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  1. Something has happened with R.O. over the past couple of years. I used to get it at HD ($12.97 for 20 lbs) and it was generally pretty OK. But then it was a lot of dust and small pieces. I moved on. Jealous Devil, Fogo and Harder Charcoal (apparently from Brazil) have been my go to for a while. Was able to get Harder Charcoal on Amazon for $39.99 (33 lb). Price recently went up so I have some Jealous Devil coming Friday. Never had a bad bag with any of those 3. For those of you with a Kroger nearby - I've had good luck with Simple Truth lump. It comes in 8 lb bags (I think) and works well in a pinch. Obviously a bit more pricey for a small bag but again it's pretty decent stuff if you need it.
  2. I went through exactly what you are now about 3 or so years ago. Nothing was wrong with my Akorn except that a windstorm blew it off my porch and dented the bowl. But since I was hooked, I wanted to upgrade. After a period of thorough research and consternation, I opted for a Primo Oval XL (Kamado Joe was a close second and I would have been just as happy with that). I liked the oval shape and reputation etc... The quality of your product won't be much different as the Akorn produced some outstanding results for me. The Primo seemed to be easier to control. In summary, the Akorn works really well but if you WANT to upgrade then by all means do it. I actually gave my Akorn to my BIL. I bought an Akorn Jr. for camping and picnics and use it quite often regardless. My $.02 Edit: If I were in your shoes now, a KJ Classic for $750 would be awfully hard to pass up. That's one helluva deal on an outstanding cooker.
  3. I have a Primo Oval XL and an Akorn Jr. Love them both. You can do anything on the Jr. that you can in a regular sized kamado. Like scdaf said, it's a lot lighter than the Joe Jr. and Green Egg so it'd be easier to transport for camping, picnics etc... And, yes definitely get the deflector and cover.
  4. I tried Jealous Devil for the first time a few weeks ago. It's not cheap (think I paid $50 for a 35lb bag on Amazon). It's good stuff - lots of large pieces. It seemed to spark a little less and take a little longer to get going but it was not significantly different (could be the bigger pieces). I've also tried Fogo Premium, which is similar. Like many others here, my go to is Royal Oak mainly b/c it's cheap, available at Home Depot (not Lowes where I am in Cincy) and usually consistent. I like it better than Cowboy. The last bag was a little disappointing, however - lots of small pieces, few medium and no large. That's unusual for R.O. in my experience. I plan to try B&B next based on a lot of favorable opinions here. One other brand I've used is Simple Truth, which I think is a Kroger brand. Can't get it in big bags but it's on par with R.O. IMO. My $.02. But above all experiment and have fun with it!
  5. I've used a Oak ridge rubs - Dominator Sweet rub and Competition Beef & Pork rub. These are very good. https://www.oakridgebbq.com/about-us/oakridge-bbq-competition-rubs-spices/ I used Meathead Goldwyn's Big Bad Beef rub on my last brisket and it produced the best bark. I'll use this one again. https://amazingribs.com/tested-recipes/spice-rubs-and-pastes/big-bad-beef-rub-recipe
  6. A fine idea indeed. I've done them in the past. Now I'm hungry
  7. So in planning dinner for the next few days, I mentioned to my wife that I've got a frozen butt in there that I have to eventually cook. She said no and she's just sick of pulled pork (even though I've done exactly 1 so far this year). She then asked "do you have to pull it? Can you do something else with it?". I just chuckled and immediately came here. Very timely. Thank you for that. I think I'll put her on the scratch tortillas. She's a good cook just doesn't understand my obsession with cooking outside with smoke and fire
  8. Thanks for that. It looks absolutely delicious. Looking for new things to try in this extended home bound period. Might have to try this one.
  9. Primo Oval XL with an Akorn Jr. has been serving me well. Building an outdoor kitchen this Spring and plan to add a small built-in gasser mainly for fish and searing. Any recommendations ?
  10. I started with an Akorn. After some mods to seal it up better (you can search here for the procedure. I forget who posted but it was very detailed), it was great. Can't beat the price-performance ratio. But I wanted something a little bigger and ceramic. In retrospect I would have been just find keeping the Akorn but well I wanted another toy. I finally opted for a Primo Oval XL. Really like the oval shape. It has been great. I recently bought an Akorn Jr. for camping, picnics etc... It's fantastic (and it doesn't weigh a ton). And I use it to sear/reverse sear as well. I think you'll like the Vision. Not as expensive as KJ, BGE or Primo. They all make fantastic food but you definitely have to get used to how yours heats and where the hot spots are etc... The good part is practicing is damn fun (and yummy). Enjoy!
  11. Agree with pretty much all the above. Butts are very forgiving. I've injected the last couple times and I think it makes it a little moister but really personal preference. I've done overnight I've started at o'dark 30. Either works. The great thing about butts (insert joke there) is it's really hard to totally screw it up. Experiment and have fun!
  12. I made these a couple weeks ago. They were a big hit (I know I know - lame to not have any pics). Thanks John for another great recipe.
  13. I also have a Fireboard. I wanted wifi access and already had a ThermaQ (which I also like very much). I'm having an issue with the pit probe on both units. Other than that it's been really good. I got the weatherproof case and, although it's a little pricey, it's definitely worth it IMO.
  14. I've had one for a couple of years. The remote functions fine. The food probe is good and accurate. But the pit probe wasn't even close - more than 100 F off. I would fluctuate widely as well. It seemed to be defective so I ordered another one. Same thing. It was all over the place and essentially useless. I suppose the unit itself might be defective but it's out of warranty and I upgraded to a TermaQ, which has been perfect.
  15. Hi Sammy. And welcome. Like a number of folks here I started with the Akorn. Some, including me, had to do some minor modifications to seal it up which allows for better temp control. As you have learned, always start with a full load of lump. You can search here for Akorn mods and you'll find some of the more common things to do. It's a great cooker though so don't get discouraged. Half the fun of all this is experimenting. Again, welcome!
  16. Goodness gracious you guys are killing me! It's only Monday and I've got multiple ideas for next weekend. I know that tasted fantastic. Only change I would make is 86 the olives. I think you either love em or you hate em. Outstanding.
  17. Presentation is fantastic. I'm sure it tasted just as good. I don't have a paella pan - is this recommended (and what makes it unique)? I would like to try this someday but have to do it when we have some seafood loving visitors as I'm the only one in my house.
  18. Wow this is one of the many reasons I love this forum. Thanks for taking the time to lay all this out complete with pictures. Looks fantastic and I intend to try this ASAP!
  19. I did John's mac-n-cheese recipe a few months ago and it got rave reviews.
  20. This is what bought. You can find them on Amazon as well. https://www.menards.com/main/outdoors/grills-outdoor-cooking/grilling-tools/hasselback-potato-slicing-rack/p-1471978258132-c-1461078035988.htm?tid=4532345699745604809&ipos=1
  21. I did until last weekend when I gave the Akorn to my bro-in-law. I miss it but at least I kept it in the family. I will be investing in an Akorn Jr. in the near future. Also started table construction for the Primo but that's for another thread
  22. Congrats on the new addition. First and foremost I'll reiterate - never, ever put any sort of lighter fluid or pre-doused charcoal in your kamado. Always use some sort of natural starter. I used to use cotton balls soaked in rubbing alcohol. Now I just buy starter sticks in bulk - easier as you can break them up as necessary. I bought a bag of Fogo online last year. It was good stuff - lots of bigger pieces and burned really nicely - not a lot of ash. But as others have said - it was a bit pricey. I'm with most here as Royal Oak is what I use most often. Our local Home Depot and Menards carry it. Lowes only carries Cowboy which will work fine but I find R.O. to be a bit more consistent with bigger chunks. Bigger chunks are important because you want those lower in the pile mainly for better airflow. I'd rather have big chunks that I have to break apart than the other way around. You can prob find other brands at your local supermarket. Give em a try. That's one of the best things about BBQ - experiment a little and see what works for you. Welcome again. Lots of great info here as well as very experienced folks. Have fun!
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