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  1. Teajunkie

    pork ribs on akorn

    I need to use that gasket on my Akorn Jr. Thanks for posting what you used. Nice ribs! I know they tasted great.
  2. Teajunkie

    Hello from Newmarket Ontario Canada

    Hello and a warm welcome to you!
  3. Teajunkie

    KJ Roadshow Apex, NC

    That is an awesome deal on the Big Joe. Did you know about this roadshow beforehand? If so, how?
  4. Teajunkie

    My AKORN JR AND JOE JR accessories

    So that rack will work in an Akorn Jr. if you place it like you have in the lower picture? I would think if you have it in the position of the top picture the dome would not close.
  5. Teajunkie

    Greetings from The Show Me State - Missouri

    As a former St. Louisan, and soon-to-be-returning St. Louisan, welcome to the forum!
  6. Teajunkie

    My AKORN JR AND JOE JR accessories

    Have you found a rib rack that works on the Akorn Jr.?
  7. Did you ever get this rack made? I recently bought an Akorn Jr. and would love to have a rack made, too.
  8. Maybe. Are you using the little grate clip mount for the probe? Also, I think the probes have a maximum temperature. Being that I am in Korea now, my Maverick is boxed away somewhere so I can't tell you what the probes are rated for. But I seem to recall it was around 550 F or so. Make sure you don't go over the temp limit.
  9. Teajunkie

    Windows 10

    Like Aussie Joe said, it is truly a free upgrade. No strings attached. A genius move by Microsoft, I might add. However, like you, I am holding off on Windows 10. I have Windows 7 right now and it's just lovely. Maybe after Christmas I will upgrade to Windows 10. You have essentially a year from now to pick up the free upgrade. No rush.
  10. Teajunkie


    Being that I'm in Korea, I can't always get the great selection of craft beers I had when living in the US. But lately I've discovered a few really nice craft brewpubs near my home. These are some of the beers I've been enjoying: Bukhansan Pale Ale http://www.brewgene.com/beer/bukhansan-pale-ale Jirisan Moon Bear IPA http://www.brewgene.com/beer/jirisan-moon-bear-ipa Some IPA (I don't recall the name) from Pong Dang https://www.facebook.com/pongdangcbc And, thank goodness!, the PX at USAG Yongsan got some Lagunitas IPA in stock. I bought so much of it I had to get a taxi to take me and my beer loot home. HAHA! Boy oh boy, Lagunitas IPA is a SUPERB bewski. https://lagunitas.com/beers/ipa
  11. Teajunkie

    Questions from Bogart

    That turned out really well! Nice work, Bamaspot.
  12. Teajunkie


    Same here, I thought it was just me!
  13. Teajunkie

    Grate maintenance

    I do this as well. That way the grates have a nice coating of oil for the time between shutdown and the next cook, which could be days or weeks later.
  14. Teajunkie

    Thank you Gurus!

    We're glad you're here, Jay.