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  1. 01lowbird

    My typical pizza day

    Temp and dough recipe? Pies look great
  2. 01lowbird

    joe jr temp hi temps

    1/4 open?.... like each hole is only 1/4 open?
  3. 01lowbird

    New Vision Kamado Table

    Beautiful table
  4. 01lowbird

    Western Brand Lump Charcoal

    Works well. Been using it for awhile
  5. 01lowbird

    My first attempt

    looking forward to more updates
  6. 01lowbird

    Vision Grill table---uh oh!

    How heavy are these tables? It seems like the concrete tops would make them very heavy.
  7. Yep, often. Just took the Mrs to the gun range the other day. Came back a few hours later to an almost finished butt. Guns and BBQ. Thats Winning Folks.
  8. 01lowbird

    Deep Dish Chicago Style Stuffed

    Well Done Sir.
  9. 01lowbird

    New knives

    well hello beautiful
  10. 01lowbird

    Pop Quiz, Gurus....

    Chicken boob, always a good choice
  11. I'm looking into getting a Wok for my Classic. I am thinking I do not want to get cast iron, convince me either way. What size does everyone use? Handle? Anyone use those ring things to sit the wok on? ( forgive my technical ignorance) Show me the goods!
  12. This is a great post, well done I bet that Grill dome extender will fit in my Akorn Jr as well as my KJ Jr
  13. 01lowbird

    Slicing knife

    Let us know what you decide.
  14. 01lowbird

    Jr. vs. Jr.

    After Rereading this old... Im still agitated I couldn't get them shipped to MO. Hell of a deal.
  15. OP wanted Instant Read Therm. However that Infrared Therm looks nice.