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  1. The original post tells all about it. Here's a clip from it to get you going. I went to Lowe's and bought a 10' piece of 1 1/2" Thinwall conduit (EMT) and 3 conduit couplings with screws to secure the conduit. I cut the legs about 18" long.
  2. I bought one of these about a year ago. The ring does not fit/seal against the top of the lid on the backside. It fits against the lid on the front but goes up inside the lid on the backside. It will cook pizza but loses heat out the backside.
  3. Most of it is made in their factory in Branson, Mo. The factory has been there for many years. I drove past it just a couple of weeks ago, I live about 40 miles from it. There is an abundance of Oak in Missouri so a lot of the wood is obtained locally.
  4. I recently read on another Forum about a different way of adding legs to the JR. They went to a steel supply place and bought 3 pieces of 1 1/2" OD unpainted steel tubing 30 " long. They then removed the screws at the top of the legs on the JR. and inserted the legs into it. They then drilled 1/4" holes through the socket and legs and put pins through the holes with a clip on the end to keep it from falling out. A great plan if you have a steel supplier around. I used the conduit idea because you can go to about any hardware store or building supply and get the parts. IF you w
  5. It's chrome plated and not stainless but you can buy the cooking grid for the small Weber Smokey Joe for about $!0.00 give or take a little. Fits perfectly, I bought one for mine.
  6. If you would make one of the rings with the front solid and not cutout and drill a hole in each side you would have a Jotisserie or close to it. It would be so easy to mount a rotisserie motor and rod into it. I would probably interested in one.
  7. I ordered one from you this evening, I'll post some of my views after I use it a couple of times. Can't wait to get it.
  8. What kind of wire rack are you using in the picture? Is it a canning rack or something else? Thanks.
  9. That's a really nice setup. I have an outdoor kitchen with a gas cook top and double sink but I'm very envious of the counter top around your Akorn. You're all set for spring and summer now.
  10. I did some looking, the Stok stone is really about 11.5" in diameter. They make a much larger one called a Mega Stone but it's way to big.
  11. Stok Grills has a Pizza stone that is about 12.5" diameter that sells in the neighborhood of $16. I bought one at a Direct Tools store for that price. Looks like Amazon wants about $24.95 for one. Just look around on Google.
  12. I measured the legs on my standard size Akorn today and they are about 1/2" bigger in diameter and the spacing on the holes is is a little further apart than the J R. I guess the answer is NO, the legs from the large size won't work on the J R. I could tell they were bigger when I came up with the conduit leg extensions but hadn't actually measured them until today.
  13. Yes i did consider it but I think they would be too short. I have a regular size Akorn too, I'll measure the legs and let you know. The regular size is somewhere around 34" from floor to grilling surface. When I added the legs on the J. R. I calculated them to make it the same height. I'll try to measure tomorrow if I have time and post what i find here.
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