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  1. I have been buying whole briskets at Costco and grinding them into burgers. By far the best burger I’ve ever had. If you have a grinder I highly recommend it. Followed Chuds BBQ recipe, link below. I even made the cheese….it was ok but the burgers were AMAZING!!
  2. Don’t get to get on here as often as I would like to. However, I have learned SO much on here. It has truly made my kamado cooking experience so much better!! I really appreciate all you do @John Setzler!! Having ads is a small price to pay for all the amazing content!! Thank you!!
  3. This looks delicious! Great video! Yes, I would love to hear the rest of your list as well.
  4. Awesome looking meal! Definitely on my to do list.
  5. We have the 8 quart with the yogurt setting. My wife uses the instant pot all the time. We love it! I can't tell the difference between her yogurt and the Fage we used to buy from Costco. I think you will enjoy it.
  6. Great post! Thank you! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Didn't have time to fire up the Joe, so I made this inside. The family loved it. Was surprisingly moist. Not as moist as a kamado chicken, but the best indoor chicken I have made. Served it with cauliflower rice with cilantro and lime juice in it. I got the method/recipe for the chicken from Americas Test Kitchen. I think the key was preheating the cast iron skillet to 500* in the oven prior to cooking the chicken. Thanks for looking. Link to chicken recipe: https://www.americastestkitchen.com/episode/525-cast-iron-staples
  8. Finally got around to smoking almonds last night. Followed John's method from this post. They turned out really good! Picked up a couple of these at Walmart yesterday for less than seven dollars. It worked well. I would definitely recommend this, easy and tasty! It was pretty late last night and didn't get any pics.
  9. Thank you all for the info!! @LargeRedJoe, Thanks for the link!
  10. Thank you all, I appreciate the help! @LargeRedJoe, would you mind sharing with me where you purchased those baskets?
  11. I am planning on smoking some almonds this weekend and was wondering if anyone could post pics or links to the baskets that they use to for this? The almonds that @John Setzler did look really tasty! Hope to make something similar. Thank you!
  12. That's great! Really looking forward to getting a copy! Your videos and the information you post on this forum have helped me tremendously in my cooking. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. @jackjumper101 Those ribs look amazing!! What temperature did you use to cook the ribs? Great looking meal. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Hello, I am unable to view the site on my IPhone. I have an IPhone 5S. However, I am able to view the site on my HP laptop. Today is the first time I have seen this error. Below is the message that appears on my phone when I attempt to get on the website. Fatal error: Call to a member function chatMobileLink() on a non-object in /homepages/1/d87359371/htdocs/kamadoguru/admin/applications_addon/ips/ipchat/sources/hooks.phpon line 276 I have turned my phone on and off. I have erased all the history and cookies. I have also tried to get on the site on LTE to see if it was my Wifi and I continue to get the Fatal error message. I have also tried it on my wife's iPhone as well and get the same error. I just tried on my son's kindle and am able to access the site there. So, it seems to be an iPhone issue only. Has anyone else had any of these issues? I appreciate any help. Thanks
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