxes of coconut pucks a bunch of us bought a couple of years ago. My husband is happy to get them out of the shed. They do work well in the Jr. But produce a lot of ash. Glad I have a kick ash basket.
  11. I have the one from Harbor Freight on John's recommendation. Also refillable and works great. You have to buy the butane at Lowes. Harbor Freight does not carry it. It is located with the Welding supplies at Lowes.
  12. Could you possibly take the cover off and take a pic of your table. A friend is going to make a table for me and what I can see look like what a want.
  13. I just talked to Kamado Joe and it seems there is nothing in the works for a new vent cap for the Jr. Think I will go ahead with the Smokehouse one.
  14. I didn't know they made one for the Jr. I will look into this one. Thanks.
  15. Wow. Thanks for directing me to this thread. Lots of good ideas. Thanks again.