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  1. Jr. vs. Jr.

    After Rereading this old... Im still agitated I couldn't get them shipped to MO. Hell of a deal.
  2. OP wanted Instant Read Therm. However that Infrared Therm looks nice.
  3. Brisket cook

    7 Hours? holy moly, thats a long time. I assume it was no longer hot?...
  4. Get ya a rib rack, it just makes it easier with 3+ racks. And they are cheap 10-15 bucks.
  5. Slicing knife

    Ive been wanting to get a slicing knife for large cuts. Looked at the Vic before... you like it? Ive been contemplating it or the Mercer 14"
  6. Frustrated Vision B Classic Owner - Runaway Temps

    These things are air pumps, Air in the bottom gets heated and pumped out the top. More air, more fire. More fire, more heat. If you have sealed all leaks and only have air coming in through the bottom vent and out the top with an established fire then I believe your issues are one of two things. You either have the vent settings setup incorrectly for low n slow OR after place the meat on your grill you are touching the vents and having to chase temps. So for low n slow (sub 275 degrees) the bottom vent needs to be open approximately an inch to maybe 1.5 inches with the top vent just cracked open. The fire needs to be established for at least 30 minutes prior, at the desired temperature, to meat going on. Can you verify all these things have or haven't happened when cooking low n slow?
  7. The stall

    I have cooked a few butts around 275 -300 You can nearly cut the time in half. Average pork butt takes 4ish hours.
  8. Biggest tip for new Kamado cookers: Do not touch the vents, just dont. do. it. So here's what I mean: Say you want to cook a pork butt, so you opt for either low n slow at 225-270 range or hot n fast 275-325. Lets say today you decided to go for low n slow. and you have lots of time so you decided to go to the lower end of the spectrum (225). So you fire up the grill, everything wide open, get the fire established, then start shutting everything down to get dialed in.... bottom vent will be approximately an inch wide and the top vent on the daisy wheel will be 1/4-1/2 hole open (Im not familiar with then new top vent) .... regardless the temp ends up settling at say 230 on the Thermometer. Perfect, leave it, its close enough. Now you let the fire go for 30-60 mins and it hasnt moved even an smidge on the thermometer so you know the grill is ready to go. Now you throw your pork butt on and the watch the temp drop to 190 degrees.... and it stays there... and stays there.... and continues to stay there. You are going to be wildly tempted to touch a vent to get that temp back up to 225. Don't you do it, don't you dare touch those vent settings. It may take 5 more mins or 4 hours but itll come back up the original temp you set it at. A couple things, you opening the lid and placing a large heat sink in the cook chamber caused the temp to drop but the fire is still the same fire. You are still getting the same air in and the same air out... it'll come around, give it time. So really nice setup you have there. I love the table, its on my list of things I need to do. That list is about a mile long. Congrats on the new purchases and welcome to the club.
  9. Kamado Joe @ Costco

    If you feel like you need more room, an expansion rack is something to look into. Ive honestly never run out of room in the classic. Another tip is to get yourself a Akorn JR. Cheap, fast, works well as a secondary grill or a primary grill if just cooking for 2. I bought a lightly used one of Craigslist for 50 bucks. Money well well well spent.
  10. New knives

    I later saw you said some of these are not yours but its still a wildly impressive collection. I like that Nakiri, who made it?
  11. New knives

    I spy Miyabi, my favorite "commerical" brand of knives. Who made the Yanagiba, at least I believe its a Yanagiba.
  12. Kamado Joe Jr wood cart build

    Great mini table
  13. Pulled the trigger

    Glad you like the Kamado. On the Butt, did you wrap it? Use any wood chucks? How much?
  14. Frustrated Vision B Classic Owner - Runaway Temps

    If you want temps sub 300 degrees, close that bottom vent to 1 inch or narrower. You are getting WAY to much air coming in to expect the temp to stay low for long.
  15. Boston Butt nutritional information

    People tracking macros and calories are the ones who want to know. OP, for pulled pork (no visable fat eaten) I use : 71.4 calories per 1 OZ 7.7 g protein 4.3 g fat 0.0 carbs