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  1. First off I want to say I love this forum and have learned so much from everyone. I purchased an akorn, annova, vaccuum sealer and countless other accessories and cook books thanks to the community. I read this forum all the time since joining the kamado club. I have noticed threads in the past in which people have mentioned smoke ring issues. Most of the threads I can find involve the poster mentioning that they are not seeing smoke come out of the akorn and everyone educates the poster that you should not see smoke come out if you have good clean fuel and the thread is essentially over. So after drooling over the pictures that everyone posts, I notice a lot of good smoke rings in these cooks. I have also noticed that I do not get the same type of smoke ring results. I have used a stick burner in the past and have had tremendous results but I do not see the same smoke ring on the akorn. Granted the food tastes better, but just does not have the same visual appeal. Now, I know that the smoke ring is not that big of a deal to most, and people will say it does not affect taste, but I still want it. Can you guys provider any tips to up my smoke ring game? Edit: I should probably add more details. I always use lump charcoal and will add 5-10 chunks of whatever wood I want for flavor.
  2. Brian67

    Bama's Smoked Tuna Dip

    I went the cream cheese route as mentioned in the original post. It turned out outstanding. I went to a party and someone else brought a salmon dip. Needless to say this one was gone and the salmon went nearly untouched.
  3. Brian67

    stuffed pork loin supreme

    I made this earlier this week and it is outstanding. If you haven't tried yet do yourself a favor. Alternate cutting method if the spiral cut is to much. You can make a cut right down the center but not all the way through like you are butterflying a steak. Then butterfly the two left and right sides again. That should flatten it out nicely.
  4. Brian67

    Greetings from St Louis Area

    Hello all. Actually from Waterloo, Il just outside of St Louis, MO. Thanks to this forum I purchased an akorn two weeks and I love it. Prior to my akorn I had an offset stick burner. The Akorn is so much more versatile and fun to use. I have tried to talk anyone on the fence into buying a Kamado. Hopefully be able to add to this forum because I have already got so much out of it.