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  1. Craigslist find: name that grill

    Make offer... 50 bucks
  2. UK Big Joe Warrenty Woes

    No Love for the Forum that helped you? .... I see how it is
  3. Pulled pork

    Nice work. Pulled Pork is a BBQ staple
  4. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001U0O2UI/ref=ox_sc_mini_detail?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER Like this. I thought about using this is my Akorn Jr. I'm not sure a 10 inch version would fit like Akornado suggested.
  5. ugh................................................................
  6. pizza pan from Wally World. 3 bucks. Works great
  7. I've recently had the flu (good lord, its the worst). I had a strong fever for 2 days and finally on the 3rd day it finally dwindled down and broke. After a quick shower, I felt rejuvenated and needed to get out of the house for a bit. The Mrs had picked up a sirloin the day before and I decided that was the perfect excuse to fire up the Kamado however, She gave me the eye when I told her I was going outside to BBQ. She even informed me that it was a single degree outside, at which I chuckled, and then smartly grabbed my coat. After lighting the classic, I whipped up a quick marinade and tossed the steak in while the temp came up. Once 500 degrees was hit, it was magic time, on with the veggies and the steak. I think I might have had 10 mins in total cook time, either way I pulled everything and stuck in on my new board I got for Christmas (Thanks Mother/Father in Law). I let the steak rest for another 5-10 mins and then began slicing it with my Christmas Gift to myself (Thanks Bird) an 8-inch Miyabi Gyuto. Its such a pleasure to slice meat with an ultra sharp knife. Its totally not necessary but Go Get yourself one Guys/Gals you wont regret it. Sorry I only took a single photo before it started disappearing.
  8. Joe JR efficient for my goals?

    JR is definitely to small to be used as a primary grill. Even for 2 people. It is however a great grill that you can/should use as a primary grill and/or a sidekick to a larger grill. I purchased a like new Akorn JR for 50 bucks off of craigslist and it has easily been the best money spent. Its insanely easy on coal, lights fast, gets to temp fast, and is very portable. I wouldn't think twice about getting a Joe Jr if I found a good deal on one. Go get yourself a 18-20ish inch Kamado. Save for what you want, whatever that may be. Get a jr later.
  9. Im not sure if you are a new Kamado owner or not but a solid tip for smoking / cooking is to have the grill at whatever temp you want IE 325 for atleast 30 mins ahead of putting the meat on. Place the meat on and DO NOT TOUCH the vents. The temp will drop but will come back up to the original temperature over time. Unless....... You just want to play the chasing temps game the entire cook. Bird looked good, good work.
  10. Whats easier than a butt on a kamado? Just set the temp, place butt, come back at 200 ish degrees. Done.
  11. So.... I did this last weekend and my results were lesser than Id like. I got more bark, which was great, but the meat wasnt as tender nor was it as juicy as the usual cooks. Now I usually wrap my butts after they probe tender and this time I just let them set out and cool down. So that may have been the issue but overall I came away less impressed than I thought I would be with this idea. It was strange, the meat probed well and temps were around 200 in all areas but the meat didnt just fall apart AND there was still connective tissue that didnt break down. Anyone got any ideas.
  12. worth every penny. I absolutely love mine
  13. getting a like for the broccoli ! I need to do some veggie pizzaas soon