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  1. Very true. All done I left it unsauced, some family members line BBQ, others like vinegar based sauce.
  2. 4 hours in, wrapped it and put in back in. Cooking a little hotter than I normally do. Got it going between 260 & 270, normally run between 230 & 250. Internal temp right now is 160
  3. Update: 3 hours in, opened the lid for the 1st time, spritz’d with apple juice and closed it back up.
  4. My plan was to hit the smoker around 8am, but that didn’t happen. The butt didn’t hit the smoker til noon. (Good thing I’m cooking it for tomorrow lol). it’s about 9 lbs. Attaching a couple pics.
  5. @TKOBBQ, Thanks for the tip. Yes I got them at the local grocery story. I was shocked when I saw the price was under $10.00 for the pack(now I know why :) ). But for that price I figured I’d take a shot at smoking my 1st beef ribs. Think it was a good overall experience.. I was very surprised by the shrinkage though. I have a butcher about 10 mins from me. When I do my next ones I’ll swing by there and pick some up. Especially since I know the wife likes them now.
  6. I’m sure his were probably better, As I said it was my 1st attempt at beef ribs. My total cook time was 4 hours. I sauced & wrapped them and put them back on for an additional hour. In this case hot and fast produced a good result for me. Last time I used the akorn there was about a 50 degree difference in the built in thermometer. I think that must have changed and though I thought I was cooking at 230 it was more like 280.
  7. Looks good. Smoked my 1st beef ribs every yesterday. Turned out pretty good. Nice & tender. Cooked a little faster than I expected. But overall, I was pleased with them.
  8. End product, not bad for my 1st cook.. ribs are tender, wifey love them.. next time i’ll take a peek after 2 hours
  9. Oops, didn’t check on them til the 3hour mark... (big mistake), foiled and sauced them and put them back in the Akron
  10. Inspired by these gorgeous beef ribs, I’m trying beef ribs for the 1st time today. Rubbed them and put them on the Akron at about 230 degrees. Will send more picks as the cook goes on
  11. We had 10 inches of snow last week. Then 3 more this week. Today it was 65 degrees, figured I get out and fire up the smoker, 7.5 lbs pork butt
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