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  1. Thanks to all for the kind comments, much appreciated! It came out pretty good, didn't really know what to expect as it was my first time at cooking and eating a belly. All that ate it said it was good, so I was pleased. I patterned the cook somewhat after one I had seen on You Tube by the BBQ Pit Boys (they're quite entertaining) as shown here: If I do another large belly, I think I would forego the vegies as they were quite "mushy" (but still tasted good) after that much time in the apple juice and rendered fat. They were there more to elevate the belly above the juice (so say The
  2. Picked up a pork belly at Costco for $2.29 per pound and tried it out on the Vision Pro. The "fixins" Ready Set Go First Hour Next 2 1/2 hours 205 F internal and off Settling down It's all over!
  3. Recently saw pork bellies at Costco (St. Charles, MO location). Thought it curious as I had never seen it there, but I wasn't "in the market" until I got home and started a little researching on the subject. As such, I was not paying particularly close attention, but my recollection is that these (four or five in the case) were vacuum packed and did not have the skin on. They were definitely raw, not a cured bacon slab. As I recall, the price was around $2.69, or so, per pound. Has anyone worked with skinless bellies (other than making bacon), obviously there would be no "crackling"?
  4. I bought one last Saturday at Sam's in Chesterfield, MO (near St. Louis) for $39.51. I have a Vision Pro, already with a stone, and some items (pan and rake, mostly) are not needed. But for that price, I couldn't pass up getting two stones, an angled electric starter, a heavy rib rack, and the cast iron griddle/grill. A bargain! They had three when I got mine. I called my nephew (has a KJ), who was already on the road and near that Sam's. By the time he got there (less than 1/2 hour), both were gone!
  5. If going for "cheap" is the goal, why buy a ceramic kamado? Pride of ownership does have it's limitations! Not a criticism, just an observation and opinion that everyone's choice is not dollar dependant.
  6. Have you used that in a Vision? If so, how are you holding it in there and how much clearance does it leave on each side? Amazon says that overall it is 16" x 15". If it is 16" from handle to handle, it doesn't look like it could be anywhere near 15" in diameter the other way. The Academy option for $20 seems tempting, but if the Lodge handles fit inside the firebowl, it seems like it would be relatively easy to rig up a couple of hooks on each side to hang it from. It might not be terribly stable, but it just has to sit there. Of course you could probably drill some holes in the Academy handl
  7. Here's another option. Lodge has a "baking pan" that is 14" diameter with two handles. I've had one for about 20 years and it is great for other grilling adventures, including pizza. Look here: http://www.lodgemfg.com/seasoned-cast-i ... -pan-P14P3
  8. I thought this was way too cool not to share, and it has some practical value too! I hope I haven't violated some site protocol by posting a link to another site (?), if so, I'm sorry. http://playingwithfireandsmoke.blogspot ... icken.html
  9. Maybe a lower temp for less time (?). See below on Salmon (don't know if Halibut would be different. http://vimeo.com/62831253
  10. My wife, long ago, bought a "Pampered Chef - Family Heritage Stoneware - Classic Collection" pizza stone (specificity is because I don't know if P.C. has other models) that laid dormant until we got our Vision Pro. We've used it several times without negative incident. I do wrap it completely in aluminum foil and then spray with Pam. I also use it in conjunction with the Vision lava stone diffuser, so it is not getting the direct blast from the coals, and I run it between 500 - 600 degrees F. When finished, and cooled down, I unwrap the foil and it is pristeen clean and back into storage it go
  11. Thought I would pass this along, looks like it may be worth a try: http://www.sousvidesupreme.com/simply_s ... atch+Now.& Edit: The portion size may be a little scant for most of us, but it still looks tasty!
  12. ABKamado, I thought it was pretty good, better over ice than straight up. My son-in-law agreed, pretty smooth. I'll keep an eye out for the Gibson's, thanks for the heads up.
  13. RAllen


    The offset doesn't bother me as much (aesthetically or practically) as the "dead end" created by the block at the end of the upper rail. It's a good way to rap your right hand first knuckle on your way down. If it had to be offset (due to opened stairway or whatever), I would at least have left it open ended so your hand has an "exit point" before engaging the bottom rail, without having to let go and lift your hand out of a dead ended "hole".
  14. While in the grocery store yesterday with my wife, I strolled down the spirits aisle (as I am wont to do) to drool as I killed a little time. There was an offering that was new to me, and it was on sale $4.00 per bottle off. That's all it took for me to convince myself to give it a try, and my wife offered it as my "Easter gift". I didn't know Easter was a gifting holiday, but I was not in an argumentative mood, so I thanked her and in the cart it went. I have not "cracked the seal" yet, waiting to do so when my son-in-law shows up this afternoon for our Easter dinner. I'll give it a try neat
  15. It's kinda like Scotch versus Irish Whiskey, if you don't expose it to the smoke, you don't get the smoke taste!
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