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  1. Mine has shoulder bolts that fill the larger holes.....
  2. Loosen the top band, let settle, re-tighten. You can find videos online.
  3. This worked for me. Light full basket of charcoal in one spot, let heat up about 10 minutes or so, when temp gets to 180 or so, close the bottom vent to about a quarter inch, then start closing the top vent until temp stabilizes at 225 or 250. On my PB24, bottom at 1/4", top at a little less than one, holds 225 pretty good. Will take from 10 to 12 hours to bring the meat to 205 or so. As for rubs, I use Dizzy dust pork rub. How much is personal choice, we don't like it heavy with rub but mix in a sauce once its pulled. Good luck.
  4. If you have room to put it, go for it! I had same concerns when I bought mine but have really enjoyed it. You will learn just how much lump or charcoal to but in it for various cooks but I always put a little more to be sure and just shut it down and save it for next cook. At the sales price, it's less expensive than some of the smaller kamados. :-)
  5. Sounds like the hinge band may have been over tightened by the factory?? When they heat up, they expand. Just a thought.
  6. Have you checked the screw underneath the vent?
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