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  1. I have the spider and 2 half moons and it's been great for me.
  2. I look forward to hearing about how well this works. It's another thing I never realized I could definitely put to good use.
  3. Yes everyone should vote. With the number of members the vote total should get up close to 100. We usually only have 30-40 votes.I understand people not wanting to enter but the least everyone could do is vote. Only takes a minute or two. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk The only downside is getting hungry looking at the amazing entries.
  4. My first instinct would've been that something is blocking javascript, but you said you turned off your adblock plugin. Are there any sort of notifications from chrome when you go to the page?
  5. Yeah, I like the Ballast Point sculpins too, I really enjoyed the grapefruit one.
  6. Welcome to the forums and congrats on such a good deal!
  7. Interesting! I was under the impression that it was designed to improve airflow and would therefore increase temperatures and not be as useful for low and slow, maybe I'm mistaken. I'm not really sure what the main purpose of the basket is then.
  8. I actually just made my way back to Russian River Brewery last week. I picked up a case of Pliny (they limit you to 12 bottles now), 2 growlers (64 ounces each), and a 6 pack of their sours. I probably make it to there 3-4 times a year so I need to stock up when I go. I've never made it out there for Pliny the Younger (their once yearly triple IPA). Last I heard it was 3+ hour lines to get in. Luckily, in the next few years they'll be opening up a much larger brewery fairly nearby. They've been at max brewing capacity for some time now, but are finally expanding to help keep up with demand.
  9. Sorry to hear about your faulty rig, at least you bought it from costco so there should've been no trouble returning it. Congrats on the new Kamado Joe!
  10. Aside from new thermometers and the gasket, I haven't made any changes and my grill has been great. The ash basket will help airflow and is probably more useful if you're trying to do higher temp cooks like pizza. For low and slow you probably don't need it, I haven't had any issues without it. For other mods/add-ons/toys you should consider, I definitely don't think there's anything you're majorly missing out on, maybe a pizza stone if you want to cook those.
  11. CGS now has a Pit Boss Spider. I am probably the only one with a Vision XL spider which had to be modified to fit the PB. Shortly after I did that CGS came out with a version that was designed for the PB so I would recommend you buy that one. The paella pan will work for some things and if it is a decent steel one, it won't melt. The Spider setup will be much more versatile but could be expensive with shipping to Oz. This is the reason I opted to not go the CGS route... $25 spider + $52 shipping to Canada... ridiculous in my books. They aren`t making a lot of effort to negotiate decent
  12. Haven't done any mods on the kamado yet...I was able to keep the temp very steady on the first 3 cooks. Don't fill the fire box up all the way with lump charcoal, little goes a long way ( depending on how long the cook is).. Also, don't fire all the lump at once, just get a little part going and then control the temp with airflow, should make it easier to go low and slow. Cheers! I think igniting too much lump and not controlling the airflow is a much larger issue than overfilling the firebox. Since you don't know how long something like a brisket is going to take, it's much better to pro
  13. Welcome! I have the CGS spider and drip pan. I think you definitely want some sort of drip pan otherwise you get lots of things dripping onto the stones and potentially into the fire causing flareups. I purchased the CGS one simply so I didn't have to think about getting the right size and stuff. I ended up getting the spider mostly for the versatility it provides over the OEM deflector.
  14. I was brand new to kamados like yourself just a month and half ago, but also couldn't pass up this Costco deal. 1. I'd get royal oak lump from Home Depot or WalMart, as well as lighter cubes. For building the fire it depends on what you're trying to do. If you're going for low and slow, I usually fill up the fire box, kinda dig a hole in the center and light one cube. If you're going for grilling at higher temperatures you can get the fire started in more places. You also need to remember it takes time to heat soak the dome of the grill, some low temperature cooks you might need to let the
  15. I just tried out this recipe for my bbq on the 4th and it came out wonderfully. I ended up having to do a higher temp (around 400 deg), but it was still very well received. Thanks for the suggestion!
  16. Hope you have used it by now. The gasket is really only an issue of shutting the cooker down after you are done and extinguishing the charcoal for use later. You can maintain a low temp cook without the gasket in my experience. Gasket is nice add but not necessary... same with thermometer.... stock one works well enough if you realize temperature at the grill is going to be higher than up in the dome... Without a second measuring device it can be hard to tell just how much the temperature difference between the dome and the grill are. There's lots of factors including how long you let
  17. I thought the Pit Boss was a good deal at $600 and couldn't be happier at $400. I haven't had any cap issues, but it definitely seems like a crapshoot if you get one or not. Have you tried adding gaskets to it? I've been really happy with the CGS stuff as well, I hope you get your drip pan soon!
  18. I bought one and before I ever fired it up I added gasket felt around the vent door and around the base of the upper hole for the top vent. It's airtight and holds temp great. Look at the early posts on this thread. Thanks there is quite a bit on here about it actually!Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Adding the gaskets will definitely help kill the fire if you end up overshooting your temp, but I was able to stabilize mine at lower temps without issue even without the gasket. The 2 biggest things I've found are 1. Building the fire correctly. If you get too many spots going at once,
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