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  1. Nearly all cattle are grass fed. I wish that would just die already.
  2. ehhh........................... Ever pretty strong there
  3. For a classic, Ive seen no improvments. The KT isnt as good as the daisy wheel. Wheel is easier to control/consistent and doesn't flake paint into the food. Youll get the firebox eventually, but the old one works well (probably better because no warped ring) The air lift hinge isnt needed. The seal is better on the 2 but the felt works well and is cheap to replace. You got a deal and probably the better deal
  4. LOL something like this. I set up the table with sides, plates, and forks. I let the two people get their plates ready. Pulled the brisket out, (it was still warm YES!) Gloved up, and then seperated the point from the flat. Asked the two, which do you prefer...The fattier part or the leaner part. I never really got a definite answer, a bit of uncertainty fell across their faces. So I sliced a bit of the of point and handed them each a small piece so they could decide. As I started to slice more of the point up for myself, I heard: "Oh my...." from one " (insert name), this i
  5. So its a coworkers birthday and bosses day today, so I planned on bringing lunch. I elected to bring brisket because... well its delicious. And both parties above are beef eaters. Got a 13.1 lb packer brisket from Sams (I was disappointed with the selection, normally its picking between great and greater). Trimmed and rubbed it down and fired up the grill. Something I noticed about the brisket after pulling it out was the fat cap was extra fatty, the deckle was bigger than normal, the point was small and the flat (on the thin end) was thick. This might have been an odd looking b
  6. Its either two butts or Hogzilla got slaughtered. Either way its two butts or you're making it two butts which a knife
  7. Not a huge fan of a diet that essentially eliminates Fruits and vegetables. The lack of micro nutrients you dont intake by avoiding these foods is measurable and substantial. Im ok with idea of limiting carbohydrates or even fats for the purpose of fatloss. I find that any diet that eliminates carbohydrates is essentially setting that person, adhering to it, up for failure. I immediate inner cellular water / glucose gain in weight from a single slip up will be enough to discourage any "dieter" that is simply ignorant of how the human body works. Its a slippery slope.
  8. I get mine from Sams club. Butchers often cut them up into smaller pieces, for Korean style BBQ. I just ask for the whole short rib. They always have a two pack that hasnt been chopped up.
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