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  1. So after making my mods I actually found someone on this site back in 2003 who suggested the BBQ Gurus site. They have everything for the Pro S Series. I found the adaptor for my grill and it does in fact use the same opening I used on my modified adaptor. I hope this helps out the next person. Thanks for the feedback! Here is the link! https://bbqguru.com/storenav?CategoryId=2&ProductId=18 https://bbqguru.com/StoreNav/GuruCookerGuide?ProductId=0&ProductId=0&DeviceModelId=175 Cheers, Frankie
  2. I dont feel im good enough yet. Im not sure i clearly understand how the challenge works either. Cheers, Frankie
  3. Yes you are correct. I was hoping that this would work because that compartment actually goes to the area right under the charcoal... That is where the electric starter goes and that is right under the charcoals... Im gonna try it tomorrow and see. I modified the adapter to see if it will work. See pictures. I'm figuring this may work since I have also seen another product for the grill which replaces the top controls and places a control that opens and closes the vent as required.
  4. I am seeking some advice. I purchased a Pitmaster IQ120 and I have a the Home Depot version of the Kamado grill. It is the Pro Series S and unfortunately the adapter that came from pitmaster does not match my grill. It seems so far I have not found an adapter that fits. I'm thinking I might be able to finagle something but obviously it would neat to hold uo against the heat.. see pics Any ideas?
  5. Actually im a newbee...well almost a year now, but love cooking!
  6. Here are some pics of my most recent smoked meats (Pork Shoulder, Pork Butt, Turkey). The taste is amazing!
  7. Hi, I purchased a Professional S Series Kamado Grill this month and have used it twice now. First time smoked checken and some Hamburgers... yep Hamburgers! They were awesome. Second time, today, Fathers day, I smoked a Brisket. My first ever and it was phenomenal. Melted like butter in the mouth! Purchased Accessories: - Electric Starter - Blow Torch (Better and quicker way to evenly light up charcoal) - Lava Stone Loving it. Cheers, Frankie
  8. Seems like some duplication there... I also live in Waldorf and picked up the Professional S Series Kamado Grill vs the BGE... So glad I did!!
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