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  1. 01lowbird

    Kamado Outide Round vs Brisket

    It'd make fine jerky stripped out
  2. 01lowbird

    Keto Diet

  3. 01lowbird

    Keto Diet

    Thats incorrect.
  4. 01lowbird

    Keto Diet

    Not a huge fan of a diet that essentially eliminates Fruits and vegetables. The lack of micro nutrients you dont intake by avoiding these foods is measurable and substantial. Im ok with idea of limiting carbohydrates or even fats for the purpose of fatloss. I find that any diet that eliminates carbohydrates is essentially setting that person, adhering to it, up for failure. I immediate inner cellular water / glucose gain in weight from a single slip up will be enough to discourage any "dieter" that is simply ignorant of how the human body works. Its a slippery slope.
  5. 01lowbird

    First attempt at beef ribs

    I get mine from Sams club. Butchers often cut them up into smaller pieces, for Korean style BBQ. I just ask for the whole short rib. They always have a two pack that hasnt been chopped up.
  6. 01lowbird

    My typical pizza day

    Temp and dough recipe? Pies look great
  7. 01lowbird

    joe jr temp hi temps

    1/4 open?.... like each hole is only 1/4 open?
  8. 01lowbird

    New Vision Kamado Table

    Beautiful table
  9. 01lowbird

    Western Brand Lump Charcoal

    Works well. Been using it for awhile
  10. 01lowbird

    My first attempt

    looking forward to more updates
  11. 01lowbird

    Vision Grill table---uh oh!

    How heavy are these tables? It seems like the concrete tops would make them very heavy.
  12. Yep, often. Just took the Mrs to the gun range the other day. Came back a few hours later to an almost finished butt. Guns and BBQ. Thats Winning Folks.
  13. 01lowbird

    Deep Dish Chicago Style Stuffed

    Well Done Sir.
  14. 01lowbird

    New knives

    well hello beautiful
  15. 01lowbird

    Pop Quiz, Gurus....

    Chicken boob, always a good choice