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    aetherdaemon got a reaction from Birdy50 in New Pit Boss 24" Owner - would like advice   
    I was brand new to kamados like yourself just a month and half ago, but also couldn't pass up this Costco deal.
    1. I'd get royal oak lump from Home Depot or WalMart, as well as lighter cubes. For building the fire it depends on what you're trying to do. If you're going for low and slow, I usually fill up the fire box, kinda dig a hole in the center and light one cube. If you're going for grilling at higher temperatures you can get the fire started in more places. You also need to remember it takes time to heat soak the dome of the grill, some low temperature cooks you might need to let the fire go for an hour or more before you're putting the meat on to get the dome to temp. Coming from grilling and going to smoking you need to be ready to let things take a long time to get done. (But the end results are worth it!)
    2. I like that thermometer better than the OEM dome one, but what really helped me start to understand my grill was getting temperature probes. I sprung for the Maverick 733. There might be better ones  or cheaper or fancier, but in the end you just need something that can accurately tell you the temperature of the grate without opening the dome. During some low and slow cooks opening the dome can cause the temperature to spike up 100 degrees or so in my experience.
    3. That's the OEM heat deflector, I didn't buy that one and instead went for the ceramicgrillstore's Spider, half stones and drip plate because it's a more versatile system. I think you definitely want to get a heat deflector though so you'll be able to cook using indirect heat.
    4. I eventually added gaskets to my lower vent to help kill the fire and save lump (lump coal is reusable so having extra in the firebox isn't really a problem). I'd been using the grill successfully for about a month before that. It mostly helps save coal killing the fire.
    5. There's a ton of great recipes all over these forums. One of the best things about kamados is how versatile they are. You can smoke ribs one night and cook pizzas on them the next. It's sometimes more of a question of how you cook something on the kamado rather than can you.
    And have fun with it! Sometimes food wont come out like you wish it would, but that's just part of learning to cook on these things and the rewards for figuring it out are awesome.
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    aetherdaemon reacted to DerHusker in ALERT! ATTENTION! URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT!   
    As I said I was just trying to get peoples attention. This Speed Challenge only had one day advance notice and if you didn't read the announcement right away you could have missed the chance to enter. That is all it was.
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    aetherdaemon reacted to John Setzler in ALERT! ATTENTION! URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT!   
    There has been no heavy handed moderation here.  I believe that you took a stab at a moderator who started this thread.  You can call it what you want but i call it like i see it too.  If you want to contribute here, feel free.  If you want to troll, please take it elsewhere.  
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    aetherdaemon reacted to 75tranzam in My daughter's HS Graduation is today and she turned 18 last month   
    What a great day! It was long and tiring but great none the less. Here's just a couple of pics from the day.


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    aetherdaemon reacted to skreef in My daughter's HS Graduation is today and she turned 18 last month   
    congrats... Yes I can't believe my daughter is 22 and my son would have been 28. Time does tick away.
    Mrs. Reef's Bistro
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    aetherdaemon reacted to LargeRedJoe in Free kindle book - 6 books in one. Best Barbecue from six states   
    Currently free.
    BARBECUE RECIPES COOKBOOKS BOOK SET 6 BOOKS IN 1: Best BBQ Recipes from Texas (vol.1), Carolinas (Vol. 2), Missouri (Vol. 3), Tennessee (Vol. 4), Alabama ... Chicken, Ribs, Fish, Sides, Desserts))
    Due to its large file size, this book may take longer to download
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    aetherdaemon reacted to Charcoal Addict in Fit and Fresh   
    I new toy came from Amazon today. The Fit and Fresh food keeper. I'll be reviewing the Fit and Fresh throughout the week.
    Reasons why I purchased the Fit and Fresh:
    - Make it easier to bring hot food in the house. I have screen door and it's awkward carrying screaming hot pans and Dutch ovens into the house. I thought this would be easier.
    - I wanted some to allow me to bring some food to parties. The best guests are the one's bringing smoked eats to the party.
    - I wanted something that could keep vegetables and other sides warm while the proteins are cooking
    - I wanted to make it easier to rotate items on the half moons using only a half a fire box on the Bog Joe's. If make salmon, I. can toss the veg on the grate first, cook it, stick on the Salmon onto the fish grate while the veg stays warm in the Fit & Fresh.
    - I want keep the veg crunchy and warm. Foiling veg seems to result it a soggy veg for things like squash.
    The main goal is to improve my ability to make complex meals while only using half a load of lump with the divide and conquer. I'm using the Fit and Fresh as my warming drawer.

    I'll post some reviews over the week. Well see if the Fit and Fresh can keep the side dishes warm without making them soggy or mushy.
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    aetherdaemon got a reaction from In2Fish in Vote on the challenge entries!   
    The only downside is getting hungry looking at the amazing entries.
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    aetherdaemon reacted to nvestr in Modifying New Pit Boss 24" Grill   
    Tried a cook today with the lower damper sealed with furniture felt. Had the cook go up to 550 and no damage or issues to the felt at all. Still glued on solid.
    The results were fantastic, I felt like the temperature starting falling off much faster after I shut down and also noted that my coals looked identical after it cooled off versus just before shutting down. Normally a ton would disappear after shut down because of air leaks. Very impressed! Especially for the cost!
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    aetherdaemon got a reaction from ckreef in Vote on the challenge entries!   
    The only downside is getting hungry looking at the amazing entries.
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    aetherdaemon reacted to ckreef in Vote on the challenge entries!   
    Yes everyone should vote. With the number of members the vote total should get up close to 100. We usually only have 30-40 votes. I understand people not wanting to enter but the least everyone could do is vote. Only takes a minute or two.
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    aetherdaemon reacted to prowe in Meater (100% Wireless Probe   
    There was a pokeman hiding under my deck last night. If i didnt have my pokeman go i wouldnt have been able to catch him,dry rub him and smoke him.
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    aetherdaemon reacted to Charcoal Addict in Meater (100% Wireless Probe   
    Sorry CK, you're taking it out of context. I'm not intending to offend anyone.
    The probing is not the issue. It's using the probe to leave a hot and fast cook unattended for a long period of time so the person can pay football video games while not watching a cook running at 600 F.
    I was annoyed they're promoting people to do dumb unsafe things. We had 3 houses burn down on our side of town from someone neglecting their grill during a BBQ party. I don' think they should be encouraging people to use the Meater to neglect hot and fast cooks.
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    aetherdaemon reacted to ckreef in Meater (100% Wireless Probe   
    I didn't watch the video but....
    That statement by itself just insulted a lot of very talented cooks on Kamado Guru.
    And the technique I'm looking for ......... Reverse sear.
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    aetherdaemon reacted to Nuprin in Meater (100% Wireless Probe   
    What I've learned from Kickstarter or crowd funded items:
    Wait until they release to retail and check the reviews or try one from someone who got one, then if it's really that great, pay the "premium" price.  I think most of us find that only 1/2 of the crowd funded items are actually useful and worthwhile so it's probably better to buy them once they are released and you come out ahead in the long run.  
    I'm still waiting on a hand coffee grinder that I funded 2 years ago that's been in "final production" for the last year. 
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    aetherdaemon reacted to BEER-N-BBQ by Larry in Beer Brats: Poached and Grilled on a Kamado   
    A simple "how to" on making beer brats:

    1) Set up grill for a two zone fire.
    2) In a pan on the hot side, heat up a 12 oz can's worth of beer to poaching temperature (160-180 Deg F).
    3) Move pan to cool side and place brats in the beer.
    4) Poach for ~10 minutes
    5) Turn the brats over.
    6) Poach for ~8-10 minutes longer until internal temp is 150 deg F.
    7) Remove brats from pan and place directly on hot side. 
    8) Turn them after a few minutes.
    9) Remove when internal temp hits 170 deg F.
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    aetherdaemon reacted to michaelt in Modifying New Pit Boss 24" Grill   
    $50? I bought some Nomex high temp felt from Amazon for $16 (price now $17). Paid for itself after a few cooks since it chokes the fire faster and saves charcoal. It's a worthy investment, especially if you are already considering sealing the top as well.
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    aetherdaemon reacted to JeffieBoy in Just saw this elsewhere....   

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    aetherdaemon reacted to TKOBBQ in Craigslist   
    So I thought I'd post my Craigslist finds of the week. If others want we can continue this thread as others get things feel free to post it here.
    Picked this up today at half off the original price, never opened.

    And this for a little over normal list shipped.

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    aetherdaemon reacted to avines in Temp control...   
    After I added the felt tape to the bottom and top vents I have had zero issues with control. What are you experiencing?
    I totally ignore the dome gauge and use an infrared gun to take temps from the grill. I have a mini loaf pan that doesn't take up much real estate that I can shoot. I haven't done an overnight yet but the last time I did beef ribs, I was able to keep the grill at 250 for 5 hours with minimal adjustment. Not overshooting your initial temp is key, I think. It's hard to make any fast changes.
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    aetherdaemon reacted to keeperovdeflame in Like IPA's?   
    I am making Chicken Enchiladas with a nice Hatch green chile sauce and queso fresco. Beer seemed most appropriate. Tried a Sculpin IPA from Ballast Point in San Diego. Truly excellent beer 7.0% ABV. Very nice, very hoppy, with  beautiful cirrus and mango overtones.  They say it's smooth with just a bit of a sting like it's name sake the Sculpin. Caught a fin stinger in the palm of my hand when I was a kid fishing. Never forget it. 
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    aetherdaemon reacted to avines in Stuff you've cooked recently...   
    I scrolled through the posts but didn't find a thread for us to share pictures or stories about recent cooks. If I missed it, sorry for posting and please move this or I will delete it.
    Anyway, I needed to do some mods to the vents on my new PB and after adding some to the back sides of the lower vent and adding another layer around the top, I am in business. I'm able to snuff the fire by closing both vents now and was able to BBQ again. I originally bought a Richard Johnson K5 back in the late 90's and it gave me many good years before suffering from mange (dropped tiles) and poor air sealing that I could never correct.
    It eventually started cracking and I could never do low and slow on it so it basically became a super high temp grill. I was starting to sock away money for a bge or other ceramic until I saw the super deal at Costco on the PB and had to pull the trigger.
    I've done pork and beef ribs for the fourth that were good but I was fighting temps, grilled hanger steak that was mighty fine, along with a flat iron. This past weekend, after the mods, I did a full rack of prime usda short ribs that I got from Costco for $4 a pound. I was able to keep the grill temp at 250 and they tasted great with just equal parts kosher salt and cracked pepper for seasoning. They didn't get the dark crust that I really like so I I'll probably try a 280 grill temp next time.
    It's so great to be able to BBQ again. Think I will try a brisket next.
    How bout y'all?

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    aetherdaemon reacted to JDubU in Pitboss with a BBQ guru for temp control?   
    This weekend, I used my BBQ guru to smoke three racks of spareribs (plus trimmings) in a "3-2-1" cook.  Worked well.
      225 degree regulated pit temp using first generation BBQ Guru "Competitor" with modified "Ceramic Adapter"
      Coconut extruded lump charcoal
      Fist sized chunk of dry grapevine trunk for smoking wood
      Ash Kicker basket (large BGE size)
      15" carbon steel paella pan used as indirect heat deflector
      Ribs set vertically in rib rack on parchment lined, half sheet pan, set on main Pit Boss grill (half sheet pan does not fit on upper grill)

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    aetherdaemon reacted to Rob L in Like IPA's?   
    What's interesting about the Younger is it's a triple IPA, some bill it as a quadruple IPA as it comes in at 11% ABV but you sure wouldn't know it. It is an incredible IPA for fans of that style. Really heavy on the dry hopping and unfortunately is super expensive and labor intensive to make.
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    aetherdaemon reacted to scdaf in Another new Pit Boss 24   
    Friday before last, I was at Costco and saw these cookers and thought " That sure seems low"  when I saw the $599 tag just above the grills, then looked up further and saw the $200 rebate tag!  Managed to contain myself because I'd never heard of Pit Boss and figured there had to be a catch.  Besides, I already had numerous grills, including a big pellet grill.
    By the time I got home, curiosity was really grinding away at me, so I googled around and found more info and decided this was a must have. 
    By the next morning, I had talked myself out of it, sadly.  We're on a pretty tight budget and it seemed too extravagant, even with the very low price.  My wife said "Are we going to Costco?" I told her I had changed my mind and just drooped off to my computer.  Must have looked pretty hangdoggy, because about an hour later she said "Stop pouting and lets go get the grill"
    Have I mentioned yet how much I love my wife?
    It took 3 Costco employees to load it into our car, but we got it home.  I have a tractor with loader and forks, so getting it to the patio was relatively painless.  Got it out of the box, (you could safely bury nuclear waste in that box!) only to discover about a 1" chip in the ceramic, right at the felt line.  Box was unmarked, so it had to have gone in that way, I suspect.  Realized it would not impact the cooking so continued the assembly. Had 1 wheel which would not thread into the stand.  Closer inspection revealed that somebody had dropped it onto  the cement floor somewhere in China and of course it landed threads first.  Took a few minutes patient work with a triangular file to get it threading so assembly could continue.
    Needless to say, the very last bolt, a handle bolt at that, spun freely so could not tighten it properly.  Not wanting to schlep it back to Costco, we continued assembly.
    Got it finished in about an hour, CAREFULLY lifted the lid and did the small cure fire, which went just fine.  Figured that was enough for the day and went to bed.
    Next day, Sunday, started warming up the Kamado with a bigger fire and slowly brought it up to 400 degrees.  Cooked some "gourmet burgers from the grocery store, 1 patty had bleu cheese and the other was bacon/cheddar.  Both were good and juicy.  Let the fire burn out until the coals were gone.  Not on purpose, had closed the inlet all the way, but it's loose enough that it lets air in.
    Having no touch-up paint in the box, I called Danson's Monday AM and was assured they would send some.  Asked about the spinning handle bolt and didn't get much help. Guy I talked to suggested trying to hit it with some super glue.  About the only success I've had with super glue is attaching my fingers to one another.  However, I did have some Gorilla glue so decided to try that, first glueing the bolt in place, then glueing the handle and tightening everything up.  It worked!  Solid as can be.
    Tuesday morning Fedex dropped a small package and darned if it wasn't the touch-up paint, OVERNIGHTED!  Had to start thinking about the chip in the lid and decided to mix up some JB weld.   Filled in the hole a little at a time, let it cure and then hit with the touch-up.  I doubt most people would ever see the repair.
    Let everything set up for another day, then built a fire using briquettes (sue me) sice I was going low and sow for St. Louis style ribs.  Having marinated the slabs overnight in Johnnie's Jamaica Me Sweet, Hot and Crazy, next morning, sprinkled with Texas BBQ Rub Grand Champion, slapped them on the grate.  Noticed after an hour or so, the temp kept climbing, even with the inlet all the way shut.  After some head scratching, I cut a couple thin strips of cardboard and slipped them in the tracks the inlet slider rests in and 20 min later, had to open the slider a little to keep the heat from dropping below 220. Temporary solution.  Did some more Googling and discovered we have a BGE dealer within about 20 miles, so I called to make sure they had the felt and zipped there the next day, only to find they wanted $27 for a small roll!  Back home and online, found enough for an XL BGE for $12.99 and have it coming.  Forgot to mention, the ribs came out perfectly.
    A Lot of people bad-mouth the hood ornament (thermometer) but, either Danson's just had a bad batch or I got very lucky, because from 220- 400 degrees, mine is within no worse than 20 degrees difference and at some temps, spot on.
    All in all, very happy I spotted this and that my wife "forced" me to go get it.
    Happy cooking, Dave
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